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“Xiaomi” launches a budget phone with a 5G feature

The Chinese company specialized in the manufacture of smart phones “Xiaomi” announced the release of a new economical phone under the name “Xiaomi Boku” that is distinguished by its work on the fifth generation “5G” system.
According to the “Sputnik” news site, that the new phone has undergone major improvements and development compared to its first release, as it contained an FHD + screen and a built-in camera.
A new “MTK” chip was also developed to replace the previous chip, which was “Snapdragon 662”, in addition to providing the phone with a memory card, audio jack, infrared port and NFC feature. As for the camera, it has not changed so that the main sensor remains 48 megapixels, and two sensors with two megapixels.
The site indicated that the new version of the phone will be economical and at a lower cost, due to an adjustment made to the battery, whose power has been reduced to five thousand mAh, and in turn, it will negatively affect the time of operation of the smartphone.
The smartphone is expected to appear in Europe at a price of 180 euros.

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