Xiaomi Mi Band will learn to measure a person’s temperature

Website Androidtr discovered in the source code of the Mi Fit app for wearable gadgets Xiaomi a new function – body temperature measurement. According to their information, the company will add this to all current models of the bracelet, from Mi Band 2 to the latest fifth version.

There is no separate temperature sensor in Xiaomi bracelets, but the company plans to use a pulse change. The app’s function description says that at rest, every additional degree of Celsius increases your heart rate by 8 beats per minute. It seems that in this way Mi Band will be able to determine the approximate body temperature.

The bracelets are unlikely to be able to determine the exact body temperature, but at least they can notice changes in dynamics – if the pulse began to rise for no apparent reason, it could be a symptom of fever. And after that, a person can already check the temperature with a normal thermometer.

Also in the source code there is information that the user will be able to connect other external devices to measure temperature – it looks like it will be some kind of “smart” thermometer.

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