Ximena Capristo took revenge on Gustavo Conti with an ultimatum on infidelities: “Before looking at another woman”

Ximena Capristo had her revenge with Gustavo Conti after the diffusion of chats which implied that the deceives.

The actress sent a new message in the form of an ultimatum to actor through social media.

Capristo shared another video on TikTok attacking Conti while you can see her dancing in front of the camera.

Ximena he points out a series of sentences that are superimposed on the screen in which he tells Conti that “before looking at another woman, take a look. Look who is looking at yours.”

Ximena Capristo decided to redouble the bet and get very spicy on the networks, after the scandal broke out with her husband Gustavo Conti for the alleged infidelity. The actress had shared a series of posts where His couple he had an exchange with a woman, which would reveal his deception. If at first it was speculated that the third in discord could be Silvina Luna, very quickly everything was denied by star.

But later, Ximena He crossed several chats with Ángel de Brito to ask that he be the same Conti whoever came out to stand up for the scandal that had arisen and gave their own version of events.

I published it myself, because I’m tired of him saying I’m a liar. There was a previous discussion, I warmed up and uploaded it. Then I regretted it and deleted it. I don’t want my son to suffer, it’s the only thing that matters to me. He is not going to speak because he has no balls. Hopefully he comes out and says he screwed up, but he’s not going to. Die with your boots on“, wrote Capristo, in a message that the driver of The Morning Angels read on air.

And now, determined to go for more, the actress posted a video on TikTok where she can be seen speaking to the camera with her voice distorted by a filter.

It is not said ‘Toxic’. It is said ‘Eye of crazy, you are never wrong’. Okay?”, warned Ximena, very provocative.

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