"Yellow Vests" in Montpellier: more than two million euros of damage since the beginning of the movement


The damage committed in the margin of demonstrations of "yellow vests" in Montpellier, stronghold of the movement, since the end of 2018, caused more than two million euros of damage, declared to AFP its mayor, Philippe Saurel (DVG ) to AFP Sunday.

After the act 30 "yellow jackets" Saturday in Montpellier, which turned to the clash between police and demonstrators, Philippe Saurel reported "significant damage, mainly on public space."

Since the beginning of the movement, the damage amounted to "more than 2 million euros, the precise amount of yesterday's event is still being quantified by the services of the City".

Among the main degradations, "bus stops and tram smashed in the Louis-Blanc and Gambetta sectors, broken bank windows and garbage containers fire".

Pieces of slabs from the Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle and the Place de la Comédie were also unsealed "to serve as a projectile against the police," continued the elected.

"I continue to differentiate the protesters who have claims to wear and professional thugs, who yesterday were the most present (…) We are there in the exaction," denounced the mayor.

The "yellow vests" questioned Saturday by AFP said it was impossible to demonstrate peacefully because of the massive use by the police of tear gas and water cannons.

To explain the importance of the movement in Montpellier – the prefecture has counted 2,000 "yellow vests" Saturday in the city, for 10,300 in the Hexagon – Mr. Saurel reported the presence of "many anarchists, squatters as well as Zadists, who are linked by organized circuits, "he said.

For André Deljarry, president of the CCI Herault, "the biggest deterioration is the decline in turnover of traders", which show a 40% decline in turnover on Saturday. "Why 2,000 people come to massacre a city and the turnover of traders, who have nothing to do with it." We can not see this image of Montpellier at war anymore, that's enough! "Continued Mr. Deljarry.

The demonstration has made a dozen light injuries in the "yellow vests" and 11 on the side of the police, says Sunday the prefecture of Herault. In addition, 19 people were arrested and 18 of them placed in police custody.


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