You don’t have to wait long for ‘The Boys’ season 3!

The second season of the very successful series can currently be streamed via Amazon Prime.

The Boys return next year for more super and anti-hero violence in a third season. Showrunner confirmed this today by tweeting that the recordings will start in early 2021! He also revealed the title of the first episode: Payback.

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Amazon is of course looking for new episodes after the huge success of both the first and the second season. As long as COVID doesn’t throw a spanner in the works, we can also count on the third season in the course of next year.

Overwhelming success

The second season of The Boys was made available by Amazon on September 4. Critics and fans alike reacted very enthusiastically to the new episodes. In fact, a third season was confirmed months before the second season premiere, so Amazon seems to have full confidence in Kripke and the other creators.

Meanwhile, work is also underway on a spin-off of the series, set at the only American school where young superheroes are trained for careers at Vought International. We are also expected to see that series sometime in 2021.

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