You will know all about the zizi

I was looking forward to the arrival of the series Guys at Radio-Canada.

I couldn’t wait to see what Jacques Davidts (the author of the series The parents) had interesting things to say about “men of fifty heterosexual cisgender years”, since a crinquished feminist (Martine Delvaux) had declared, without having seen a single episode, that she found the anxieties of men laughable.

So, what do guys look like? Wet firecrackers.


I listened to the ten episodes of the series broadcast on extra. And I didn’t laugh much watching what is presented to us as a comedy. We follow the sexual ups and downs of four friends (three white, one black, three heterosexuals, one gay) who meet every day at the counter of their girl friend’s bar.

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Hello originality: we have seen this how many times, in a film or a series, the barmaid with a big heart who has a lot of time to spend talking with his customers and exchanging great sociological thoughts between two glasses of Chardonnay ?

With his constant use of classical music, his scholarly quotes (Schopenhauer, Freud, Henri Laborit), his ass obsession, and even his sauna scene, Guys sometimes makes you think of a film by Denys Arcand. But less good …

At Arcand, all the talk about the ass (as in The Decline of the American Empire) lead to a sociological reflection or a social report. In Guys, it just gives lines like: “It doesn’t tempt me to cross myself while watching a friend get sucked”, “Y is gay, if y wants to continue to stuff, there has to be cute”, “The her clit piercing came undone, it split my seed ”,“ I want us to stuff it on the table ”or“ All urologists cannot be asshole Bon Jovi ”. Lovers of poetry, good evening.

Guys are obsessed with their penis (which they call their seed) and the size of it. One masturbates in the shower, the other has a huge device (he is “soft”). There is one who is soft, the other who wants to do threesomes.

An episode or two is fine. But when your whole series is focused on your maca-roni between the legs, it lacks interest. Dare I say that it is unbelievable?

Even in the cult series Sex and the City, NOT ALL of the episodes were about ass.


At least the series Guys has the merit of being a feminist series. In any case, according to my version of feminism which is to “wish for gender equality”.

In a tasty scene, one of the characters who separates from his wife (who has a salary twice as big as his) reminds him that it would be quite right to ask her to pay him a pension!

I can already imagine cheeky feminists choking on anger by being reminded that “what is good for kitty is good for dog”.

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