You won’t see this in the Sunny series: DOUBLE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION

The cameras just went out, congratulators ran to the square. The two heroes of the Slunečná series had a birthday in the week. Eva Decastelo (42) as Zuzana Dolejší and Ondřej Pavelka (65), who plays the mayor.

“We didn’t even have anything ready,” Eva admitted. Fortunately, they could cut an amazing cake. The actress enthusiastically boasted of other gifts. “Jana Stryková she gave me the book Conversations with CG Jung. From Tereza Brodská I got a bead bracelet and my husband and kids also wanted to give me a bracelet, but they couldn’t agree on which one. So I made money on it, they both bought me both, I wear them a lot now, “admitted the actress cheerfully, who of course has to take off her jewelry while filming.

Eva Decastelo: I keep a strict diet! What is it about?

You can watch the video from the Slunečná series here:


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