“You wouldn’t have a vaccine if I weren’t there”: Donald Trump says he played a key role in the development of the anti-covid vaccine

Last night, United States President Donald Trump gave a press conference to inform his people of the upcoming vaccination campaign. Since the announcements of pharmaceutical groups Pfizer and Moderna on the effectiveness of their vaccines, the pace is accelerating in many countries. Donald Trump’s government is already planning to vaccinate 20 million people at risk in December, then 25 to 30 million per month.

You wouldn’t have a vaccine if I wasn’t there

This press conference was also an opportunity for Donald Trump to put himself forward. “You wouldn’t have a vaccine if I weren’t here for four more years” immediately asserts the president. “Because the FDA (American drug agency, editor’s note) would never have been able to do what she did, which I forced her to do. And Pfizer and others have even decided not to evaluate the results of their vaccine, in other words not to release a vaccine until right after the election. It’s because of what I’ve done with the favored nations and these other things. “

The big pharmaceutical companies were against us

While outlining his vaccination plan, Donald Trump threw in a few words about the American elections, still refusing to acknowledge his defeat.“The big drug companies spent millions of dollars on negative publicity against me during the campaign,” says the outgoing president. “Which I won by the way. We’ll find out. Nearly 74 million votes. The big pharmaceutical companies were against us, the media and the big tech companies were against us. There was a lot of dishonesty against us. . “


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