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Young lawyers need to practice lower courts, gain experience, says SC News judge Hubballi

Dharwad: Supreme Court judge, Judge Mohan Shantanagoudar, has called on budding lawyers to practice in lower courts to gain experience while these courts open up opportunities galore to learn about the complexities of procedural law.
Offering the address to Karnataka State Law University’s fourth annual meeting here Saturday, she said that the trend among new lawyers is to be attracted to law firms that they consider profitable. Those who opt for litigation prefer to practice at the court of appeal level following which the trial courts have become the Cinderella of the judiciary, he said.
Despite the aversion of young law students to a career in trial courts as a lawyer or bailiff, judicial litigation continues to grow. Since the competent people do not join the court practice, the reserve for bench elevation is also limited. The respect that a court decision should command is also compromised. At the same time, he noted the errors and judicial abortions committed by the lower courts increase the burden on the appeal courts.
Judge Shanatangoudar believed that the law, although a difficult creature to tame, is not that difficult to acquire knowledge. If the court found no favorable results on the facts, the lawsuit is lost initially. Therefore, the judgment of the court of judgment constitutes the cornerstone of the whole case and without good arguments and decisions at the court level any appeal will be an insignificant effort, he noted.
Judge Shantanagoudar advised the new lawyers to be careful and to maintain dignity and fairness in their interactions with the bench and the other members of the Order. Trying to bribe or enter into “agreements” with the other party without the client’s knowledge, making false statements to customers are all practices that should be frowned upon, he said.
He chaired Justice Minister J C. Madhuswamy, who is the chancellor in favor of the KSLU. Deputy Chancellor Ishwar Bhat welcomed the meeting. Deputy Chancellor Siddalingayya Hiremath introduced the main guest.
The honorary doctorate in jurisprudence was conferred on the Indian Attorney General Tushar Mehta in his absence.
Since the convocation takes place after three years, 45 gold medals and cash prizes have been awarded to three toppers in five disciplines in the past three years. Most of the medals were bagged by students from Bengaluru and Mangaluru.


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