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Young People Cannot Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Until 2022


Some time ago the World Health Organization (WHO) said young people who are healthy are unlikely to get the Corona vaccine until 2022.

Soumya Swaminathan, WHO chief scientist, said this was done because immunization would be prioritized for the elderly and other vulnerable groups first.

Such as health workers, frontline workers, and parents are likely to be offered the COVID-19 vaccine first, although the details of who is the priority are still being finalized by WHO.

Moreover, until now there has not been a single COVID-19 vaccine that is considered safe and effective by WHO, the European Union or the United States.

“People tend to think that on January 1 or April 1, I will get the vaccine, and then everything will return to normal,” explained Swaminathan. “It won’t work out like that,” he added.

In addition, Swaminathan said that the world is expected to have at least one COVID-19 vaccine that is safe and effective by 2021, but will be available in limited quantities.

Currently there are 10 vaccines corona virus around the world are in late stage clinical trials.

“Most people agree that this starts with health workers and frontline workers, but even then you need to determine which of them has the highest risk and then the parents and so on,” explained Swaminathan. CNBC.

“There will be a lot of guidelines coming out, but I think the average person, young healthy person may have to wait until 2022 to get the vaccine,” he concluded.

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