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your cheaper internet box invoice thanks to a group purchase!

Good plan: your cheaper internet box invoice thanks to a group purchase!

Good news, the group purchase of BeMove on internet boxes is extended until November 30th. BeMove solicits Internet operators for a group purchase. Take advantage of the negotiated offer to save on your internet box bills!

Do you find that your internet bill has increased faster than your speed and want to reduce your monthly payments? Do you want to subscribe to a new Internet box offer at a price negotiated for you? BeMove launched at the end of October 2019 a new group purchase on internet subscriptions. Since unity is strength and lower prices, the more potential customers, the more fruitful the negotiations will be! The offer is extended, you have until November 30 to register and then receive the best subscription proposals.

How to register to subscribe to offers?

First, you need to pre-register to participate and then receive the offer negotiated with operators directly in your mailbox. It’s completely free. You can also relay this offer to your loved ones to increase the number of participants and make this bundle offer a great inevitable plan! You will then be free to subscribe if the offer interests you or to go no further … To register, it’s very simple, just click on the little red button below to enter your email address on BeMove.

More info to subscribe online

What savings and what costs?

On average, an internet package costs 35 euros per month per household. It is possible to decrease this amount to achieve substantial savings by taking advantage of the group effect. A negotiation of 5 euros per month thus saves 60 euros per year per household. In October 2018, 35,000 people had signed up for a group purchase offer. They could then then, if they wished, benefit from an extremely competitive price negotiated for them by BeMove: 7.99 euros per month for an Internet + TV + Telephone offer, or an average savings of 420 euros per year for users on their digital bill!

No participation fee is charged. Participation in this group purchase is completely free and without obligation. Pre-registration for the offer does not involve any commitment. You are free or not to subscribe to the offer negotiated for you and whose terms you will soon receive by email. If the offer interests you, BeMove can accompany you on its website or by phone. Again, it’s free!

The offer in detail

I am already engaged with a supplier, is this a problem? What should I do ?

All households residing in mainland France (including Corsica but outside the DOM-TOM) can participate, even those already under contract with an internet provider. Certain costs related to your previous engagement may be invoiced but your new operator may be able to cover these costs, especially if the bundle brings together many customers. Concerning the termination of your current contract, you have nothing to do, except to subscribe to your new operator before so as to avoid a too long interruption of internet service. BeMove will send the termination letter directly to your previous operator. Thus, you can also, if you wish, benefit from the portability of your telephone number over the internet.

Discover and subscribe to the offers

How do group purchases work?

The group purchase launched by BeMove, in partnership with Linternaute.com, consists in bringing together this November the largest possible number of consumers. This will make it easier to negotiate the lowest prices with internet operators. BeMove will take care of putting them in competition. Five operators are concerned:

  • Bouygues
  • Orange
  • Red by SFR
  • sosh
  • SFR
  • Free

What is BeMove?

For 16 years, BeMove has been the “1st assistant for moving households”. Its goal: to facilitate all the procedures linked to the move (termination / subscription to an Internet box or mobile plan, opening of energy meters, etc.). Via its Ariase.com, Les Artisans Déménageurs, Resilier.com, Eclairez-moi.fr and DegroupTest sites, it has supported millions of households in their mobility initiatives. 300,000 people a year use its services specifically to choose their telecom contracts and subscriptions.

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