Your turn, 39. A song by rapper Meak.

Unconventional and inspired. Artist friends offer you a song. Recorded at home or in the studio. To keep in touch at these times. Today the Christian rapper Meak. A title taken from his 4th album “My criterion and a notebook”. To be continued for a few more days.

Singing and live house: Post Sciptum

“It’s Meak, your servant, who gives voice today,
For the hearts of dear readers of La Croix ”. It’s an exhortation to the Church. A kind of rhyme meditation that was close to my heart. We find it in the final title of my last album “My Criterium and a notebook”. This piece was also taken up by several French-speaking churches in their preaching times, which encouraged me a lot. “

“Post scriptum” (Mon Critérium et un Carnet, 2019)

Meak is the stage name of this lyricist from the Paris region. Of Malagasy origin and installed in France. Passionate about writing and music since adolescence, this modern poet likes to create his own instrumental tracks and to deposit his rhymes and puns carefully tied up. His style is a sweet blend of hip hop, jazz and soul music.

Through the finesse and depth of his compositions, Meak (Matthieu) sets himself apart from this fatal rap-gangster culture by offering us a message of hope freshly soaked in humor and love. Faith and humility are also omnipresent values ​​in his self-produced albums. Since 2012, he has been traveling around France and performing on stage in front of an audience of all faces and of all generations. Aren’t you too rap? So try groove poetry that touches hearts…

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