Youth League: "At the restart, some were still in the locker room …", plague the coach of the PSG


The start of the second half was "fatal" to the under 19 years of the PSG. With two goals conceded in two minutes against Real Madrid (1-2), the Parisian titis had to whip to seek an equalization never obtained. This is the biggest regret of U19 coach St├ęphane Roche in this Youth League entry match, the Youth Champions League.

How do you judge the performance of your players?

STEPHANE ROCHE. I watched a great match from both teams, a good balance of power, balanced in the first half despite some excitement. They drop first on one of our pressings and we managed to score thanks to Xavi. The second half is very good but we had a very big flutter in the first five minutes. At the restart, some of the players were still in the locker room and that does not forgive.

Is this the biggest regret?

Yes. Inevitably, boys did not know how to start at the level of intensity. It was fatal for the team.

You still had opportunities late in the game …

We went looking for opportunities. I can not blame the players. We have seen will, courage. But there was no finishing talent. Without claiming or whining, I think there are one or two contentious situations in the surface.

Do you know more about your group's ambitions for this Youth League?

It's simple: there are six games, you have to win four. It leaves us with less opportunity. This is not the best start. But the matches are all playable. There are very good training clubs in this group.

Xavi Simons scored against Real. How do you judge his adaptation?

You've seen him: he plays, he gives, he gives for the team, he is able to bring. He is one of the players who influenced this game. He is an offensive player: he has to bring into the truth zones and must do the job defensively. It's that simple.


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