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YouTube earns money with fake Covid-19 treatment ads




In times of crisis, economic opportunities. In the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, cases of human kindness have been revealed, but also situations that come to take advantage of the harsh circumstances that most people experience. False “bug” treatments appear everywhere without medical certification. And they join the long string of hoaxes that spread through social networks. Youtube, a popular video channel, has also been in the arena of controversy.

According to an investigation by the Tech Transparency Project, an initiative that analyzes the trajectory of technology companies, the service owned by Alphabet (Google) has been benefiting from videos in which alleged scientifically unproven coronavirus remedies spread. The company has removed up to 16 videos with fake treatments in Spain that promised to “cure” the illness. A disease that the health authorities have not yet found the vaccine, forcing the affected countries to take drastic measures such as the confinement of a large part of their citizens.

Researchers have spotted as many as five ads recommending herbal remedies, the use of meditative music, and over-the-counter supplements as cures for Covid-19. This report also found at least seven videos promoting a series of dubious treatments with sponsor ads. In recent weeks, YouTube has deleted thousands of videos for “misleading content” and “dangerous” of coronavirus.

The results obtained reveal that YouTube has provided financial incentives in the creations of various creators of this platform that offers a wide reach around the world. The battle for “Fake news” or “fake news” It has increased on social networks since the pandemic broke out. The multinational has recognized the elimination of several videos related to this problem. “We have clear policies against disinformation before Covid-19 and we quickly remove any content that violates our policies when we receive a notice. After an exhaustive review by our team, we have eliminated four of the videos shared with us for violating our policies, ”company sources point out in evaluations to ABC.

YouTube, in this sense, added that three of the videos “only offer general advice on meditation and well-being” and therefore “do not violate” their policies. «We are committed to providing timely and useful information at this critical time, This includes promoting authorized content, reducing the spread of misleading or harmful information, and displaying information boards, using data from the World Health Organization (WHO), to help combat disinformation. We also have strict policies that govern what kind of videos we allow ads to appear in and we apply these advertising policies firmly, ”they add.

Leading social media platforms have struggled to smother misinformation about the coronavirus while trying to keep their infrastructure robust by sending most of their workers home. In fact, YouTube has also had to cut recommendations leading to videos with conspiracy theories that relate the coronavirus pandemic to the 5G mobile data network, after this weekend there have been several attacks on 5G stations in the UK. In a series of videos, shared by some celebrities such as the actor Woody Harrelson, reference is made to an alleged conspiracy according to which coronavirus tests are spreading the disease to hide deaths derived from the deployment of the 5G network.


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