YouTube launches Shorts, TikTok’s new competitor

TikTok gets a new competitor. YouTube has developed Shorts, a new platform where users can share short videos. The feature will launch in beta this week, the company confirmed.

“We are pleased to announce that we are building YouTube Shorts, a new short video experience on YouTube for creators and artists who want to create short, compelling movies using just their mobile phones,” YouTube said in a blog post.

Users with access to Shorts will see the feature appear as a new tab in YouTube’s existing mobile app in the coming days. Like TikTok, the platform offers a range of recording and editing tools. Think of pasting different clips together, the ability to add music and speed up footage. You can also upload pre-recorded videos. New movies can last fifteen seconds, pre-recorded movies maximum sixty seconds.

The beta version is only available to users in India for now. Shorts will be rolled out in several countries in the coming months. Whether Belgium is also part of this is not yet known.


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