YouTube viral: Dog returns to see its owners 6 years after being stolen

It was May 2014 and the marriage formed by Simon and Carolina learned of unfortunate news: their adorable little dog Bonnie’s name was stolen from her Durham home United Kingdom. Now after six long years, the owners and their pet met again and starred in an emotional scene shared in YouTube.

The adults searched everywhere after her disappearance, but threw in the towel after a couple of years. However, when they least expected it, they received a hopeful call from a dog shelter.

Those in charge of the enclosure informed them that Bonnie had been found 200 miles from her home, thanks to her microchip inserted into his body, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The reunion was very moving for everyone. “I had prepared myself for the fact that it would look bad, but it’s actually pretty cool,” Simon said.

According to vets who cared for her, the dog had been stolen to be used for breeding. Their last litter is believed to have been about two months ago. Bonnie is now 10 years old and has been sterilized.

“I think Bonnie has passed a hard time with breeders. Someone has made a lot of money out of her, which is very sad. And has never been taken to the vet at this time, because your chip would have ratted “said Caroline Trigg, in charge of the shelter managed the reunion.


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