Youyous, horns and firecrackers … The fans celebrate the coronation of Algeria at CAN 2019


A second star for the story: Algeria won the African Cup of Nations, to end in the jubilation 29 years of a long wait since his first coronation, after beat Senegal (1-0) in the final, Friday in Cairo (Egypt).

From the international stadium in Algiers and the big French cities, thousands of green, white and red flags have begun to float in the wind of victory for a night of intense celebrations, at the height of the feat achieved by Fennecs.

In the Algerian capital, the streets were stormed by the crowd of fans, to the sound of horns, youyous, vuvuzelas and explosions of fireworks zebraing the sky without interruption, and to the light of the smoke that illuminate the night of red. The same scenes occurred in France, from Marseilles to Lille, under the supervision of a strong police device.

The atmosphere remained festive, despite some incidents in Paris or Lyon in particular.


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