Zamalek after its emergency meeting: The Council is in permanent session until the rights of the club teams return

The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation regarding the violations witnessed in the sports arena against the club’s right to many files..

According to what was stated on the official website of Zamalek, the council discussed:

– Failure to comply with the regulations regarding the Born in 1999 Football League championship, which requires Zamalek to be considered the winner of the championship while another club was unjustly satisfied.

– The penalty imposed on the player Imam Ashour and the claim not to file an appeal against the penalty, which confirms the direction of the committee that runs the Football Association towards a particular club and the suspicious position of trying to hide the grievance presented by the club.

– Signing penalties on the basketball team for violating the regulations and depriving Zamalek of its right as winning the Al-Ahly match, even though Zamalek evacuated the stands.

– The Egyptian Handball Cup was awarded last season to Al-Ahly club without a legal basis to miss the opportunity for the honorable sports competition for the title..

– Appointing referees for Zamalek matches in football with previous positions hostile to Zamalek.

While the club’s management affirms its complete keenness to preserve the club’s rights, it will take all necessary means to do so, including :-

Submit a complaint to the Egyptian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to investigate these facts, both with regard to its own jurisdiction, while preserving the right of asylum to any other party to obtain the right of the club without compromise.

Emphasizing the necessity of investigating these facts and announcing the results of the investigation before the resumption of matches in those games. The club’s legal committee will take all measures to implement this. The council will continue in permanent session until the rights of the club teams are restored.


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