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Zamalek loses for the sixth time in a row in the Basketball League

Zamalek continued the negative results in the Basketball Super League this season, defeating its host Sporting 74-71 in the sixth week of the competition.

Zamalek advanced during the first three periods and lost the last and the match, as the first period ended in his favour, 15-14, and he maintained his lead in the second 34-33, then expanded the difference in the third period 46/41, then lost the fourth and the match.

Zamalek was absent from the match, its star Anas Osama, due to the lack of recovery, Ali Hegazy with injury, and Mohab Yasser, who plays in the university league in the United States of America.

With this defeat, Zamalek lost for the sixth time in a row and became the only team among the 8 to participate in the Super League that did not achieve any victory after 6 matches.

The eight teams compete for the Super League title, and start with the group stage. This stage is held in the home and away system, where each team plays 14 matches, 7 matches back and forth, after which the teams are arranged at the expense of their results from the first to the eighth to enter the round of 8.

The first meets with the eighth, the second with the seventh, the third with the sixth, and the fourth with the fifth in the quarter-finals of the Super League, which is held by the playoff system. (Best of 5), so that the winning team of three matches advances to the semi-finals of the tournament.

The winner of the first with the eighth plays with the winner of the fourth and fifth in the semi-finals of the Super League, with the winner of the second and seventh meeting with the winner of the third and sixth in the second match of this round of the tournament, so that the final will also be held in a Best of 5 system.

Al-Ahly leads the championship standings and has 11 points, with a difference of points recorded in the matches from the second Egyptian Telecom and the third Union, who have the same balance of points in the confrontations.


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