Zaniolo superstar: class, power and many sponsors. He is the treasure of the new Rome

Yesterday Zaniolo he returned from Sardinia with so many ghosts that besieged his mind. News of the spread of the pandemic on the island did not leave him calm. Thus, the Giallorossi, who returned to Spezia yesterday for mother Francesca’s birthday, which is celebrated today, will undergo the swab tomorrow, reports La Gazzetta dello Sport.

In Nicolò’s head there is not only the anxiety for Covid. The contract is another predominant thought. So the Giallorossi’s desire would be to start next season with a new agreement ready. The will of the club is there, especially since there have already been contacts between its “entourage” and that of the Friedkin family, who chose a photo of Nicolò in the days of the club’s purchase. For this reason, reaching the expected salary ceiling, ie 3 million plus bonuses, will not be a problem at all.

It will have to be seen whether or not a termination clause will be inserted, albeit at the moment it is not provided. CEO Fienga should only return today from his British trip. The commitments are many. Starting from the situation linked to ds Roma will take time until October to choose him (with Paratici and Ausilio always at the top of the wish list), but from the 24th he will appoint Morgan De Sanctis, by regulation, to carry out all the tasks.

But everyone in Trigoria knows how Zaniolo is a real treasure. It is no coincidence that many leading companies in their sectors have sought him out or are in talks with him. And if Fedez’s “Doom” and 21 BE manage its image and communication, behind it there is the Vigo Global of agent Claudio Vigorelli to manage a character like Zaniolo is now. This is why the moment of consecration seems to have come. And Roma, the sponsors and the national team really understood this.

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