December 15, 2019

Newsy Today

Zaragoza cuts its dire streak in La Romareda

Real Zaragoza cut the grim streak that accumulated in its stadium after taking the victory over an innocent Rácing de Santander to which the defeat keeps him tied to the relegation zone.

The Zaragoza team had only won one of the last seven games he had played in La Romareda and the triumph over the mountain set allows him, not only to end the bad results in his stadium, but also to win, at the expense of what he does Sunday Fuenlabrada, three places in the standings to strengthen their options to fight for the promotion of category.

Despite the fact that the result was not bulky, Víctor Fernández's team was superior during the entire match to a Roman Rácing in attack for the absence of his best man in this aspect, "Yuri" de Souza, as evidenced by the fact that his The team only shot once between the three suits, and did so in the 74th minute of the match.

The Aragonese team took the initiative from the beginning of the confrontation thanks to its handling of the ball and that it was quick and precise in the recoveries after loss.

This allowed him to set the pace of the game although he was careful not to be surprised against what caused him to lack depth.

However, the set 'blanquillo' had the virtue that was lacking in other meetings, getting ahead on the scoreboard having effectiveness. On the second chance he had, after an initial by Carlos Nieto in minute 7, he opened the scoring.

The Japanese Shinji Kagawa, in the 19th minute, received a long pass from Raúl Guti, controlled the area, turned around and assisted Luis Suárez who scored his thirteenth goal of the season.

The Rácing, after the goal, tried to stretch but his few approaches died in the vicinity of the morning area, which did not go through trouble because he did not make a single shot, not already between the three sticks but even at the door.

The goal had given tranquility to the owners of the land that in the final section of the first period combined without haste, with discretion and moving the rival in search of holes.

Víctor Fernández's team played his best minutes in terms of collective play and could have increased his account near the break on a double occasion that Luca Zidane aborted with two stops.

In the second period the visiting group, in view of the result, took more risks leaving more spaces behind than the local group was not able to take advantage of precipitation.

The game was balanced but neither came with clear options to score except for the local team that in the 59 could score the second through the goal scorer Luis Suárez, but again the Cantabrian goal took a miraculous hand.

Between wanting and not being able to visit and not discovering the zaragocistas, who missed numerous clear kicks, the minutes went by to end up sentencing the team hand, this time, in the nth against the time added through Javi Ros that He scored without time to even take center .