Zeman thanked the paramedics, criticized the anti-sculptors

“We are in a situation where our health professionals are fighting for human lives and I would like to express their respect, admiration and thanks to them,” he said. He borrowed a statement from the sacred Jewish text of the Talmud, which says that he who saved one human life saved all mankind.

I fully support the government’s action, although I think it could sometimes have been better communicated.

President Milos Zeman

“We only have one weapon at our disposal, because the vaccine does not yet exist. This weapon is a small piece of cloth that we hang on our faces and which protects us from infection and, conversely, we protect others from this infection, “said the president.

“Don’t let this weapon go out of your hand. “Don’t be seduced by people who know nothing about the epidemic at all, but because of media attention, they are willing to say things that harm our society,” he called. Zeman mentioned “so-called anti-sculptors, but also others, dentists, cardiologists, singers.” Indirectly, he came across Roman Šmucler, Jan Pirk or Ilona Csáková. According to the president, experts should be trusted, mentioning Minister of Health Roman Prymula, whom he described as the winner over the first wave of coronavirus.

“I fully support the government’s action, although I think it could sometimes have been better communicated,” the president said. According to him, however, it is now necessary to talk not only about government measures, but also about what each person can do. “And if we get rid of the idea that we take off this piece of fabric for our comfort and endanger our loved ones and ourselves, if we persevere, then we will win and then each of us has helped save a large number of lives,” he appealed.

He recalled the growing number of hospitalized patients, seriously ill and deceased. “Once, when the death toll was very low, we could have comforted ourselves in the fact that covid could be cured, but of course death cannot be cured and it is a huge loss for our society, for the families of those who have died, for all of us. “He said.

He called for fines for not wearing veils

The president is convinced that the time of negotiations has ended. That is why he asked the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček to fine the police for not wearing veils where they are mandatory. He mentioned Bavaria or France as an example of a similar approach.

“Almost every country on the globe has problems. We are not alone in this, which of course is not a consolation, “the president remarked.

“When the dust settles on the battlefield, when this epidemic leaves, as all epidemics have left so far, we will add up profits and losses. Let’s do everything we can to pass this test with honor, not cowardice, not comfort, but responsibility to ourselves and to others, “concluded Zeman.

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