Zeman’s mockery of Csáková! The spirited Ilona strikes back

“I won’t let skewers poke my head in the area of ​​testing, because those who order it follow the scenario Billa Gatese and WHO… No one will tear any vaccine into me or my children, which is on the contrary counterproductive… You know what your eyes are open. You must not be afraid to protect your children, your health, your lives! ”She wrote on the social network Csáková. But it came across right on the highest levels of Czech politics!

“One singer even stated that Bill Gates was to blame for the coronavirus,” Miloš Zeman Csáková criticized in his speech to the nation on Friday. And what about Ilona? “I must say that the president of our country has misread my words. I didn’t say anywhere that Bill Gates was to blame for covid-19, “Csáková defends herself on the ŽivotvČesku.cz website, adding angrily:” And whoever wants to hit a dog will always find a stick! “

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