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Game news Zenith: The Last City, a “gigantic” MMO announced on PSVR

Continuing its announcements around VR, Sony unveils Zenith: The Last City, an MMO expected on PC and PS4 via the PSVR.

Developed by Ramen VR and expected in 2021 on PSVR and PC, Zenith: The Last City intends to combine anime, MMOs and VR, and create a rather unique cocktail. The developers promise us a lot of action and adventure, all in a variety of environments, which range from “the lush canopies of the Amarite Forest to the turquoise waters of the Radiant Coast, to the futuristic town of Zenith”. The scenario should not be outdone, and be based on the following assumption:

The game begins several generations after a cataclysm, the Fracture. Players will be immersed in a gripping story in which they will have to fight men and gods to prevent this catastrophe from happening again. Using the power of the Essence, the magical power that flows through the veins of all living things, players will gain strength as they take on many champions and villains as a team.

Visibly marked by the recent open world games, the developers at Ramen VR announce that players will be able to climb all the elements of the scenery, which will range from skyscrapers to cliffs, using an endurance gauge. Furthermore, a flight system should allow you to quickly cross the playing areas, knowing that players sensitive to motion sickness to switch to third person during these phases. On the fighting side, it seems that we are facing a classic system of adventure games, based on blades, shields, stamina, dodge, magic and casting, but in first person. However, the studio promises that the combat system will be “ultra-immersive”.

One of the great things about VR is that you can completely reinvent yourself, and we’ve designed our class system with that in mind. In Zenith, your class will not dictate the role you are going to play. The roles are not related to your class, you are free to tank like Essence Mage or heal your teammates like Blade Master if you feel like it! In RPGs, it’s all about choice. We have therefore designed our systems to offer a wide range of combinations and allow all styles of play. We love MMORPGs and JRPGs. Some would even say it’s an obsession. Working on Zenith is a dream come true for many of us. It is an honor to have had the chance to build this world, and we look forward to you exploring it.

Finally, Andy Tsen, CEO of the studio, declares that MMO ambition is not taken lightly and that it is actually important to allow players to forge strong bonds between them. Players will therefore find content dedicated to guilds, dungeons, events and many bosses to face. As an anecdote, he says he married his companion in Final Fantasy XIV before proceeding to a formal ceremony.

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