Zidane already thought of Luca when he refused to sign Kepa


The pulse in the goal of Madrid, won by Courtois to the detriment of Keylor Navas, has come to an end, but that does not mean that the soap opera has ended. Closed one melon, another opens, and nobody can say if it will be good, bad or regular, but what is certain is that it will give a lot to talk about.

Since the summer of 2016, when Keylor Navas was out for four months due to a delicate operation in the heel of his left foot, which caused the ownership of Kiko Casilla, Madrid decided that his staff had to have two goalkeepers at the highest level that the team will not be weakened. For that reason, first De Gea, then Alisson and finally Kepa were targets of the club during the first stage of Zidane on the white bench. In all cases, the Frenchman considered that none of them was necessary and that with the Keylor-Kiko duo he had enough.

The case of Arrizabalaga especially struck Madrid's dome. In the winter market of last season, January 2018, Madrid reached an agreement with Kepa and Athletic, to pay 20 million euros for a great goalkeeper of the future who had refused to renew with his club and who faced his last six months of contract.

The play was master. The veteran of Keylor with the youth of Kepa, to have two of the best goalkeepers in the world, one present and one future. But Zidane flatly refused to bring Kepa, citing that he did not want to alter the status of the goal. This was not the only reason. As he was able to know this newspaper, in his mind was already Luca, today third goalkeeper and holder with the subsidiary. Zidane believed that the arrival of Kepa would be a stopper for the progression of his son, who now wants him as second goalkeeper for Real Madrid next season.

Change of strategy
Zidane does not believe that Lunin has made sporting merits to be above Luca, something that does not coincide with Madrid, which after years looking for two world-class goalkeepers, now decides to launch into the pool with only one. A twist of the script that seems risky, if we take into account that Courtois, like any goalkeeper, is not free of suffering a mishap in the form of an injury that would force Madrid to put their gloves in the hands of two children between them do not add six games in First division. .


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