ZombieLand, new security breach in Intel


After Specter and Meltdown, Intel lives another new earthquake that calls into question safety of your chips. This Wednesday, the US firm has recognized a new vulnerability in its processors launched to the market since 2011. ZombieLoad is the name and allows cybercriminals to obtain private information.

This security breach allows to access and extract data from the CPU, even in real time. At least this is corroborated by researchers who have discovered the new problems of Intel. According to TechCrunch, the US manufacturer of processors was notified up to four times of the ZombieLand case.

Discovered by researchers at the Technological University of Graz, experts claim that ZombieLand affects all processors Intel not only of personal computers, but also of systems in the cloud. The information exposed not only affects the name of users on the computer, but also has access to encrypted disk data and system level keys.

Among Intel's customers are the Silicon Valley technology giants whose devices are the best sellers and used worldwide. Apple has already released an update for macOS Mojave 10.14.5.

The Cupertino giant has been the first company to react to this security problem. Microsoft, through a statement on its website, has reported that it is working "closely with the chip manufacturers" and explains that it will soon release updates for protect users and to cloud services.

Google, for its part, will soon launch a Chrome OS update, but in the case of Android it will wait for the manufacturers to make their own updates. Remember that it only affects devices equipped with an Intel processor.

Threatened Chips

Since 2011, Intel has launched the following Sandy Bridge chips, including Broadwell, Haswell, Coffee Lake, Kaby Lake, Whiskey Lake, Skylake, Cascade Lake and Xeon, as well as Atom and Knights Landing (Xeon Phi). All of them they would be threatened by ZombieLand, according to the Graz researchers.

Intel says that there is no evidence of attacks so far and has already begun to release the updates to manufacturers to begin to solve the problem.

Intel still recovers from one of the most traumatic episodes in its business history: Specter and Meltdown. The processor company recognized a vulnerability in the processors that the US company detected with the collaboration of cybersecurity experts from Google Project Zero and the Microsoft Security Center (MSRC). Those security patches recognized that the performance of the processors would be reduced between 2 and 8%. Now it is expected that performance will also fall between 3% to 9%.

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