August 23, 2019

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zoom on one of the biggest campsites in France

The camping is still sleeping, but Virginie Blind has no time to lose. It must make the inventory of mobile homes before the departure of holidaymakers. "We look under the bed if there is not a broken latte, if the customers have not forgotten a garment. We go around to make sure the places are clean", explains the person in charge of the lodging of the camp-site of Vias (Hérault), one of the biggest of France.

A hundred mobile homes must be fully cleaned for new occupants. Christelle Martinez is worried. She has to manage the household with fewer staff, as four temporary workers did not show up. "14 people work for the household with, about 80 departures."Kitchens, sanitary … employees have 45 minutes to get back behind customers, but some customers prefer to spend 65 euros and leave everything as is.It must be done quickly because the next holidaymakers will not delay. home, Vias campsite is one of the largest in France.

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