ZUS from the contract for specific work. ZUS contributions up.

Today, people working on such a contract usually pay contributions, incl. old-age and disability pensions only from the first contract up to the minimum wage – currently PLN 2600 gross. If it includes further, higher amounts, then it does not have to pay contributions. Many people use this solution, because thanks to this the worker gets more money.

Contract-mandate. Premiums for every zloty
The government, but interestingly also the trade unions want to end this. Contracts-mandate would be fully premium, regardless of whether it is the first or subsequent contract. This solution will mean that a person working for PLN 3,000 will give you an additional PLN 260 a month.

In this way, the government wants to replace mandate contracts with full-time jobs. – You have to end the injustice of mandate contracts. It is necessary to ensure that the working people have equal rights, says Andrzej Radzikowski, the head of OPZZ.

If no pension contributions are paid for the junk contract, it will not affect the amount of the pension.


Contracts of mandate. Will the gray area expand?

Experts are a bit more skeptical.

– Will the changes also apply to students who are now exempt from ZUS contributions? What about retirees earning extra money? – wonders Dr. Antoni Kolek from Employers of Poland.

As he adds, the changes will mean higher costs for employers, which is why, in his opinion, the shadow economy may increase.

Contract-mandate. Higher ZUS, higher pension

When can the changes take effect? Even from 2021. For now, however, neither the government nor the Social Insurance Institution want to talk about the details of the reform. – No decisions have been made yet – said Stanisław Szwed, Deputy Minister of the Family, on Monday.

– At the moment there is no decision as to the shape of the proposed changes in social insurance. Nothing is a foregone conclusion. For many years, these solutions have been the subject of continuous analyzes and applications, often submitted by social partners, says Paweł Żebrowski, spokesman for ZUS.

The company’s calculations show that the premiums for contracts-mandates would make Poles’ pensions higher in the future.

Let’s explain it on an example: Mr. Adam, born in 1976, started his full-time job in 2000. In 2006, he set up a business and at the same time worked on a mandate contract – it amounted to PLN 3,400 per month. He worked like this for 14 years, now he is working again and earns an average salary. He will only retire in 2041, but it is already known that if he paid ZUS contributions on every zloty earned, he could count on a benefit higher by 42 percent!

Contract-mandate. Profit FUS

– We want Poles to receive the highest possible retirement benefits, allowing them to experience the autumn of life with dignity. We analyze various variants, we look for the best solutions that will benefit Poles, argues Deputy Minister Szwed.

However, experts are of a different opinion: – The government needs money. And not paying attention to the fact that the companies are struggling with the crisis, they want them to pay higher ZUS contributions for each commission contract. For the Social Insurance Fund, this means additional billions of zlotys in revenues. And this is the main goal of this reform, emphasizes Dr. Antoni Kolek.

They ordered the pensioner to return the entire pension

Salary lower by PLN 100 per hand. This is waiting for 3 million employees

Entrepreneur, you will recover your ZUS contributions

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