ZUS sent information to 400,000 people. He wants to help pay off his debt

The Social Insurance Institution indicated that at the end of October, nearly 400,000 contribution payers were in debt. ZUS informed clients that it is possible to spread the debt into installments or to refrain from charging interest for late payment in the event of arrears.

In the information sent to customers, the Social Insurance Institution indicated the debt as of October 31 this year. “Our goal is to interest clients in the state of settlements on accounts at ZUS. Dealing with this matter earlier will allow us to avoid further debt accumulation, especially as it is possible to use the support” – said President Uścińska.

ZUS informed clients that it is possible to divide the debt into installments or to withdraw from charging interest for late payment in the event of arrears in 2020. The institution also encourages the use of the services of relief and amortization advisors, who, in addition to indicating the methods of debt repayment, will also help to complete the necessary documents . ZUS gave clients until November 30 this year. to decide whether they will apply for an installment arrangement or pay off small amounts of arrears once (e.g. by increasing the payment when paying contributions for November this year or paying the arrears immediately). Each payer who has a profile on the Electronic Services Platform has access to information about the periods for which he is in arrears with contributions and for which funds, with the information covering the last 12 months. The establishment encourages the payer to verify the arrears indicated by the Social Insurance Institution against its own accounting documentation. If there is a need to obtain in-depth information, the payer may apply to the ZUS field unit with a request for detailed information. Such an application may also be submitted via PUE. The Electronic Services Platform provides current information on the status of settlements with ZUS, including debt or overpayment, if any. The plant encourages all payers to monitor the status of their settlements on an ongoing basis. In the event of indebtedness, the payer may apply for an installment arrangement. For this purpose, you can contact ZUS advisors for reliefs and amortizations, who will present the terms of debt repayment. Advisors will also help you complete the application and other necessary documents. Contact telephone numbers for advisers are available on the website www.zus.pl in the “Companies” tab.

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