Daughter of Laura Bozzo turns on the web with a small leopard bikini

Web users who are Harry Potter fans found similarities with Sabrina Spellman and Hermione Granger. Although many have asserted that the similarities are physical, others have found that what they have in common goes beyond mere coincidence. Does Hermione and Sabrina really be brothers, not a witch world? pic.twitter.com/t2XznYH1uA – Pêdrinha (@tainabia) October 31, 2018 […]

Macron advocates a “European army” capable of acting

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Tuesday to create a "real European army" to better protect this continent, recalling his ambition to shape a Europe of Defense that is struggling to emerge. Observations on the eve of the first meeting in Paris of a coalition of nine countries, signatories of the European Intervention Initiative (IEI). […]

Katie Price “closes” the clothing business that KP Boutique fails after he left with only 13 pounds in the bank

Broke Katie Price has closed down her flawed fashion business while still struggling against uncomfortable debts. The 40-year-old former glamor model desperately sought to reduce costs as much as possible after he received another extension in his bankruptcy case last month. In a new blow, the mother of five years was forced to close the […]

Nicki Minaj had 100 songs on the Billboard 100, but the cast of “Glee & # 39;” is still finishing. Wait, what?

Nicki Minaj at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards in Bilbao, Spain. (Ander Gillenea / AFP / Getty Images) Travis M. Andrews Reporter of pop culture that covers music, movies, television, comedy and famous culture November 6 at 2:37 p.m. M Nicki Minaj made history this week as the first woman to land 100 appearances […]

The architect Toyo Ito will design the Ermida de Barcelona

The Japanese architect Toyo Ito, who won the Pritzker prize in 2013, will design the Barcelona headquarters of the Hermitage Museum, as they advanced yesterday in The Country and have confirmed to NOW the promoters of the museum. Unlike the formal containment of the project presented in 2016, the facade of the Ito building looks […]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: very strict rules about the name of their first baby

After the pregnancy announcement of Meghan Markle, all eyes are in the future mother and her husband, Prince Harry. The duke and duchess of Sussex must also face a very specific protocol to choose the name of their baby. Choosing the first name of a future baby is a crucial step. An important time for […]

Public square, a new party in a landscape that is already crumbling to the left

Raphaël Glucksmann and a few personalities of civil society launched a new party, Place public, on Tuesday, which wants to give importance to the political space between Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, at the risk of further fragmentation. The birth certificate of the new party was released tonight by Libération. "Open to all those who […]

Most recent: the Sanders of Vermont cross the third term of the Senate

WASHINGTON: The last elections of the United States Senate (all local hours): 7:00 p.m. Bernie Sanders of Vermont crossed the re-election for her third term in the Senate, easily overcoming eight candidates. Sanders, the independent who was one of the most popular politicians in the state, spent little time on the campaign before the Tuesday […]

Salma Hayek Block serves to film his new movie … Watch

1/2 2/2 The star and Mexican actress and Lebanese origin Salma Hayek began rolling their role in the events of their new movie "Limited Partners" in Atlanta. It was filmed by Rose Berne and Tiffany Hadish. The 52-year-old international star appeared in a series of photographs during filming, wearing a floral design with a pink […]

“It’s important not to stop learning, wherever you are”

Ten years ago Joël Iriarte published the first album of his alter ego, Joe Twilight. "When I was studying philosophy at the university I was already with Tarantula, and had started doing music with MS-DOS earlier, using samplers of eight bits, but it was very important to dare to take the step of working for […]