In Medicine there is “satisfaction” with the virtual modality

From the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of the Northeast (Unne) they reported that they had a positive evaluation of the virtual work being carried out in the academic unit, within the framework of social isolation. “92% of teachers and 89% of students (…) positively evaluate the virtualization measures of activities,” they indicated.As […]

can mosquitoes transmit the virus?

It is the very mode of transmission of the Covid-19 that signals the impossibility for the mosquito to transmit it. Indeed, the coronavirus is spread either by direct contact, or by penetration of infected droplets into the body through the mucous membranes. The mosquito transmits diseases through the blood since it directly bites individuals. As […]

What is virtual medicine and how to access – Health

“Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers,” said Steve Jobs, and he was not mistaken. The immediacy and speed with which we live, and emergencies such as the unexpected war unleashed by the covid-19 they demand innovation and immediate action not only to curb the pandemic, but to adjust to the health dizziness that occurred, without overloading […]

Medical students called to fight coronavirus

HERMOSILLO, SON.- The Secretary of Health in Sonora, Henry Claussen, called on all fourth semester medical students to join in the days of fighting against the coronavirus. The health officer indicated that, held a meeting with the heads of the various universities from the state they have teach medicine and I invite you to urge […]

Medical students in Sonora will support COVID-19 in combat

Start » News » Coronavirus » Medical students in Sonora will support COVID-19 in combat by: Uniradio News – March 31, 2020, 04:57 pm By Alan Rubio Hermosillo.- The Ministry of Health and the State universities that have a Medicine degree agreed that students from the fourth semester onwards can help with the care of […]