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The more the epidemic progresses, the more the Covid-19 disease is exposed by scientists. We now know that it can occur without fever, cause diarrhea and other more serious symptoms. What is its incubation period? People most at risk for serious forms? The treatments used? What we know. Summary At the end of 2019, grouped […]

Scientists in the United States tested the vaccine against coronavirus – Newspaper.Ru

Scientists in the United States tested the vaccine against coronavirus Virologists talked about the mutation that made coronavirus more dangerous Found a compound blocking coronavirus in its early stages. Rostov News Compound blocking early-stage coronavirus found. COVID-19 Scientific Russia Developed a drug that blocks coronavirus at the cellular level | Popular Mechanics Magazine Popular Mechanics […]

The dengue virus is still circulating in Martinique

The coronavirus has been in the media for several weeks, particularly in Martinique. We could almost forget about the flu epidemic that has interested our island since the beginning of 2020 or even dengue. Yes, the dengue virus is still there. Moreover, according to the latest epidemiological bulletin from Public Health France, the epidemiological surveillance […]

Anti coronavirus mask: soon mandatory in France?

CORONAVIRUS MASK – Wearing a protective mask on the face helps protect against viruses, like that of the Covid 19. Faced with the shortage of masks in pharmacies, CHUs offer patterns and tutorials to make fabric. The Academy of Medicine recommends the obligation to wear one for all outings. How to do it easily at […]

Surgical masks slowed down the spread of coronaviruses – Science

TASS, April 3. Scientists have found that conventional surgical masks slow down the spread of respiratory pathogens, including coronaviruses, but do not completely stop them. Researchers published their findings in a scientific journal Nature medicine. “Our study shows that surgical masks significantly slow down the spread of respiratory viruses along with the droplets of moisture […]

20 minutes – Researchers believe they have found a vaccine

It is the new bearer of hope in the United States. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh believe they have found an effective vaccine against the coronavirus, reports the specialized journal Lancet. For this, the scientists rely on a revolutionary technique far removed from the traditional sting. Concretely, it involves placing a dressing on the […]

Mexico asks the UN to guarantee access to medicines

These are times to act in solidarity and avoid monopolistic or speculative practices that increase costs and delay the recovery of the world population, to face the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mexican delegation warned in the Un, headed by Ambassador Juan Ramón de la Fuente. The delegation of Mexico sent the draft resolution to the other […]