Coronavirus outbreak in Swiss nightclub leaves 300 people quarantined – World

An outbreak of coronavirus in a nightclub in Zurich, Switzerland, forced 300 people to be quarantined, due to the extremely rapid way in which the infection spread to people.

After six men tested positive for covid-19 days after being at the Swiss Flamingo Club on June 21, the 300 people who shared the space with them that night will be confined, as decided by the country’s health authorities.

The information, advanced by the agency Reuters, realizes that that night club was open, like others in Europe, but that the stay in the space was made with some restrictions.

In collaboration with those responsible for the space, the health authorities were able to contact all the actors at that party, including the disco staff. They are all in mandatory 10-day quarantine and are testing covid-19.

“Depending on the evolution and impact of this outbreak, we can admit to shutting down all clubs,” said health officials.


Coronavirus, Ausl Bologna: ‘Outbreak Bartolini, with 107 cases’ – Emilia-Romagna region

Two positives are the guests of the centre for migrants: the way the screening belt in the hub

“Are 107 the total cases of positivity recorded at the Bartolini: 79 employees found to be positive at Covid-19, 28 were family members or acquaintances. At this point we can say we have done all the checks, on the last 109 swabs performed between administrative staff and drivers, we have 12 positive”. He said to ANSA, the director of the department of Public Health at the Usl of Bologna Paolo Pandolfi at a point in the outbreak discovered in the company of logistics of bologna.

POSITIVE ALSO TWO DRIVERS – Not only, warehousemen and family, but also the two drivers of the logistics centre of the Bartolini of Bologna tested positive for the Coronavirus. He does know the Usl of Bologna. Of the 107 positive, in fact, 79 of them are workers (77, warehousemen and drivers). Were then identified 28 other positive people, among relatives and contacts. At the hospital, are hospitalized, an employee and a family member/acquaintance, while the others are insulation the trustee in the home.

SCREENING CARPET IN THE HUB OF MIGRANT – Tomorrow, take in the screening with 200 buffers for the coronavirus in the hub for migrants, via Mattei in Bologna, following the verification of the two positive cases between the guests, warehousemen, Bartolini. He says to the ANSA Paolo Pandolfi, director of the department of public Health of the Ausl of Bologna, which, however precise: attention to give rise to Bartolini. “We are already on a war footing – stresses Pandolfi – I’m planning for tomorrow swabs for all those who are in that structure, nearly 200 people. Let’s do something mega in a short time. There are two cases positive to the Covid-19: are the cases of the persons who worked Bartolini”, as announced today by the bolognese edition of the Republic. “If you had to come out of any case, at that point, you will need to be very careful to say that it originates, perhaps, from Bartolini. At the centre of hospitality, the context is completely different from the others: it is a family environment, not a business context. It is a community context in particular, that affects, possibly, the evolution of the infection. Has a different story from the outbreak of the Bartolini”. “We are in contact with the Prefecture and the cooperative that manages the property, he concluded, “Pandolfi, referring to the possible closure of the hub – Tomorrow afternoon we will do everything”.

OUTBREAK BARTOLINI, VIA CONTAINMENT – That the logistics hub Bartolini of Bologna “is an outbreak that you start to be content”. Says Raffaele Donini, the department of health of the Emilia-Romagna region. “Our regional health care system knows how to fight the virus when it manifests, he added,” but no one should think that Covid-19 is a phenomenon that is now behind us.” The Bartolini have been made 328 swabs, highlighting 107 positive, of which 95 asymptomatic and 12 symptomatic, only two of which are hospitalized. It is, in fact, been put into the field a survey of contact tracing with the pads to act on at least three concentric circles of contacts of cases, from people who had developed symptoms, and continue to test even in the family and contacts of people positive and asymptomatic. “With the arrival of the last of 190 swabs today – continues Donini – reported to the staff of the company we can say that in this region, we have the ability to identify and contain any outbreaks. The survey makes us optimistic for what concerns the outbreaks of existing”.