With Trump’s defeat some world leaders also lose out – Economy

While many governments are likely to celebrate the end of the less conventional and more chaotic US presidency of modern times, others will have reason to be homesick. For the leaders of Turkey, North Korea and Israel, the record has been mostly positive. Trump’s departure would confront them with immediate challenges.

What the most authoritarian winners of Trump’s four years in power have in common is the fear that their departure will mean the return of a more conventional US foreign policy.

This could lead the US government to design alliances and promote the universality of values ​​such as democracy and human rights, or the fight against climate change. “This president embraces all the evildoers in the world,” said Democrat Joe Biden at a recent event, when he sought to highlight the political divide.

Kim Jong-un

No relationship with the U.S. has changed more under Trump’s leadership than with North Korea. What started with mutual threats and insults has turned into an exchange of praise at times bizarre. Kim and Trump met three times and exchanged more than two dozen letters, which showed their “mysteriously wonderful” chemistry.

Still, the radically different approach to the United States did not guarantee the denuclearization of North Korea either.

Kim revealed a huge intercontinental ballistic missile on October 10, which appears capable of launching several nuclear warheads.

Biden has already said he will not meet the North Korean leader without preconditions, making any rapid suspension of sanctions that put North Korea’s economy in its worst recession in two decades less likely.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The President of Turkey trusts Trump very much for his political protection. The US president was virtually alone between Turkey and the imposition of Congressional sanctions because of Erdogan’s decision to buy Russia’s S-400 air defense missile system, despite being a NATO ally.

With sanctions ready to be applied and Biden having previously advocated that the U.S. support Turkish opposition parties, Erdogan may have a lot to lose from Trump’s departure.

Xi Jinping

Trump has been more aggressive towards China than any U.S. president in recent history, having imposed tariffs on Chinese products and restricted the country’s access to essential technologies. But Chinese officials have said that, overall, the leadership prefers Trump to stay.

The Beijing government’s concern about Biden is that it will try to create a more coordinated international front to deal with China, while maintaining pressure on trade and technology. Still, China can benefit from a less emotional relationship with the Washington government if Trump loses, according to Zhu Feng, a professor of international relations at Nanjing University. “Do people really want to see China and the United States enter a cold war?”

Jair Bolsonaro

President Jair Bolsonaro fears he will lose his privileged relationship with the White House if Trump is not re-elected. Although the Brazilian government has publicly stated that ties with the U.S. will continue to prosper regardless of the outcome of the November elections, a senior official on the presidential team admitted an increasing concern about the polls that give Biden an ever greater advantage over Trump.

This Tuesday, Bolsonaro publicly expressed his support for Trump’s re-election. “I hope, if it is God’s will, to appear for the inauguration of the president soon re-elected in the United States,” said the president upon receiving in Brasilia National Security Adviser of the White House, Roberto O’Brien. Brazil and the US signed agreements this week to facilitate bilateral trade.

The ties between Trump and Bolsonaro have intensified since the Brazilian took the presidential seat in 2019. Both were elected appealing to the conservative sentiment of the electorate and built a close relationship that yielded some benefits to Brazil.

Trump put an end to a ban on meat imports from Brazil that has been in place since Operation Weak Meat in 2017. The US president also announced support for Brazil’s candidacy to join the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) . There was also an alignment of Brazil with the American foreign policy. The two countries signed cooperation agreements in defense, space exploration, and Brazil was designated as the preferred extra-NATO ally of the USA by Trump.

Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo said Brazil would have no problems with a Biden government, but Bolsonaro’s environmental policies would face strong opposition.

After the first debate between Trump and Biden in late September, Bolsonaro criticized the Democratic candidate for proposing a reforestation plan for the Amazon and suggesting that Brazil could face economic consequences if it does not reverse the process.

Benjamin netanyahu

Trump has repeatedly broken U.S. precedents to boost the Israeli leader’s nationalist agenda by recognizing Israel’s sovereignty in the disputed Golan Heights and transferring the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Plans to annex parts of the West Bank have been suspended, but could be resumed in a second Trump term.

The real reward came in September, when Trump brokered deals to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, but there was a price to pay; bipartisan support for Israel in Congress has declined.

Many Israelis fear the country will face further scrutiny with a Biden government, while security officials are concerned about the US’s return to the nuclear deal with Iran.

Couple found dead at grave of child in Aalst

In Aalst it became Saturday morning an elderly couple found dead. The circumstances suspect that it is a family drama. The couple took their own life in front of their son’s grave. The investigation is still ongoing.

On Saturday morning, around 10.30 am, two bodies were found at the back of the cemetery in Aalst. The police immediately closed the cemetery and started an investigation. The first clues point to a family drama in which the older couple took their own life. The public prosecutor’s office is not yet releasing any details, but confirms to Het Laatste Nieuws that two bodies have been found and that the lab is on site.

“The necessary authorities will now investigate the circumstances and what has just happened”, Mayor Christophe D’Haese (N-VA) responds. “The family drama probably happened at the grave of a lost child. Presumably it is a double suicide. A ballistic investigation is currently being conducted into possible shots from a pistol. ”

The Ministry of Health explained the video with a covid morgue littered with corpses

The Ministry of Health of the Kemerovo Region responded to the publication of a video filmed in the regional pathoanatomical bureau, where the bodies of people are located, who died from coronavirus.

The record shows that the corpses are stored not only in a special refrigeration room and on gurneys, but also spread out on the floor. The employee of the organization who made these shots laments that “you can fall, stumble – you have to walk over your heads.”

AT department explainedthat the Novokuznetsk branch of the regional pathoanatomical bureau receives most of the deaths from the territory of 12 municipalities, where more than 1.3 million people live, and in the past few weeks, due to an increase in the number of deaths, the flow of bodies has increased.

“The main reason for the accumulation of bodies of the deceased was that the relatives of the deceased who are on isolation or who are sick are not able to pick up the bodies before the quarantine period expires or until recovery,” the regional Ministry of Health stressed, adding that the lack of pathologists also plays a role.

The ministry’s statement officially confirms that the bodies captured on video belong to people who have died from coronavirus and pneumonia. At the same time, it is especially emphasized that all cases were taken into account in official statistics.

As a response, the department called the work on the additional equipment of the premises with shelves on which the bodies will be stored, and assistance in organizing the funeral – the regional government and municipal authorities will be responsible for this part.

By latest data, over the past day, 16,710 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in Russia. Doctors reported about 7 704 recovered, 229 patients died.

Among the regions with the highest number of cases Moscow is still in the lead, where 4455 cases were noted, followed by St. Petersburg and the Moscow region.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus throughout the country has exceeded one and a half million people.


At the turn of the year, a particularly large number of foundling cats end up in the animal shelter

A particularly large number of foundling cats are currently housed in the animal shelter on the Birs. The cats come to the shelter, often injured. Here they end up in the quarantine boxes first. After two months, the animals are transferred again. Until then, the actual owners of the animals have time to pick up their cats.

Active at dusk

Now that it gets dark faster, cats become active sooner. “Since cats are nocturnal, that’s normal. For them, it’s like going out, ”explains Sandra Müller, service manager at the animal shelter on the Birs.

There are currently eight cats in the shelter’s collection boxes, most of them are injured. More will be added as the week progresses. All injuries were caused by a wheeled object. Especially now, when it gets dark earlier, this is not uncommon.

Unfortunately, it is normal for cats to be run into more during the New Year. “It’s just that you see these animals much too late at dusk. Then, under certain circumstances, there is nothing more to be done with the car, or with the motorcycle, ”said Müller to Telebasel.

After recovery, society waits

As soon as the cats are healthy, they are put in a larger enclosure and in the company of other cats. You have two months to pick up your cat at the animal shelter. If this is not the case, they will be referred.

It is surprising that most of the cats found are not searched for at all. Many animals are often not lost at all, but are simply picked up. “That’s why you have to look really carefully, you have to watch them over a long period of time,” explains Müller.

“For example, you can see what the fur looks like and whether you can go near the cat. If you go up to a little fellow like that to stroke him, you rub it on your legs and then you know that he belongs to someone. ” According to Müller, it is important not to assume that every cat on the street has been lost.

The animal shelter therefore strongly recommends chipping your own cat. It is particularly important to link the chip number with the owner and to have this information entered. This is the only way to guarantee that the right owner can be found.

Devastating attack in Kabul: IS attacker kills pupils with him

The Afghan government and the Taliban have been negotiating peace since September. Regardless, the violence continues in the country. Now it hits a school in the west of the capital Kabul. The Islamic State is committed to the act.

Many school children were killed in a suicide attack by the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia in the Afghan capital, Kabul. At least 18 people were killed and 57 others were injured, said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. The assassin, who wanted to gain access to an education center in the western district of Dascht-e Bartschi, was discovered by security forces, according to the Ministry of the Interior. The man then blew himself up in an alley, killing many young people with him.

The IS claimed the attack for itself. A “martyr knight” detonated an explosive belt in a gathering of Shiites, the IS announced on its Nashir News platform. The militant Islamist Taliban immediately denied being responsible for the bomb attack. You have been negotiating peace with a delegation in the Qatari capital Doha since September. But the violence continues in the country, especially in the provinces, many people are still dying in fighting.

Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Afghan High Council for Reconciliation, strongly condemned the attack. “Cowardly and godless terrorists have shown by attacking innocent children and students that they do not adhere to any religion or principle,” said Abdullah, according to a statement.

There were already many attacks in the past in the western, predominantly Shiite district of Kabul. The IS terrorist militia has also carried out attacks in the district. Sunni extremists such as members of the IS terrorist militia fight Shiites as apostates. In March, IS carried out two attacks in West Kabul with dozen dead, targeting Shiites and followers of the Sikh religion. In an attack on a maternity ward in May, strangers killed many mothers with their newborn children. The US blamed ISIS for this.


Egyptians have started to elect their deputies

This content was published on October 24, 2020 – 18:59


The Egyptians started electing their MPs on Saturday. These legislative elections are announced without suspense, however, as the victory of the camp favorable to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a former general in power for six years, is not in doubt.

Some 63 million voters, out of a population of 101 million, are called upon to renew their parliament by electing 568 deputies out of a total of 596. The remaining 28 will be appointed by the president, whose growing stranglehold on Egyptian politics will continue. is translated by an almost total control of the opposition.

On Saturday morning, the polling stations were decorated in the national colors and placed under the protection of the police and the army. Given the very limited number of opposition candidacies, the victory of the pro-government coalition led by the “Mostakbal Watan” (“Future of a Nation”) party is beyond doubt.

This is the second such ballot since the arrival at the head of state of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who became president in 2014. The vote will take place in two phases: the first covering 14 governorates and the second. , at the beginning of November, the remaining 13. The second rounds will take place in November and December.

Contraventions ?

The final results will be released on December 14 and the new MPs will take office in January 2021, at the end of the current Parliament’s term. Elected in 2015, the lower house is overwhelmingly dominated by supporters of Mr. Sissi.

The “25/30 bloc” representing the opposition is very much in the minority. Made up of influential businessmen and public figures, “Mostakbal Watan” experienced an additional consecration this week with the appointment of its leader, Abdelwahab Abdelrazek, as head of the Senate.

“I am going to vote only because I am afraid of being fined,” said a voter, on condition of anonymity. In August, during the senatorial elections where the participation rate did not exceed 14%, the authorities had mentioned the imposition of a fine of 500 Egyptian pounds (29 francs) on non-voters.

There was also talk of bringing to justice the 54 million voters who did not vote. Two highly symbolic measures that have remained a dead letter so far.

Legislative not representative

The reestablishment of the Senate, abolished after the fall of former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, is part of a constitutional reform approved by referendum in 2019 and very favorable to the current president.

The latter provides for the possibility for Mr. Sissi to remain in power until 2030, strengthens his control over the judiciary and allows the army to further extend its influence over the economy.

Ahmed Seif, another voter, regrets the low representativeness of Parliament. “Since I was born, I have never seen someone represent me (note: in the chamber). Parliament is fine now but after the elections, we no longer hear about it”, he said. he assures.

At the end of the ballot, Azza Fathi, too, criticizes the opacity of the functioning of the chamber. “We do not know what is happening in Parliament, because the sessions are closed (…). It gives the impression that they live in their own world and we in ours”, she worried.

While the opposition was weak under the presidency of Hosni Mubarak – ousted from power in 2011 after a reign of nearly 30 years – it still had a say in Parliament. Under the Sisi presidency, Egypt silenced the Islamist opposition as liberal: the Muslim Brotherhood, left-wing activists, journalists and bloggers.

France refuses wider use of hydroxychloroquine, still used in Morocco


The use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of patients with Covid-19 is still dividing in France. If the French Medicines Agency (ANSM) does not see any real benefit, several experts headed by Professor Didier Raoult are campaigning for its wider use, as is the case in Morocco.

“To date, the available data, which are very heterogeneous and uneven, do not allow us to predict a benefit from hydroxychloroquine, alone or in combination, for the treatment or prevention of Covid-19 disease”, decided the French Medicines Agency (ANSM), thus responding to a recommendation by Professor Didier Raoult who advocated a more extensive use of this molecule.

And the ANSM to continue by affirming that “(we) cannot respond favorably to the request for RTU (temporary recommendation for use) of hydroxychloroquine in the management of Covid-19 disease”, reports the AFP agency, citing an agency information point.

For Professor Raoult it is “double standards”, because according to him the ANSM although it refuses any RTU for hydroxychloroquine, “it authorizes the sending of promotional emails by Gilead for remdesivir, and organizes its free distribution ”.

This umpteenth refusal follows numerous studies affirming that the effectiveness of this molecule against Covid-19 has not yet been proven. Despite these results, Morocco has still not given up on this drug which constitutes the pillar of the health protocol set up for the appearance of the first cases on its soil.

The treatment adopted on March 23 by the health authorities “gives good results”, even underlined the Minister of Health, Khalid Ait Taleb. According to the minister this treatment can reduce the viral load “very quickly”, in just “6 or 7 days, in addition to allowing the patient not to go to intensive care”.

Mike Pence, the president’s faithful, the antithesis of Donald Trump

Mike Pence has always described himself as
“a Christian, a Conservative and a Republican. In that order”. However, for the past four years, he has been behaving above all like a “good soldier” to President Donald Trump, from whom he is, however, the exact opposite.

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Opposition figure in Maduro, Leopoldo Lopez has left Venezuela for Spain

Leopoldo Lopez, one of the leading figures of the Venezuelan opposition and mentor to its leader, Juan Guaido, left the residence of the Spanish Ambassador in Caracas, in which he had been a refugee for ten years. eight months. He is now on his way to Spain.

“I can confirm that he left the embassy of his own free will and left in secret, clandestinely from Venezuela crossing the border with Colombia about two days ago.his father, Leopoldo Lopez Gil, MEP from the Spanish People’s Party (EPP, right) told Agence France-Presse (AFP). We hope he will be here tomorrow [dimanche]. »

Read also the article by Leopoldo Lopez, written in 2016: “Let’s reveal the true face of the Venezuelan dictatorship”

“Maduro, you don’t control anything”, Juan Guaido launched on Twitter after the announcement of this departure. “We managed to send our Commissioner for the Center of Government, Leopoldo Lopez, to international territory, defying your repressive apparatus. “

No details have filtered out on the conditions of his departure from the diplomatic compound, located in an upscale neighborhood in the east of the Venezuelan capital. At midday Saturday, agents of the intelligence service (SEBIN) were deployed around the residence. Immediately, the government of Nicolas Maduro had not reacted publicly.

Sentenced to nearly fourteen years in prison

Leopoldo Lopez, 49, is one of the major figures in the opposition to Venezuelan socialist president Nicolas Maduro. He is regarded as the political mentor of Juan Guaido, whom nearly sixty countries recognize as interim president of Venezuela.

Former mayor of the municipality of Chacao (which belongs to the agglomeration of Caracas), Leopoldo Lopez was arrested in 2014 and spent nearly three years in prison, before being placed under house arrest in 2017.

He thus had to serve a sentence lasting nearly fourteen years., being accused of having incited demonstrations against the government of Nicolas Maduro, demonstrations which had left 43 dead and more than 3,000 injured.

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On April 30, 2019, he appeared alongside insurgent soldiers and Juan Guaido, who called on the army to rise up against the socialist leader. That same evening, he took refuge with his wife, Lilian Tintori, and their daughter in the residence of the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, when the uprising had come to an end. His wife has since left Venezuela for Spain.

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Before Leopoldo Lopez, many opponents of Chavist power had already left Venezuela. One of the most famous of them is the former mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, who has lived in Spain since 2017. Another opposition leader Julio Borges is himself in exile in Colombia after being accused of a attack which Nicolas Maduro had said to have been the target in 2018.

According to his Voluntad Popular party, Leopoldo Lopez will now “To initiate new actions in favor of the struggle for the freedom of Venezuela”.

The World with AFP

Young man tries to perform a dance challenge, but his brother and his dog steal the ‘show’, video

A young woman was encouraged to carry out a dance network in TikTok with a different theme, because while I was serving the ‘challenge‘also shared with his followers “signs that you are the crush of someone close.”

The audiovisual material had everything to be successful, but there were two special participations in its clip that managed to make it one of the viral most seen in social networks.

YOU CAN SEE: Dog interrupts his owner’s dance challenge and stars in funny blooper [VIDEO]

According to Monste Aguirre, author of the publication of TikTok, her brother and her dog ended up being the protagonists of her video, because the curious steps of both ended up “overshadowing her”. However, she also shared the clip on the Internet, without imagining that it would be a sensation.

In the pictures viral TikTok You can see how the young woman tries to show her best steps and in the background her brother is seen dancing in a peculiar way with his dog. The scene is so funny that users who viewed the material did not stop mentioning the participation of both in the comments.

YOU CAN SEE: Dog takes advantage of the fact that her owner records a dance challenge on TikTok and takes her bag of bread [VIDEO]

“The dog and the brother is the best of the video”, I did not read anything to look at the dog “,” Your brother and your dog took the leading role from you “or” The truth is that we all saw the brother and the puppy “, noted the netizens in the social networks.

It should be noted that the video by TikTok It was a great success because they managed to exceed one million views in a few weeks, it even became a trend in various countries around the world such as Mexico, Spain and the United States.

YOU CAN SEE: Young man tries to perform dance challenge on TikTok and his dog ends up stealing the show [VIDEO]

He records peculiar dance of his neighbor and comical steps become a sensation on TikTok

Thousands of users in TikTok They have not stopped laughing after visualizing the particular dance of a man on the balcony of his home. The moment was captured by one of her neighbors and shared it in the social networks, without imagining that it would become a success on the Internet.

In the viral images, the man is observed dancing very joyfully, with a beer bottle in hand, from his balcony. He moves from one place to another to the rhythm of the cumbia melody played by the band of musicians, who were outside his home.

YOU CAN SEE: Dog and its owner star in a tender dance of celebration one month after their adoption [VIDEO]

Dog interrupts his owner’s dance challenge and stars in funny blooper

This is the case of a young woman named Rachel, who wanted to join the Challenge of the song ‘WAP’ by Cardi B, a famous choreography which is characterized by demonstrating the agility of young people, as it has quite athletic steps.

However, the young woman did not count on her dog being crossed at the wrong time. As you can see in the video of TikTok, the dog believed that its owner was playing, so he ran towards her and hit his butt.

YOU CAN SEE: TikTok: Dog hates that his owner kisses him and he shows it [VIDEO]

Perrita amazes with her ‘ability’ to play yenga and becomes a success on TikTok

Thousands of users on social networks have been surprised by the curious ‘talent’ of a puppy when it comes to playing yenga with its owner. The images were shared on TikTok by her young caregiver and it quickly became a trend on the Internet.

In the video, it is observed how the little pet takes a piece with his snout with great ease and waits for his mistress to take another to continue with the yenga game. Likewise, the young woman pampers him every time her dog managed to remove the chips from the game.

YOU CAN SEE: Dogs ‘imitate’ the dance steps of their little owner and star in a peculiar moment [VIDEO]

Dog pulls his owner’s hair when he sees her recording a viral challenge

In the viral images of TikTok It is observed how both young women dance to the rhythm of the sticky reggaeton song, but quickly the dog runs towards one of them and pulls her hair to interrupt recording.

The dog stole all eyes in the viral video, which soon exceeded 700 thousand reproductions on networks, even achieved more than 64 thousand reactions and hundreds of comments on the popular social network.

YOU CAN SEE: Dogs perform funny parody about bank robbery and amuse everyone on TikTok [VIDEO]

Dog takes advantage of the fact that its owner records a dance challenge and takes her bag of bread

A mischievous dog waited for his young owner entertains recording a dance challengee to take a bag full of bread from the kitchen, without imagining that her caretaker would discover everything from her cell phone.

In the viral images of TikTok it is observed how the woman moves her hips to the rhythm of a cheerful meringue. Suddenly, her dog appears behind her, coming out of the kitchen and holding a bag of bread with her snout. The girl realizes what her pet had done and stops dancing.