The United States government orders 100,000 bags of corpses

In the United States, each day is worse than the last. On Thursday he beat the global record of deaths recorded in a single day from the coronavirus, with 1,169 deaths according to John Hopkins University, several weeks after reaching the peak of the pandemic. For two months the US did not prepare for it. […]

An on-demand report to support Spain’s new rapid tests

Updated Friday,     3     April     2020     –22:54 The Chinese companyBioeasy Biotechnologyhas commissioned an on-demand report at a Chilean private university center to try to guarantee the reliability of the new tests against the Covid-19 that it has sold toSpain. This material does not work properly either, it is useless, like the previous model, according to experts […]

several containment strategies in Europe

In Sweden, containment is still not widespread. Indeed, each country has not adopted the same strategy to limit the spread of the virus. Sweden has only closed its high schools and universities, but all the primary schools are still open, and few instructions on social distance have been communicated. The bars and restaurants remain open. […]

Russia wants a database for corona infected people

I.In Russia, the number of people officially infected with the coronavirus rose to 4149 on Friday. 34 people are said to have died of Covid-19. The “peak” has not yet been reached, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday afternoon in a television message, the second on the situation in eight days. At the first, Putin […]

Coronavirus: gigantic field hospital opens in London

Built with the army, the establishment has an initial capacity of 500 beds, which can reach 4,000 beds, the equivalent of ten conventional hospitals. A huge field hospital installed in nine days opened on Friday in London to welcome the flood of patients of the new coronavirus which has already killed more than 3,600 people […]

The Eurozone finalizes its shock in the face of the crisis

After the European summit that ended in fiasco eight days ago and three failed videoconferences later, the Eurozone finance and economy ministers They will try this Tuesday to lay the foundations of the first major emergency firewall that it should help European governments to keep companies and workers afloat and, above all, to confirm that […]

Sweden fears thousands of deaths, hope grows in Italy «

Facebook Twitter Whatsapp 11,506 people have so far been tested positive for the new type of corona virus in Austria (as of Friday, 8 p.m., source: Dashboard of the Ministry of Social Affairs). To date, 98,343 tests have been carried out. The number of infected people in the federal states: Burgenland (210), Carinthia (307), Lower […]