Switch users are free to choose packages via Switch & Match


JAKARTASwitch, digital-based telecommunications services in Indonesia, launched its newest feature Switch & Match. Prioritizing personalization for its users, Switch & Match allows users to choose their own service plan as needed.ALSO READ: Aceh Singkil Regent and His Wife are Positive for COVID-19)

The Switch & Match feature was born from Switch’s awareness of the limited choice of customers’ telephone and internet quota usage, from packages provided by almost all telecommunications providers. Often the choice of packages provided also does not suit the needs of each user, not to mention that users have to adjust to package usage times, types of applications and others.

Switch users can dynamically manage data and telephone quota needs without being limited by package choices provided by telecommunication providers. The presence of the Switch & Match feature is the answer for users to manage their needs without restrictions. For every internet quota purchase through Switch & Match, users will also get an emergency quota bonus and free calls to fellow Switch numbers.ALSO READ: Aceh Singkil Regent and His Wife are Positive for COVID-19)

“We are fully aware that the general constraints of users in choosing internet, telephone and other service quotas are limited by the packages provided by the provider. We believe that the Switch & Match feature is here to be a solution for users, by giving complete freedom to create a connectivity plan in a straightforward manner. Mandiri, which is tailored to the needs. The Switch & Match feature is part of the revolution for telecommunications providers, “said Switch Founder & CEO, Ega Praditya in a written statement, Friday (25/9).

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer of Switch, Andry The added that the Switch & Mmatch feature supports users to be able to purchase quota packages as needed. Its use is quite easy, where users can directly access it via the Switch application, then go to the Switch & Match page and just move the slider provided to adjust the amount of quota and duration of the desired call.

“Users can also sign up, buy Switch SIM cards, activate and choose a plan as needed. Every Switch & Match purchase, users will also get an emergency quota service which can be used when the main quota runs out,” he said.

The Switch & Match feature can be found on the Service Plan page, after which users can immediately determine internet quota, talk minutes and extra data. Internet quota with full 4G speed can be used without time limitation and applies to all applications. Voice minutes quota can be used with the same duration to all operators. On the other hand, users can also add Extra Data which can be used to access selected applications.

Features switch & match valid for 28 days from the date of transaction or purchase. Users can set the quota as freely as possible up to 80GB. Meanwhile, Extra Data can be used simultaneously on different devices and does not affect consumption in the main quota. In addition, the active period given to Extra Data is the same as the main package, which is 28 days. Therefore, this Extra Data service is not limited by device and time.



Specifications of Intel NUC 11 Pro with Tiger Lake chips with Xe-GPU come online – Computer – News

The specifications of the NUC 11 Pro from Intel have appeared on the internet. The compact PC does not seem to differ much from its predecessor, although the Tiger Lake processors are accompanied by an Xe GPU, which improves the graphics performance compared to its predecessors.

Intel has not yet announced the NUC 11 Pro, but an image shows the PC, with the specifications of the different versions to come. The NUC would be codenamed Tiger Canyon and thus be the successor to the Frost Canyon, aka the NUC 10, with last year’s Comet Lake-U processors.

At least five variants of the NUC 11 Pro will appear, with the Tiger Lake-U processors announced by Intel in early September. The specifications mention a version of the PC with Core i5-1145G7; Intel has not yet introduced this processor. The Core i7s and Core i5s have an Xe GPU that Intel says much better performance offers previous GPU generations. The i7-1185G7 and i5-1145G7 also support Intel’s business vPro-platform.

The NUCs come in high and low versions as far as the housing is concerned. Both support up to 64GB DDR4 and PCIe X4 Gen4 SSDs, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. They also have HDMI 2.1, HDMI 2.0b and two Thunderbolt 4 ports, with which they can provide four monitors with images. The Ethernet port is a 2.5Gbit version and there are also three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports of Type-A. The specifications appeared on Twitter and have been noted by Liliputing.


Cores / threads

Clock freq.

Single / all-core turbo

GPU / Max. klokfreq.




Core i7-1185G7, vPro

4 / 8


4,8 / 4,3GHz

96 eu’s @ 1,35GHz, Xe


12 – 28W


Core i7-1165G7

4 / 8


4,7 / 4,1GHz

96 eu’s @ 1,3GHz, Xe


12 – 28W


Core i5-1145G7, vPro

4 / 8



80 eu’s @?, Xe


12 – 28W


Core i5-1135G7

4 / 8


4,2 / 3,8GHz

80 eu’s @ 1,3GHz, Xe


12 – 28W


Core i3-1115G4

2 / 4


4,1 / 4,1GHz

48 eu’s @ 1,25GHz, UHD


12 – 28W


The 508 PSE is the most powerful Peugeot production in history

The Peugeot 508 in its sporty design will be available as a liftback and station wagon. It is part of the new campaign of the Peugeot Sport department, which has a new logo and is preparing to start the 24-hour race at Le Mans in two years.

Visually, the sports division presents a bright yellow-green, which appears on the extended aggressive bodykit in several details. However, in order to be a tasteful combination, the varnishes can only be selected between black, white and gray. The green can also be found inside, the interior is further dominated by sports seats.

The Peugeot 508 PSE has achieved a system output of 265 kW (365 hp) and 520 Nm of torque thanks to a plug-in hybrid system. It combines a supercharged petrol sixteen and two electric motors. The front has 81 kW, the rear is 2 kW more powerful, so it is a car with all-wheel drive.

In the sharpest mode, it can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds, from 80 to 120 km / h accelerates in three seconds, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. With electricity, the 508 PSE can handle speeds of up to 140 km / h.

The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 11.5 kWh ensures a range of up to 42 kilometers on a single charge. On the 7.4 kW charger, the battery is charged in an hour and forty-five minutes.

The top Peugeot 508 will start coming off the car factory in Mulhouse later this year;

Take a look at the current offer of new and used cars Peugeot on Sauto.cz.

IOS 14 update, Apple officially closes iOS 13.7 downgrade path

Telset.id, Jakarta – Apple officially announces it has closed its tracks downgrade iOS 13.7. This closure was made after Apple released iOS 14 last week.

Line closure downgrade this is what Apple usually does after the release of a update new. Therefore, users are expected to immediately download and install the latest iOS 14 update.

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The rolling out of new updates always results in the closure of the downgrade path for the old version updates. Apple itself will usually release the latest updates after feeling that the OS is safe and stable, and there are no annoying bugs.

Quoted Telset.id from 9to5Mac, Apple closed the iOS 13.7 downgrade path after rolling out the final iOS 14 update to the public. That means, iPhone users can no longer downgrade to iOS 13.7 or earlier, after updating to iOS 14.

Although it was reported that there was a bug, the problem has been resolved. Apple already considers iOS 14 to be safe and stable, after clearing the annoying bugs.

Therefore, users are advised to immediately download and install the latest iOS 14 update on their iPhone, to be able to enjoy the latest features of the new version of iOS.

The iOS 13.7 update itself was rolled out in early September 2020, as an update from iOS 13.6.1. While iOS 13 itself was rolled out officially on September 13, 2019.

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Of course you iPhone users already know, when iOS 13 was launched, it brought quite a lot of changes and improvements. In addition, it was at this launch that Apple first introduced a different operating system for iPhone and iPad devices that use iPadOS.

The iOS 13 update is also the first time the iOS operating system supports the appearance of Dark Mode or dark mode, which at that time has long been awaited by Apple fanboys. [HBS]

Apple buys company specializing in radio stations with podcasts | NOW

Apple has bought the start-up Scout FM, a spokesperson for the company confirms Bloomberg.

Further details about the purchase have not been disclosed. For example, it is unknown what Apple paid for Scout FM.

Scout FM specializes in making radio stations on specific themes, on which podcasts on this topic are played. These were offered in apps for iOS, Android and on Amazon’s smart speakers.

The apps used artificial intelligence to determine what the user prefers to listen to. Listening history and set preferences were considered.

Sold before

Scout FM was bought by Apple in the course of 2020. The acquisition was not announced at the time and the company was closed, after which staff were hired by the tech giant. Since then, the apps are also no longer available. After rumors, Apple still confirms that it owns Scout FM.

Apple was one of the first major tech companies to invest in podcasts, offering them on iPods and other devices. Music services such as Spotify are also increasingly integrating podcasts.


Unieuro flyer of October 2020 with new offers on PS4 and DualShock

Unieuro presents the new flyer Passion Home valid until 8 October, with many offers also related to gaming, with PS4 and PlayStation 4 PRO in promotion, without forgetting the discounts on DualShock controllers.

The DualShock 4 is on sale in blue, red, black and white at the price of 69.99 euros with a 20 euro credit card for the PlayStation Store included, at the same price you can also buy the package that includes DualShock 4 Jet Black, Fortnite Voucher and 20 euro PSN top-up. On the console front we point out the two bundles PS4 Slim 500 GB for 299.99 euros and PlayStation 4 PRO 1 TB for 399.99 euros in both cases with MediEvil in combination.

A good opportunity above all to buy a second DualShock, the top up PlayStation Store from 20 euros it is certainly a great incentive, in this way the controller would cost 49.99 euros and the credit can be used to buy games or DLC in digital format.

To be always updated on the best promotions remember to follow the Telegram channel offers video games and tech by Everyeye.it, you will then have access to preview flyers, discounts and offers on consoles, video games, PC gaming, accessories, smartphones, 4K and 8K TVs, monitors and many other IT and technology products.

The Burrito Pop is a success: it is a device to eat them without staining yourself for 33 dollars

Every now and then they arrive gadgets that, although they sound absurd, they are very popular. One of the last is Burrito Pop, a gadget that, as the name implies, is about burritos: allows you to eat them in a better way and without staining yourself.

The idea of ​​this creation is simple: this thermos-shaped device works like a burrito lift: while you are eating, the food is raised so that it does not stay at the bottom of it and reaches your mouth, without getting dirty or wasting it. .

The financing campaign of the Burrito Pop in Kickstarter was launched in September by Madelin Woods, who describes herself as an engineer, designer and businesswoman and, in a couple of days, it is already 21 thousand of the 100 thousand dollars The goal is more than 20 days from the end of the term.

Burrito Pop begin to to be shipped in December at a base price of 33 dollars.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator will focus on Japan in its next update

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the latest games from Microsoft, and while the latest update came to focus on the African continent, next plans to focus entirely on Japan. So we have learned thanks to GamingBolt.

In the new trailer, Microsoft shows us the news that will come to Microsoft Flight Simulator with the next update, with which they plan to add 6 new cities, with 6 new airports. In addition to this, we will also see new historical and cultural areas of the Asian country.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is constantly being updated to improve the experience, be it adding features, improving graphics or fixing some bugs that have attracted the attention of many players lately. This Japan update is coming to the game on September 29, so there are only a few days left to enjoy its characteristics.

Todd Howard, the best magician in Morrowind, says the game would restart your Xbox on loading screens without you knowing

The news that Bethesda has joined the ranks of Microsoft has been one of the most important news in recent days that has left us with news of all kinds and with a most curious anecdotewhat has he told himself Todd Howard, executive producer of Bethesda.

In an interview in which he has participated together with Pete Hines, Major Nelson and Phil Spencer, he has acknowledged that The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind turned out to be too big a game and the memory of the first Xbox was not so badSo the team opted for a quirky trick that no one has ever noticed.

Morrowind was able to reboot Xbox during loading screens in order to avoid the lack of memory. That is why, if you get to witness an excessively long loading screen, it means that at that moment the Xbox is restarting. Todd Howard himself assures that of course this was one of his favorite tricks the console taught him.

The anecdote has caused laughter among all the participants of the interview, such as you can see in the video that accompanies the news, although below you have it in full. In any case, this situation makes us wonder if there will be any more tricks of this type that have been used in other Bethesda games and we have not even found out, although it does not seem that this problem has occurred with the rest of the consoles that have been been publishing since then.

This is how the new WhatsApp feature will work that will self-destruct photos and videos

WaBetaInfo analyzes WhatsApp version, and explains with more screenshots and details how the new option of messages and content that self-destruct like Snapchat will work.

A couple of days ago we learned that WhatsApp was already testing a functionality in the purest Snapchat style in their versions Beta, with multimedia content that self-destructs under the name of ‘Expiring Media’, and that we can find from version

It is a function extension ‘Expiring Messages’ that we already knew and that it is also about to reach the service in a stable format, now not only with messages but also with photos or videos that allow only one view and self-destruct once the interlocutors close the chat window.

Is something very similar to what Snapchat offers, as we said, but in this case transferred to an instant messaging app like WhatsApp, which unfortunately has not announced final availability yet of these options for all your users.

WhatsApp already tests its Snapchat functionality in ‘Beta’

Be that as it may WaBetaInfo continues to collect information, and with version already released in phase Beta we have new images of ‘Expiring Media’ with a little more detailed explanation how this option will work in the most popular messaging app on the planet.

When WhatsApp activates the function Expiring Media, you will see a new button called View Once which in Spanish would be something like ‘See once’:

Expiring Media, WhatsApp's Snapchat functionality

The recipient will receive the messages or multimedia files, but you can only open and view them once, with included app warning:

Expiring Media, WhatsApp's Snapchat functionality

When closing the chat and opening it again, our interlocutors will see a message instead of the photos or videos, which indicates that this content has expired and is no longer available:

Expiring Media, WhatsApp's Snapchat functionality

For now and as we have already indicated there is no release date for this functionality, so it will be time to continue waiting for some WhatsApp developers who always move too slow for how volatile this market is.

In fact, there are many important news in the pipeline for the most used messaging app in the world, but we also don’t know when can we use it in multi-device much less when will the Integrated file and download manager that we have been promised, to give just two examples. Patience, that is the mother of science!

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