Bank regulators postpone new capital rules by one year

Evening mood in Frankfurt Bank capital is suffering from the crisis. (Photo: AFP) Frankfurt In the face of the virus pandemic, international banking regulators are giving financial institutions more time to introduce stricter capital requirements that have already been adopted. “It is important that banks and supervisors are able to use all of their resources […]

Identify an immune circuit in ocular degeneration

S. Mencia Madrid Updated:03/20/2020 18: 25h save Related news Researchers from the National Center for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC), in collaboration with an international group of scientists, have managed to identify for the first time an immune regulatory circuit Ocular controlled by a subtype of endothelial cells, the cells that line the inside of blood vessels. […]

The European tax antidote to the coronavirus crisis risks deepening economic gaps

European governments have pledged hundreds of billions of euros to help coronavirus-affected economies, businesses and workers by applying tools developed during the euro crisis and putting severe bans aside on state subsidies. Stimulus moves, in addition to the increase in public spending triggered automatically during a recession, could help fiscally healthy countries, including Germany and […]

Castells repealing the disciplinary regulations of 1954 that prohibit entry to campuses to those who disturb the order

OLGA R. SANMARTN Madrid Updated Thursday, 5 March 2020 –20:01 He undertakes with the students to repeal a “Franco” decree that “is obsolete and punitive from any democratic point of view” The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, and Rafael Hernando (PP).EFE POLICY Castells leaves out the appointment ‘The minister listens’ to non-separatist university students Ad. […]

Police dismantle the rail block in eastern Canada

Canadian police dismantled a railway blockade led by indigenous anti-peline demonstrators on Monday that had stifled passenger and rail traffic for more than two weeks. The move threatens to trigger a new round of indigenous protests and marches, observers say. The police intervention also marks another setback for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts to support […]

FCA sets the deadline for trading venues to comply with the Mifid II data rules

The City watchdog gave London trading venues a tight deadline to make stock market information free for the public, as regulators continue to struggle for the cost and accessibility of key market data. The Financial Conduct Authority wrote to companies and organized briefings to ensure that companies are in step with the specific data rules […]

Walking fast modifies DNA and reduces cardiovascular risk | Science

In the days of reflection, Mariano Rajoy used to dedicate the morning to sports. On the eve of the December 2015 elections, those elections that shook the political board and saw the end of bipartisanship, the PP candidate spent the morning with his dog rich, walking quickly through the gardens of La Moncloa. As a […]