Tesla is rising again, but for good reason: robotic control is already incredible in the beta test!

Tesla Autopilot Every electric car has it today Tesla in the base. However, the FSD package, ie Full Self-Driving, is at an additional cost. Its price has now risen by $ 2,000 to a respectable $ 10,000.

The fully robotic control that Elon Musk has been promising for so long is almost here!
photo: Tesla

Elon Musk says, that as soon as the beta testing of the Full Self-Driving package starts in full, which could be by the end of this year, its price will still rise.

Musk estimates that as a result the real price of FSD is somewhere over $ 100,000! The reason is obvious: the first experiences and experiences with the beta version show that Tesla de-facto mastered fully robotic control.

The car can recognize most important objects in its vicinity and even at night can drive in the urban environment of relatively narrow streets without markings, with longitudinally parked cars.


GM depletes reserves of first electric Hummer in an hour

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Image: GM

Everything indicates that the electric Hammer announced this week, the Edition 1, is going to be a bestseller. GM has said that it has sold out, or more properly said, has reserved all production of the first year in just one hour.

How we explain Yesterday, it is a truck whose initial version will be launched on the market in 2021 at a price of $ 112,000, that is, it is not suitable for all pockets. After the first launch, other versions will follow at the rate of one per year, the cheapest being the one that will arrive in the spring of 2024 for $ 80,000. The specifications of the different versions of the vehicle will be as follows:


Image: GM

Just like Tesla did with its Cybertruck, GM decided to open up reservations for the electric truck with a $ 100 deposit a day ago. The company’s statement means that 60 minutes after opening the reservations were complete, although GM explains that users who have been left out can sign up for a waiting list.

It is possible that the “trick” of this spectacular campaign is the low number of vehicles that will be produced, since from GM they have not slipped volume figures for the first year of Edition 1.[[Electrek]


Make way! Revived Hummer and it’s an electric pickup with 1000 horsepower

The Hummer is a 100% electric and very powerful pick up (Photo GM).

While many brands flirt with their future 100% electric pickup General Motors kicked the dash and showcased the long-awaited modern reinterpretation of the Hummer. And it is beastly: a pickup powered by electricity, with 1000 horsepower and very high off-road capabilities. A true all-terrain animal.

The new Hummer EV will be priced in the United States of $ 112,000, very high for that market but in tune with the proposal of luxury, comfort and brutal benefits. Argentina, for now, is not in the plans.

It has 1000 horsepower and 15 500 Nm of torque, an outrage.
It has 1000 horsepower and 15 500 Nm of torque, an outrage.

Their three electric motors Not only do they generate a thousand horses, but the torque is enormous: 15,592 Nm of torque! All with a range of up to 563 kilometers, thanks to the new 24-module batteries.

The Hummer is sold as a model by GMC, General Motors’ luxury brand.

It’s really huge: it measures 5.5 meters long and 2 m high. On the front, the grill reminds of the famous Hummer that years ago was discontinued but, in case there were any doubts, the name is written in large letters.

In the United States, its price will exceed $ 100,000.
In the United States, its price will exceed $ 100,000.

Developed on a new platform for electric vehicles, for the moment it will only be available in pick-up bodywork of four doors, although there is already talk of an SUV version in the future.

One of its characteristics is the “Crab mode”, thanks to the four-wheel steering system that allows the rear wheels to also turn slightly to improve certain maneuvers.

The new Hummer is a fully electric pickup.
The new Hummer is a fully electric pickup.
Luxurious interior with all the comfort equipment.
Luxurious interior with all the comfort equipment.


Learn the top 4 reasons to buy an electric car

In light of the high fuel prices around the world, supplying the car with fuel has become one of the accumulated expenses that many countries suffer from, especially the owners of cars that operate on gasoline or diesel. Therefore, investing in an electric car will spare you paying huge sums to obtain fuel, in addition to escaping from long queues in case of fuel shortage, so know the most important reasons that push you to buy an electric car, as follows:

First: It is cleaner and better for the environment

The high percentage of emissions is always linked to the rates of pollution and the diseases resulting from it, according to a report of the World Health Organization, but by buying an electric car, you not only contribute to solving the pollution crisis, but you also preserve the health of your children and future generations.

Second: More secure

Car accidents related to combustion engines carry the chance of the car exploding due to flammable materials inside the engine after an accident, God forbid, and despite the technology of stopping the engine that has become present in most of the current cars that run on fuel, the chance of leaking flammable materials, such as fuel The car, engine oil, or various oils may result in serious damage to the driver and the passengers and those around them.

Electric cars are completely free of any flammable materials, as they operate on an electric motor that derives its power from completely isolated batteries, and even in the event of any accident, God forbid, it is impossible to break out any fires or explosions, which increases the safety factor of the driver and passengers. In addition to safety means inside the car.

Third: advanced technology

By buying a car that runs on fuel, you are investing your money in an unchanging technology, which means that you will have to buy another new car if the car companies produce newer technology for the model you purchased, but by buying an electric car, you have the opportunity and ability to develop your car itself with many updates, similar to Cars of the American company Tesla, which is developing command and control programs for its cars to ensure the best performance while driving and the best electricity savings, to increase the vehicle’s range after each electric charge.

Fourth: complete quietness of the motor

The sounds of cars running on fuel always produce loud noises, especially in the event of a breakdown in the exhaust system or a leak in the engine, and the driving process may become very annoying because of that.

On the contrary, electric cars are completely silent, even at high speeds, which gives your driving an unlimited luxury with the presence of the quiet factor.


The new Tesla batteries are even better than expected: a service life of over 3.5 million km!

Canadian scientist Jeff Dahn is one of the world’s leading capacities for battery cell research and development. New batteries for Tesla, which were supposed to last 1 million mil.

Tesla recently introduced completely new 4680 battery cells at Battery Day, which use not only a new format, but also a chemical composition. They will also be completely differently installed in cars, where they will form a structural element of the car. All improvements should ultimately result in them being 56% cheaper per 1 kWh of capacity than today’s 2170 cells.
photo: Tesla

But according to the latest test results, Jeff Dahn and his team beat themselves. It looks like the life of new battery cells is over 2 million miles (3.5 million km) or 15,000 cycles.

Some of the newly developed articles have been tested for three years. Others, which have up to 15,000 charge / discharge cycles, have shown only a minimal decrease in capacity when discharging 25% to 50% of capacity. Even at higher discharges, however, the clearances are relatively low.

Jeff Dahn himself even asks in his presentation whether we need such good batteries at all. And he answers that he certainly did. And not only in electric cars (especially it will significantly facilitate V2G use), but also in other electric transport environments, as well as stationary storages.

Tesla intends this new chemical composition of batteries used in its new Articles 4680which will start to be fitted to its electric cars perhaps next year or the year after next. The first will probably be the European Tesla Model Y.


The new Tesla Model 3 for 2021 officially: 48 km higher range, heat pump

Tesla officially introduced the electric car refresh Tesla Model 3 for the year 2021. It has an electric suitcase, heat pump and a 48 km higher range!

The price of the Tesla Model 3 electric car remains unchanged despite a number of improvements, ie CZK 1,486,990 (Long Range) in the Czech Republic. The car can accelerate 0-100 km / h in 4.4 seconds, the maximum speed is 233 km / h.
photo: Tesla

Long awaited facelift/refresh electric car Tesla Model 3 for 2021 is officially here. And the best-selling electric car in the world is even more interesting now than ever before.

It has a new center console, new wheels (20 “Überturbine Wheels), an electrically operated trunk heat pump, double-glazed windows and several aesthetic adjustments. The acceleration of the individual versions has also been slightly improved.

Above all, however, the range is higher. In the version Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motors has a new range of 568 km (EPA) / 580 km WLTP. Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus has a range higher by 21 km (423 km EPA) and Tesla Model 3 Performance by 25.7 km by 507 km (EPA).



Tesla has reduced the price of the Model S electric car, increasing the range of the Model X

Competition is coming to the electric car market and Tesla must react. Again, she slightly modified the range of her oldest models Tesla Model S a Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model S electric car has been on the market for eight years. Together with the Model X, more than 500,000 of these cars have already been sold worldwide.
photo: Tesla

Electric car Tesla Model X in the version for 2021, according to unofficial information, it will travel up to 371 miles (597 km) on a single charge. Previously, it was 351 miles (564 km).

However, nothing has officially changed on the Tesla website yet. But this does not apply to Tesla Model S, whose price in the Long Range Plus version was reduced by $ 3000 to $ 71,990.

Sales of Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars have been falling sharply in the last few quarters and are usurping their place Tesla Model 3 a Tesla Model Y. At the same time, these are cars that are apparently still manufactured with old Panasonic 18650 battery cells.


Audi unveiled the sound of its new electric car, listen to it!

It will be the first 100% electric of the brand that is not an SUV (Photo: Audi).

It is known: electric motors they do not emit sound. However, in places like Europe it is mandatory that they do so for a safety issue, and Audi unveiled what its next electric car, the e-tron GT, will sound like.

It will be the first 100% electric model of the German firm that it won’t be an SUV. It will enter the assembly line at the end of the year at the German plant in Neckarsulm, where the brand produces the R8 super sports car.

In the video below you can hear how it will sound. Can you imagine a future where cities only hear these types of sounds?

For the German automaker they achieved “a unique sound. The Gran Turismo sounds powerful and progressive, exactly the way an Audi should. ”

The reality is that so far the sounds of electric cars are all quite similar, with a futuristic tinge that many do not hesitate to call “UFO”.

The sound was developed through a computer.
The sound was developed through a computer.

To develop the e-tron GT, the brand went to the acoustics laboratory and made it by computer. They also carried out studies with customers and took into account, logically, how it is heard from inside the vehicle.

Sound is output from a speaker located on the front of vehicle, and the intensity of it depends on variables such as speed and the position of the accelerator.

In addition, customers can choose whether they want the interior the sound is also heard or only limited to the outside.

It has a front speaker and can optionally carry another one at the back.
It has a front speaker and can optionally carry another one at the back.


Volkswagen ID.4: in the Czech Republic, the price of an electric car starts at CZK 1,224,900, range up to 520 km

Authorized Volkswagen dealers in the Czech Republic are already accepting orders from customers who have opted for the new ID.4 electric car.

Batteries with a capacity of 77 kWh allow a range of up to 520 km (WLTP). Initially, special editions of ID.4 1ST and ID.4 1ST Max are available.
photo: Volkswagen

Just days after the world premiere of the second member of the Volkswagen ID electric car family. special editions ID.4 1ST and ID.4 1ST Max are available with exclusive equipment for prices from CZK 1,224,900. Volkswagen will gradually expand its offer with other variants.

“ID.4 follows in close succession the very successful ID.3 model. The new model combines the ecological operation of an electric car with the versatility of an SUV. As with the ID.3, customers can look forward to an extremely spacious interior and remarkable driving dynamics combined with an excellent level of comfort, to which a quiet electric motor and minimal aerodynamic noise contribute. The new ID.3 met with a very positive response from Czech customers, and its bigger brother ID.4 has all the prerequisites to excite those interested in SUVs for electric mobility as well. says Jiří Štoček, Director of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars Division of Porsche Czech Republic.

As with the ID.3, the Volkswagen offers the SUV ID.4 in preconfigured versions. The first phase of the launch belongs to the special editions ID.4 1ST and ID.4 1ST Max with generous equipment. Their prices on the Czech market were set at CZK 1,224,900, resp. CZK 1,473,900 (Max).

In both cases, the rear-wheel drive provides a 150 kW (204 hp) electric motor at the rear, powered by a set of batteries with a usable capacity of 77 kWh. Up to 520 km can be traveled on a single charge (according to the WLTP methodology). This in itself predetermines ID.4 electric cars even for long-distance travel.

In addition, fast 125 kW DC charging, for example from the Ionity charging racks, replenishes enough electricity to cover an additional 320 km (WLTP) in 30 minutes.

The ID.4 accelerates from standstill to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds and its top speed is electronically limited to 160 km / h. The robust character of the electric SUV is enhanced by large wheels in conjunction with a ground clearance of 210 mm.

While driving, the powerful electric car captivates the driver with acceleration and excellent driving characteristics, which are due to the low center of gravity and even weight distribution between the axles due to the storage of a high-voltage set of batteries under the floor. Depending on the position of the rear seat backrests, the luggage compartment offers a volume of 543 to 1575 liters.

The clearly arranged instrument panel of the ID.4 model allows easy operation. Almost exclusively touch controls are complemented by intelligent voice control “Hello ID.”. On request, a transparent display with augmented reality is supplied, which inserts a virtual display into a real environment.

Travel is facilitated by the Discover Pro navigation system with We Connect Start internet services, while IQ.Drive assistance systems increase the level of comfort and safety. In addition, the vehicle’s electronic systems can be updated wirelessly after the purchase of the vehiclewithout the customer having to visit a service partner.

The current entry into the world of Volkswagen electromobility in the SUV segment is the ID.4 1ST. This special edition, on the occasion of the launch of the new model, rides 20 “wheels in the” Drammen “design. Its elegant appearance is enhanced by an exterior stylistic package in conjunction with dark tinted windows in the rear of the car.

Increases comfort when traveling in the cold season heated front seats, multifunction steering wheel and windscreen glass. The decorative lighting is adjustable in 30 colors and the stainless steel pedals are decorated with an imaginative “Play & Pause” design. Comfortable equipment is completed by dual-zone air conditioning “Climatronic”.

In addition to the Discover Pro navigation system, the standard equipment also includes Front Assist, adaptive cruise control ACC “stop & go” and Lane Assist. The rear camera makes maneuvering in tight spaces. The heat pump increases the economy of operation, which significantly extends the range, especially at low temperatures.

Volkswagen ID.4 1ST Max comes with almost complete standard equipment. In addition to the above features, its exterior features include IQ.Light-Matrix LED interactive headlights, 3D LED taillights and 21 “Narvik” wheels. Driving characteristics are taken to an even higher level by progressive steering and the DCC system with adaptive dampers.

The interior equipment of the special edition ID.4 1ST Max guarantees the crew maximum comfort. This is due to, for example, electrically adjustable seats, a panoramic glass sunroof, soundproof windows, Climatronic three-zone automatic climate control and electric control of the tailgate. The top version leaves nothing to chance even in the areas of control, connectivity and assisted driving.

The driver thus has a transparent display with augmented reality, central 12 “display, Comfort telephone interface and Travel Assist systems (extensively automated driving in certain operating modes), Side Assist (lane change assistant) and Emergency Assist (emergency assistant).

Future variants and global production

Special editions are limited to 27,000 cars produced. Once sold out, Volkswagen will gradually launch other variants of the ID.4 model with pre-configured equipment. It will follow in early 2021 basic version ID.4 Pure with a range of up to 340 kilometers (according to WLTP methodology).

Volkswagen is expanding its classic product line with the ID electric car family. The new ID.4 is the brand’s second exclusively electrically powered model after the compact ID.3 model. The new electrically powered SUV will be manufactured in a total of five plants on three continents.

The production of the ID.4 model for European markets is provided by the Cvikov plant, with a neutral balance of CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain. This year, production will also begin in the Chinese factories Anting and Foshan. In 2022, production is planned to start at the Chattanooga (USA) and Emden plants.

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Tesla will produce two new models at the Berlin and Shanghai Gigat factories, Musk confirmed

During Tesla Battery Day, Elon Musk confirmed that the carmaker is preparing a new electric car with a price of around $ 25,000. It will most likely be produced in Berlin and Shanghai.

This is what the future cheap Tesla electric car with a price of around $ 25,000 might look like
photo: Tesla

The nearest new Tesla electric cars they will be new Tesla Roadster, electric tractor Tesla Semi and the expected pick-up truck Tesla Cybertruck. But what’s next?

We wrote that earlier this year Tesla in China will design a car for the global market. Just a few weeks later, the company announced that will open design centers in China and also in Europe.

Probably right there proposals for new electric cars for the Chinese and European markets will emerge. While until now Tesla has designed cars to meet American, European and Chinese standards at the same time without major modifications, now it seems that change is coming.

On on Twitter Elon Musk he has currently confirmed that both the Chinese and European design centers will design the original electric cars. Moreover, in the case of the Cybertruck, it is almost certain that in addition to the large American version a smaller European one will also be created.