Best Chef Awards 2020: René Redzepi wins: day ticket

The results of the Best Chef Awards 2020 were announced this year at a virtual award ceremony. René Redzepi won the award, followed by Björn Frantzen and Dan Barber. The list includes 34 new chefs from 31 countries, of which Spain comes out top with 15 placements. Five German chefs are also on the list.

Prices in categories

  • The Best Chef Top100 Award powered by Perlage Winner: René Redzepi from Denmark. Second place went to Björn Frantzen (Sweden), who won the award last year. Third place goes to Dan Barber (USA),
  • The Best Chef Rising Star Award powered by Perrier-Jouët Winner: Manoella ‘Manu’ Buffara (Brazil). This young chef wins this award in recognition of her talent and progress in the world of gastronomy.
  • The Best Chef Fol-LOVERS Award powered by Custom Culinary Winner: Rafa Costa e Silva (Brazil). This award was introduced in 2018 to evaluate the opinion of the audience of the Best Chef followers on social media.
  • The Best Chef Pastry Award powered by Valrhona Winner: Xavi Donnay (Spain). This award honors the best pastry chef among all chefs.
  • The Best Chef Food Art Award powered by Antonius Caviar Winner: Alex Dilling (UK). This award is dedicated to the best artist among all chefs.
  • The Best Chef New Entry Award powered by Le Nouveau Chef Winner: Dan Barber (USA). This award in this category honors the chef who achieved the highest rank among all new candidates.
  • The Best Chef Voted by Chefs Award powered by LSG Group winner: Dan Barber (USA). This award is dedicated to the chef chosen most often by all other chefs.
  • The Best Chef Science Award powered by Perlage Winner: Rasmus Munk (Denmark). This award is an award for a chef who excels through research, experimental techniques, and transformation.
  • The Best Chef Legend Award powered by Difference Coffee Winner: Michel Bras (France). This category recognizes the best chef who no longer works as a chef in the kitchen, but who still has a decisive influence on the world of gastronomy.

The rankings of top chefs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

  • 14th place: Andreas Caminada (Switzerland)
  • 23rd place: Christian Bau (Germany)
  • 24th place: Sven Elverfeld (Germany)
  • Rank 33: Daniel Humm (Switzerland)
  • 69th place: Hans Neuner (Austria)
  • 78th place: Thomas & Mathias Sühring (Germany)
  • 84th place: Jan Hartwig (Germany)
  • Rank 91: Tim Raue (Germany)

The complete list

# 1 Rene Redzepi Denmark
# 2 Björn Frantzen Sweden
# 3 Dan Barber USA
# 4 Enjoy Spain
#5 Joan Roca Spain
#6 David Munoz Spain
# 7 Virgilio Martinez Peru
# 8 Aitor Zabala Spain
# 9 Rasmus Kofoed Denmark
#10 Grant Achatz USA
# 11 Mauro Colagreco Argentina
#12 Vladimir Mukhin Russia
#13 Jonnie Boer The Netherlands
# 14 Andreas Swiss Walk
# 15 Yannick Alleno France
# 16 Alex Atala Brazil
# 17 Eneko Atxa Spain
#18 Ana Ros Slovenia
# 19 Julien Royer France
# 20 Agustin Balbi Argentina
# 21 Dominique Crenn France
# 22 Enrico Crippa Italy
#23 Christian Bau Germany
#24 Sven Elverfeld Germany
# 25 Gaggan Anand Thailand
#26 Alex Dilling UK
#27 Corey Lee South Korea
# 28 Rodolfo Guzman Chile
#29 Paco Morales Spain
#30 Albert Adria Spain
# 31 Anne-Sophie Pic France
#32 Peter Goossens Belgium
#33 Daniel Humm Swiss
# 34 Rasmus Munk Denmark
#35 Clare Smyth UK
# 36 Alain Passard France
#37 Martin Berasategui Spain
#38 Heston Blumenthal UK
# 39 Mauro Uliassi Italy
#40 Eric Vildgaard Denmark
# 41 Andre Chiang Taiwan
# 42 Pía León Peru
# 43 Massimo Bottura Italy
# 44 Norbert Niederkofler Italy
#45 Adonis Luiz Aduriz Spain
#46 Modest Amaro Poland
# 47 Seiji Yamamoto Japan
#48 Vicky Cheng Hong Kong
# 49 Arnaud Donckele France
# 50 Alexandre Couillon France
# 51 Jorge Vallejo Mexico
# 52 Zaiyu Hasegawa Japan
# 53 Yoshihiro Narisawa Japan
# 54 Quique Dacosta Spain
#55 Manu Buffara Brazil
# 56 Niko Romito Italy
# 57 Hisoyaku Kawate Japan
#58 Antonia Klugmann Italy
# 59 Paolo Casagrande Italy
# 60 Paul Pairet France
# 61 Gregoire Berger France
#62 Nick Bril The Netherlands
#63 Frederic Anton France
# 64 Emma Bengtsson Sweden
# 65 Massimo Alajmo Italy
#66 Richard Ekkebus The Netherlands
#67 Soenil Bahadoer The Netherlands
#68 Ben Shewry New Zealand
#69 Hans Nuener Austria
# 70 José Avillez Portugal
# 71 Paco Roncero Spain
#72 Syrco Bakker The Netherlands
# 73 Selassie Atadika Ghana
#74 Michel Troisgros France
# 75 Yusuke Takada Japan
#76 Ricardo Camarena Spain
# 77 Floriano Pellegrino Italy
#78 Suhring Suhring Germany
#79 Jefferson Rueda Brazil
#80 Tristin Farmer UK
#81 Daniel Calvert UK
# 82 Bee Satongun Thailand
#83 Toni Romero Spain
#84 Jan Hartwig Germany
#85 Elena Arzak Spain
#86 Daniela Soto-Innes Mexico
#87 Joris Bijdendijk The Netherlands
#88 Sat Bains UK
# 89 Fatih Tuhak Turkey
# 90 Poul Adrias Ziska Denmark
#91 Tim Raue Germany
#92 Oliver Pena Spain
#93 Twins Moscow Russia
#94 Ricardo Chaneton Venezuela
# 95 Leo Espinosa Colombia
# 96 Dennis Huwae The Netherlands
#97 Alberto Landgraf Brazil
# 98 Rafa Costa and Silva Brazil
#99 Matt Abe UK
#100 Kirk Westaway UK

I’m against civil unions, who cares if I don’t think like him

Al Big Brother Vip, Tommaso Zorzi confirms himself as one of the most discussed and talked about contestants, whether for the irresistible musical duets with Francesco Oppini or for his outspoken statements. In particular, the words anything but tender towards. Have caused a sensation Platinette. Zorzi, a declared gay, criticized Mauro Coruzzi for his opposition to the law against homophobia and civil unions. Coruzzi’s reply arrived during a live radio broadcast on RTL.

Mauro Coruzzi’s reply to Tommaso Zorzi

Platinette spits on gay rights others fought for before him“Zorzi said referring to the 1969 Stonewall riots or other homosexual battles and accusing Coruzzi of being motivated by personal and political interests,”You hurt people. Then the mother who has the gay son says: “See what Platinette says, she’s right.” A homophobe who thinks you represent the community believes what you say makes sense“. Thomas did not spare Platinette colorful words:”You can’t give us a normal speech, you should give him a slap and say: “Don’t speak on behalf of the community anymore because you don’t represent it, we don’t want you”“. Coruzzi, in responding, limited himself to reiterating his position by claiming the possibility of having a different thought from the rest of the gay community:

I have an opinion on civil unions, he may have another: who cares. Those who lose out are those who dare to have a different opinion from the crowd. That law is not for me.

The Zorzi-Lorella Cuccarini controversy

Tommaso Zorzi criticized for the same reasons too Lorella Cuccarini, who said she was against gay marriage: “It bothers me people who open their mouths to sow hatred. Rather keep quiet that you make a better impression. As a dancer and showgirl, someone who made a career out of gays…. I don’t know a hetero who if he leaves The night flies the dance“. Cuccarini replied with a post on his Instagram:

I challenge anyone to have ever seen disrespectful or discriminatory behavior against anyone. Having said that, I am not always aligned with ‘politically correct’: if you ask me for an opinion on adoptions or the practice of the rented uterus, I can ask myself questions and not be in favor. This is not and will never be a declaration against the LGBT community and the rights of the people who belong to it and which, indeed, I deeply respect. It is simply my point of view on some aspects of life. And I would express it even if I had a gay son, who – mind you – I would love as deeply as any other son.

‘Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich end their engagement’ | NOW

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich have split up TMZ confirmed on Friday based on previous reporting from People. Just over two months after the actor proposed to the singer, the two broke off their engagement.

A source close to Lovato tells TMZ: “It was a tough decision, but Demi and Max have decided to go their separate ways and focus on their respective careers.”

“They have respect and love for each other and will always cherish the time they have spent together.”

28-year-old Lovato and 29-year-old Ehrich got into a relationship in March. In July, the actor asked, known for the television series The Young And The Restless, Lovato proposed to marry after spending a few months together in self-isolation due to the corona pandemic. After the proposal, Lovato said “he’s really looking forward to starting a family” with the actor.

News of the break comes just ten days after alleged old tweets from Ehrich hit the headlines. In the tweets he is said to have expressed his fondness for Lovato’s former best friend Selena Gomez. For example, the actor is said to have tweeted in 2010: “Selena Gomez and Demi (Lovato, ed.) Are cute together. But if you think Demi is prettier, then you are wrong.”

Lovato responded in her Instagram story, “It’s really sad when people make fake images to turn women against each other. When women argue, that’s between them, you have nothing to do with that.”

Lovato and Ehrich have not yet responded.


From U2 to Pink Floyd: there is a mistake in these songs – News item

For an hour Jan-Willem and Jeroen played songs with a mistake in them, during ‘Het Fouten Uur’. We have listed the most striking ones.

1. Black Box – ‘Ride On Time’

This song should have been called ‘Right On Time’, but is now called ‘Ride On Time’. Is it due to a translation problem at the Italian producer? Listener Sven explains it to Jan-Willem and Jeroen.

2. U2 – ‘The Unforgettable Fire’

Drummer Larry Mullen was clearly dreaming for a while when they were recording ‘The Unforgettable Fire’. He ticks off about 22 seconds early!

3. Shocking Blue – ‘Venus’

Also ‘Venus’ could not be missed during Het Fouten Uur. The first Dutch number 1 hit in the United States starts with a big mistake.

4. The Mamas & The Papas – ‘I Saw Her Again’

A record that you have heard a thousand times and of which you probably never knew there was a mistake in it. But nothing is less true. Using a case too early in ‘I Saw Her Again’.

5. Pink Floyd – ‘Wish You Were Here’

There is also a mistake in this Top 2000 classic. It goes wrong after about 40 seconds …

6. The Beatles – ‘Hey Jude’

It shows that a mistake can happen to the best. Things also went wrong at The Beatles. You really only hear this error if you know it is in it.

Does this taste like more and do you want to listen to Het Fouten Uur in its entirety? You can do that here: click. From 2.00.00.

Jan-Willem Start Up!

You hear Jan-Willem Start Up! between 06:00 and 09:00 on NPO Radio 2.

Photo cover: Bullet-Ray

Donald Trump criticizes Megan Mark and wishes Prince Harry happiness “because he will need it”

The President of the United States has severely attacked Megan Mark – saying that he is definitely “not a fan of the Duchess of Sussex”.

Megan and Harry recently addressed the Americans with a video and invited them to run in the election. The dukes are now being accused of hinting to support Trump’s fiercest rival, Joe Biden.

When the DailyMail asked the billionaire a direct question on the subject, the US president only evasively replied, “I’m not her fan.”

“I’ll say so – and she may have heard it already – I wish Harry good luck because he’ll need it.”

Harry and Megan have expressed their views in a video distributed on social networks. “As November approaches, it is especially important that we reject negative talk, misinformation and negativity on the Internet,” the prince said.

Related news

Many have seen it as a sting towards Trump, who has often been criticized for his statements towards ethnic minorities.

Megana, who is sitting next to her husband in the video, added the words: “We are six weeks away from the election, and today is voter registration day.”

“Every four years we are told the same thing. ‘These are the most important elections of our lives.’ But these really are. When we vote, our values ​​are realized and our voices are heard. ”

Harry and Megan resigned from the British royal office earlier this year, and this unexpected decision shook the entire royal family.

Together with his son Archia, they have moved to California, where they also bought their first home this summer. The US presidential election will take place on November 3 this year.

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David Attenborough breaks Instagram record: fastest one million followers | NOW

David Attenborough has an official Guinness World Record to pack. The Instagram account of the 94-year-old presenter was the fastest ever to gather a million followers.

Attenborough has been active on the social network since Thursday. In just over four hours he reached the mark of a million followers. There are now more than 2.5 million.

The account is not managed by Attenborough itself. That’s what Colin Butfield and Johnnie Hughes do, two men who worked on a new nature documentary by Attenborough.

“Social media is not David’s natural habitat,” they wrote in the message below Attenborough’s first video on Thursday Instagram. “While he records special messages for Instagram, we help run his account.”

In the first (and currently only) video on the account, Attenborough warns that the world is in danger. “Continents are on fire, glaciers are melting and coral reefs are dying,” he says. “In the coming weeks I will explain in these recorded messages what the problems are and what we can do about them.”

The video itself has now been viewed more than nine million times. Almost 36,000 responses have been posted.

Attenborough breaks Jennifer Aniston’s record. The actress has been active on Instagram since October 2019. Within five hours and sixteen minutes, she achieved a million followers. Her first post was a photo with cast members Friends.


Ahmed Al-Awadi surprises his fans with a new photo of him with Yasmin Abdel Aziz

Arabic – News, Opinions and Radio Sputnik

The Egyptian artist Ahmed Al-Awadi surprised his fans with a new image that brought him together with his wife, the Egyptian actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

ونشر Al-Awadi The picture is through his official account on “Instagram”, and won the admiration of many of his followers.

Earlier, the Egyptian actor, Ahmed Al-Awadi, retracted a post he had shared on “Facebook” about his artist wife, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, andDelete it minutes later Few of publishing it.

Al-Awadi confirmed in his deleted post again that the age difference between him and his wife is only 6 years, and not, as some say, that it reaches 10 years, and he explained that he does not care about this difference, even if more than that.

He wrote: “This woman belongs to me, that you say that she is older than me! Not younger than me, because she is only 6 years older than me, not ten like what they write and say .. And if she is twenty years older than me, I will meet.”

Ahmed Al-Awadi also stressed in his post that his wife was attacked Yasmin Abdel Aziz Some considered him as an attack on him, and he assured that he would provide all protection to his wife.

Some websites claimed that the reason for Ahmed Al-Awadi deleting his Facebook post was his embarrassment to Yasmine Abdel Aziz about the age difference between them.

Ahmed Al-Awadi revealed for the first time in the Thursday episode of the “With You” program, broadcast on the Egyptian “CBC” channel, that The age difference between him and his wife He is only 6 years old and not 12 years old as some claim.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz surprised the audience by announcing her marriage to Ahmed Al-Awadi last Ramadan, where Al-Awadi participated in the series “The Choice”, while Yasmine participated in the series “We Love Tani Leh”.

He lived as he sang – in one breath: the opera singer Vyacheslav Voinarovsky died

This became known from a message on the singer’s personal page on Facebook.

The son of the artist Voinarovsky made the assumption that diseases of the gastrointestinal tract could be the cause of death, the final reason has not yet been named, but the likelihood of a coronavirus infection was immediately ruled out.

Childhood and youth

Vyacheslav was born into a family of opera artists – Igor Voinarovsky and Nina Simonova. After graduating from the Institute. A. Lunacharsky, he enters the service at the Saratov Operetta Theater, and then gets a job at the Academic Musical Theater in Moscow. Since 1997 he has been an artist of the Bolshoi Theater.

The work of Vyacheslav Voinarovsky

In addition to the theater, the innate charisma and talent allowed the artist to appear in films and TV series, Voinarovsky has more than 23 roles. In addition, Vyacheslav took part in the filming of the television programs “Crooked Mirror” and “Petrosyan Show”.

Memories of colleagues

In the theater where Voinarovsky served, they say that not only the opera singer has passed away, but also the soul of the collective. Colleagues remember him as a person who, wherever he came, brought holiday and fun with him, conductor Felix Korobov admits that after the death of Voinarovsky he has an absolute emptiness in his soul, because a real artist has passed away.

Author: Masha Romanovski

Horoscope: Today’s Horoscope September 25, 2020 | Predictions | Zodiac sign

Aries: An internal change in your personality will be for the better. Your partner will confess a secret to you.

Taurus: Those friends give you support to solve difficulties at work. Lift that spirits.

Gemini: Good day to finalize those business or study plans. A family member will ask you for support.

Cancer: Do not be infatuated with continuing with that relationship that will only bring you difficulties. Be more patient.

Leo: Think well what you are going to do in the labor field, get advice. You need more rest.

Virgo: You will have to take care of home problems, keep your emotional balance and everything will be fine.

Libra: Sometimes you get upset about not very important things, you must act with a cool head. You will receive that money.

Scorpio: You will have the unconditional support of that person. Don’t listen to what malicious people say.

Sagittarius: You will have to solve that urgent problem. Don’t make the same mistakes and turn the page.

Capricorn: You must find a way to get more income. Dare yourself.

Aquarium: Stay calm in difficult situations. Give yourself some time to reflect and draw conclusions.

Pisces: You must remain calm, even when you think all is lost. Your intelligence will help you get ahead.


Pereira, three days after starting the Book Fair



Pereira is preparing to hold the sixth edition of the Book Fair which, due to the pandemic, will be online and will be called Landscape, Coffee and Book Fair of the Coffee Axis Book. There will be seven days of workshops, book presentations and talks with special guests such as Javier Cercas, Guillermo Arriaga, Sergio Ramírez, Alma Guillermoprieto, Yolanda Ruiz, Juan Gabriel Vásquez, William Ospina and Juan Gosaín, among others.

The programming starts this Monday at 9:00 am and will run until October 4. It contains 82 activities, 11 international guests, 47 national guests, and 45 from the Coffee Region. In Caldas, interventions by Adalberto Agudelo, Ana María Mesa, Fernando-Alonso Ramírez, Antonio María Flórez and Gloria Salazar stand out.

Giovanny Gómez, cultural manager and organizer of the event in conjunction with the Pereira Chamber of Commerce, explained that the Fair took that name at the invitation of the publishing sector.

“I wanted it to be regional, linking the efforts of Quindío and Caldas. Our message is one of cultural integration, seeking to bring the community and cultural actors from the three regions closer together to interact with the entire agenda that in the mornings addresses proposals from various schools that took over the guests of children’s literature. The afternoons and nights will be for conversations, presenting books and thematic talks ”, he said.

Support for libraries

Gómez added that although the event is virtual, they will encourage the book market in the region by participating in the programming at libraries such as Libélula Libros (Manizales), Tree of books (Armenia) and Cultural Center (Pereira), since those who observe the event by the Facebook social networks of the Pereira Chamber of Commerce (@camarapereira and @culturacamarapereira) and the page They will know that in these cultural spaces they will be able to buy the books of the invited authors.

He also stressed that virtuality allowed them, as organizers, to have guests who in past editions could not attend for budgetary reasons or because they had other commitments for the date of the activity.

“The weekly schedule will be as strong as the weekend. For this reason, we seek to create a good list of topics that will be available during the rest of the year, thinking that people will consult them ”, he noted.

Monday schedule

9:00 a.m.

Child strip

The Tales of the Ramón. Kuchiklín presents “Kuchiklán: Riddles and something else”. Samarys Polo in dialogue with Juliana Javierre.

10:30 a.m.

Reading promotion workshop. Juan Eduardo Gómez Ángel. Culture Ministry

11:30 a.m.

Santiago Londoño: The Man and the Legend. Dialogue with Javier Amaya and Jhon Jaime Correa

1:00 p.m.

Book presentation

Between hills and mountains, memories of resistance in Quinchía, Colombia. Alberto Berón, Yefferson Jaramillo and Bismarck Parra participate.

2:00 p.m.

A coffee with. Ricardo Silva Romero will talk with John Jairo Carvajal. He presents his book Historia de la locura en Colombia.

3:00 p.m.

Alonso Cueto: Cinema and Literature. A virtual conversation about his novel La pasajera. Dialogue with Luis Fernando Afanador.

4:00 p.m.

Spoken portrait of Ernesto Cardenal. A remembrance of the poet by Sergio Ramírez. Dialogue with Giovanny Gómez.

5:30 p.m.

Pereiran writers collection. Presentation of literary news. Ministry of Culture of Pereira

7:00 p.m.

William Ospina conference. Novels that make history