Be, Storm | Meteorologist warns of new storm:

Just as they had finished with the orange danger warning and storm, new rough weather awaits, especially in the north.

– The worst storm has subsided, and the worst flood danger has calmed down. But already tomorrow morning, in the afternoon and evening, there may be another storm in the northernmost parts of Nordland and Troms, says duty officer at the Meteorological Institute, Eirik Samuelsen, to Nettavisen.

It was Monday and Tuesday night orange danger warning in Troms, but this is now downgraded to yellow.

Samuelsen nevertheless has a clear warning to affected residents who have just witnessed the storm that was.

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– Secure all loose objects

– We recommend everyone to take the precautions a storm brings. There has just been a storm in the same area, and if you have not done so, you should secure all loose objects, says the state meteorologist.

He says that gusts of 27 to 35 meters per second have been forecast, and that it is especially the coastal areas that are affected.

– The storm will hit both Lofoten, Vesterålen and the outer parts of Troms. In addition, says Samuelsen.

However, it is not only the northern regions that will have to do with the weather gods.

– On Wednesday, there will be precipitation in most of the country periodically. It will come as rain in the lowlands, but here in northern Norway we have recently seen snow down to 600 meters altitude. This will probably increase somewhat in the next few days, he says.

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Danger warning in the Inland

But from Wednesday to Thursday night, it will not only rain in buckets and buckets in the north. Locally in the Inland, it can be over 40 millimeters in a day.

Thus, the meteorologists have found themselves forced to send out a yellow warning to the county.

Samuelsen says that it is still uncertain whether the danger warning will be extended to other places in Eastern Norway.

– So far we have not done anything, but we will make assessments as we get a closer look at the details for the next few days, the meteorologist believes.

Five bus drivers in the Liberec region were under the influence of alcohol

The police action took place in the early morning hours. Forty police officers from both traffic and law enforcement services focused mainly on checking compliance with the ban on the consumption of alcohol and other addictive substances by public transport drivers, mainly drivers of city and extra-urban buses and trams.

Between 4:00 and 7:00, they checked a total of 246 vehicles, most of which were buses and trams, and the result was surprising. A total of six drivers had a positive breath test for alcohol.

1) bus driver 0.09 g / kg blood alcohol in Liberec

2) bus driver 0.75 g / kg blood alcohol in Liberec

3) bus driver 0.80 g / kg blood alcohol in Semily

4) bus driver 0.52 g / kg blood alcohol in Českolipsko

5) bus driver 0.62 g / kg blood alcohol in Českolipsko

6) the driver of a car 0.70 g / kg of alcohol in the blood of Českolipsko, who drove into the depot and had to drive the bus immediately

All these cases were reported by the police to the relevant administrative authority for further discussion.

“The inspections took place in suitable places so as not to disrupt the timetables of public transport, or so that the set timetable times were disrupted as little as possible,” said police spokeswoman Vladimíra Šrýtrová. “The results of this event have shown that there are many drivers who are very irresponsible and thus endanger not only themselves and other road users, but also the passengers they carry.”

Police therefore appeal to the public: if one of the passengers suspects that the bus or tram driver may be under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances, contact the toll-free hotline 158.

“It’s about everyone’s health. Police officers will continue with similar events, “added Šrýtrová.

Behind the scenes of yesterday’s Eastern Mediterranean-Aegean traffic

On sane by impulsive acts between men and quiet leader, he gave German Chancellor Merkel’s persistent efforts, Turkey and Greece will again sit on the negotiating table.

I tried to smell the air in Ankara yesterday during the hot hours when moderate statements were made one after the other.

Morale was good.

“Is it because Turkey could come to this compromise?” I asked. “No, our position has been the same from the beginning. We are just giving luck and support to the negotiation process ”.

We haven’t taken a step back, but has Greece taken a step we wanted?

Partially yes. They withdrew their military ships around Meis. With the statements made from both the EU and the USA the previous evening, it has been confirmed that the Seville Map is not valid. Greece saw that its maximalist demands were not met.

Between 2002 and 2016, a total of 60 rounds of meetings were held for 14 years, and the negotiation process was halted with Tsipras’ withdrawal at that time.

Greek Foreign Ministry yesterday, “Greece and Turkey, soon had the round of 61 of the agreement in terms of exploratory talks held in Istanbul,” he made a statement.

The fact that the Greek side will come to Istanbul for talks after so much tension is also seen as a positive step.

What about the French President Macron’s Efelen?

Last week, “Erdogan’s loneliness may soon end and Macron’s loneliness may begin. “After Erdogan’s last step, Merkel was expected to speak to Macron and say,” Look, Erdogan favors diplomacy, calm down and quit this anti-campaign. “

The process was faster than I expected. The phone call between President Erdogan and Macron last night took place at the request of France.

So it was Macron who took the steps.

Of course, the share of military negotiations held under NATO mediation should be added to the fact that the process turned from a harsh to moderate climate.

5 meeting shortly between the military delegations of Turkey-Greece was held. The Ministry of National Defense announced yesterday that the 6th meeting will be held next week. The negotiations there were also going well.

So, Turkey is demanding now what?

The answer is very clear, Ankara wants Greece not to make a new rush and more importantly, the EU to take a positive step.

What are those steps? Customs Union, visas, immigration agreement and the Eastern Mediterranean energy conference will take place in the Turkey …

The first three may take time, but results can be obtained in a short time on the conference.

Last week, the President of the European Commission, Charles Michel, openly voiced the idea of ​​holding a multilateral conference to address the problems in the Mediterranean. Created in January 2020, to the exclusion of Turkey ‘Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum‘If Turkey starts a process in contrast to include East peace one can blow air in the Mediterranean.

If things go well with Greece and the EU, and then a step towards Egypt can be taken, maybe we will go to a less lonely period in foreign policy, who knows?

“Let this be arrested, this is released” campaigns …

Murders solved in television shows …

People who express their grievances on social media before the police station when they are wronged …

Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül made a statement complaining about all this. He said, “Nobody should become a public judge.”

This call is of course true in essence, good, beautiful but Is society responsible for the creation of this atmosphere, so you are angry with us, Abdülhamit Bey?

When the periods of detention are extended and not turned into political sentences …

When the allegations of the FETO stock exchange do not even come to mind …

When innocent people were not in prison for years with false evidence and conspiracies …

When decisions that hurt the conscience of society are not made …

When people believe that justice will be served when they apply to court …

When trust is established in the judiciary …

In short, as you have said, when justice is truly manifested in independent and impartial courts, nobody becomes a judge of the society.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get results only with good intentions without taking steps to create that atmosphere.

Photo 1: He hears voices and suffers abuse: Julian Assange’s ordeal in prison

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange lives a real ordeal, who claims to hear voices and be on the verge of suicide in jail. Everything was revealed by a psychiatrist, during a hearing before a London court dealing with the extradition demand to the United States. AFP Photos (09/22/2020 – 12:13 PM)



PT deputies want to eliminate the Afore and for the State to administer retirement funds

The Legislators of the Labor Party (PT) in the Chamber of Deputies presented an initiative with the purpose of eliminating Retirement Fund Manager (Afore) and that the State is the one who administers the funds.

“The Parliamentary Group of the Labor Party, aware of how complicated it is to present a proposal for a citizens’ initiative and by virtue of the duty that our and our deputies have with the citizens to listen to and support them, we present on behalf of the Confederation of Retirees, Pensioners and Older Adults of the Mexican Republic, the project “, they detailed in the Parliamentary Gazette.

In the text, they stipulate ending the Retirement Savings Systems based on individual capitalization regimes.

“Retirement Savings Systems based on all individual capitalization regimes are eliminated, which are absorbed and replaced in favor of the Patrimony of the Nation, through the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the Institute of Social Security and Services of the Workers at the Service of the State, within the framework of a solidarity distribution scheme, in accordance with the conditions established in this Pension Law, “they asserted.

The assets that were in them would be integrated into the Distribution Solidarity Fund, which would cover the pensions of the employees and their beneficiaries.

“The Retirement Fund Administrators and PensionIssste will transfer in kind to the Mexican Institute of Social Security or the Social Security and Services Institute for Workers at the Service of the State, as appropriate, the savings resources for the individual capitalization retirement, as well as inactive accounts. Said assets will become part of the Solidarity Distribution Fund of each of the Institutes. These resources will be applied exclusively to cover the pensions of workers and their beneficiaries, “they specified.

In addition, they propose the transformation of the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System into the National Institute of Pensions.

In 2018, the same bench made a similar proposal, which was discarded. At that time, the leader of Morena’s bench in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Delgado, said that any deputy had the right to present initiatives, but that a change to the Afores or pension systems was not contemplated.

However, it is pertinent to clarify that the reform proposal to this system is the one that the Executive will send, that is, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. According to the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Arturo Herrera, the agent will sign the document.

With information from Clara Zepeda

What changes does the PT propose with its initiative to eliminate the Afore?

Do you want to change your Afore? These are the ones that give the most performance

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Volodin: an increase in the excise tax on tobacco should not lead to an increase in the cost of cigarettes – Economy and business

MOSCOW, September 23. / TASS /. An increase in the excise tax on tobacco should lead to the withdrawal of excess profits from tobacco companies, rather than an increase in the cost of cigarettes. State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said this on Wednesday, suggesting that the deputies monitor this issue.

“We are talking about the withdrawal of excess profits from the same tobacco industry,” he said at a meeting of the lower house.

“Our task is to control that this (the growth of the cost of cigarettes – note by TASS) does not happen. But the surplus profits were seized in a difficult situation. Let’s take control,” the speaker added.

The State Duma on Wednesday passed a law on new rates of excise taxes on excisable goods. According to the amendments, the excise rate on cigarettes and cigarettes in 2021 will be 2,359 rubles per thousand pieces, on vapes and electronic cigarettes – 60 rubles per piece. The excise tax rate on cigarettes and cigarettes in 2023 will be 2,552 rubles. per thousand pieces plus 16% of the estimated cost calculated based on the maximum retail price, but not less than 3,467 rubles. for a thousand pieces. The excise tax on vapes and electronic cigarettes will amount to 64 rubles in 2023, on cigars – 278 rubles. for one piece, for cigarillos, bidi and kretek – 3,965 rubles. for a thousand pieces.

Regional, the Democratic Party celebrates. But the numbers say that’s not the case

“We are the first party.” The secretary did not mince words Pd Nicola Zingaretti in commenting on the outcome of the regional elections of 20 e 21 September. Justified exultation, if you think that in the days preceding the vote, voices gave the winning center right is in Puglia that in Tuscany, two of the three regions together with the Campania instead won by the center-left with a democratic candidate.

But the numbers justify this celebration? In this respect, the question is more complex. Infodata collected the data relating to the percentages obtained by the Democratic Party at the regional, Europeans last year and the policies of two years ago. Obviously, only in those regions called to vote this weekend. The result is represented in this infographic:

In the infographic, the red dot indicates the result of the regional elections, the blue one refers to the European ones, while the yellow represents the policies. The more a dot is to the right, the higher the percentage obtained by the Pd in ​​that competition, the larger it is, the greater the turnout.

Meanwhile, it can be said that in the three regions where the center-left won, as well as in the Market, the Democratic Party has obtained a result superior to the policies of the 2018, probably the lowest point reached so far by the Democrats, at least in electoral terms. So if this is the comparison, improving was not that difficult.

What is certain is that the result obtained by the Democratic Party is especially important in Campania, where there was a list of the president Vincenzo De Luca, capable of obtaining the 13,3%. A success, that of the Campania democrats, obtained at the expense of the Grillini government allies, who passed from 30,1% of policies to just under 10%.

Difficult to assess the situation in Valle d’Aosta because the Democratic Party presented itself with the autonomists of theAlpe, Wreck, Edelweiss, Union valdotaine e Progressive Valdotaine Union. While at the regional he formed the Progressive Civic Project with Civic Network ed Green Europe. Circumstances that make it difficult to weigh the vote of the Democrats alone. Certainly there has been a decline with respect to policies, but it is largely due to the fact that Union Valdotaine ran alone, touching the 16%.

However, nothing even remotely comparable to what happened in Veneto, where the Democratic Party arrived at11,9%. It is true that, given the results, the allies of the 5 Star Movement they would make false papers for such a result (in Veneto they stopped at 3,25%), but at last year’s Europeans, those of League al 40%, the Pd touched the 19%. The reason for the collapse, in these parts, however, has a name and a surname: Luca Zaia. Which has obtained higher percentages than those who went to the yes to the cut of parliamentarians, both in Veneto and at national level.

Finally there is the Liguria, where the Democratic Party stopped just below the 20%, as was the case with the policies of two years ago. The important difference is that on Sunday and Monday the 50,7% of the Ligurians, while the politics went to the polls 72,9% of voters. In absolute numbers it has gone from 169mila votes two years ago ai 124mila last weekend.

Summing up, as always happens when it comes to local elections, it is difficult to find an absolute winner, especially if you look at the numbers. The alternative is the anecdotal, the one for which everyone won and nobody won. And we can define ourselves as the first party.

After written
It was pointed out to us by some readers, also through social networks, that by adding up the votes obtained in the individual regions, those of Pd far exceed those of the League. In particular, 1.784.626 crosses on the democratic symbol, 1.256.082 on that ofAlberto da Giussano. The difference is 528.544 preferences in favor of the dem. Having said that the result must still be calibrated on the fact that on Sunday and Monday more or less a third of the entire electorate was called to vote for the regional, this analysis neglects one factor. A factor called Luca Zaia. Why maybe i 916.087 votes on his list, in upcoming policies, will not all go to the League. But they are more likely to go here than to the Democratic Party. Thus reviewed, the situation is that represented by this infographic.

Unexpectedly for the USA: reaction to Putin’s speech at the UN

Performance Vladimir Putin at the 75th General Assembly UN foreign journalists and political scientists called it one of the most constructive. President of Russia clearly outlined ways of solving major world problems.

The UN thanked Putin for the offer to provide the organization’s employees with a free coronavirus vaccine. Medical services promised to examine him carefully.

For the United States, this gesture of Vladimir Putin, apparently, came as a complete surprise. When asked whether it will use Donald Trump Russian vaccine, press secretary White House had to quote the President’s old answer.

“The president has already said that he doesn’t care, he just wants to get a vaccine that works. And he said, “I don’t care if she’s from another country. I’ll just take my hat off to them “” – said Kaylee McEnney.

At the same time, many publications noted that in the fight against the pandemic, the Russian leader urges not to look for the guilty, as, for example, the US President did, but to join efforts. This, in particular, writes the Spanish edition of El Mundo.

And their colleagues at ABC noted that Latin American countries are most interested in receiving the Sputnik V vaccine. This was confirmed by the President Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.

He supported the idea of ​​holding an online conference for states that want to organize the production of our medicine by local pharmaceutical companies.


Ndrangheta, blitz in Reggio Emilia: precautionary measures, 24 million seized | Some under investigation with citizenship income

The investigation, called ‘Billions’, conducted by the mobile squad of the Reggio Emilia police headquarters, supported by the Central Operational Service of the State Police, and by the Economic and Financial Police Unit of the Gdf, made it possible to discover “an organization which, with a criminal metamorphosis, has replaced traditional crimes with a complex system aimed at committing financial crimes “.

Among the recipients of detention there is a further prominent subject of Calabrian crime, who was one of the protagonists of the ‘Ndrangheta war fought in Reggio Emilia in the 90s.

Two new shocks occurred at the epicenter of the earthquake on Lake Baikal | News | News

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