Coronavirus Lombardia, the new cases are 78 in 24 hours, one death

In Lombardy, since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, they have tested positive for Sars-CoV-19 93,839 people (+78 compared to yesterday, including 21 for serological tests and 28 weakly positive; 93,761 positive cases reported yesterday and the increase on the previous day had been +97), according to data provided by Lombardy region. Of these, they are died 16,640 people (+1, yesterday +13). THE hospitalizations they are 321 (-2, yesterday they were 323), those in intensive care 43 (like yesterday), while the total of healed of 63,908 (+201, yesterday they had been +111). The tampons were 7,991, against 8,119 yesterday; the total number of swabs rises to 1.030431.

These detail the data. In province of Milan the total of cases 24,356 (+36). They follow Brescia 15.620 (+9), Bergamo 14.350 (+13), Cremona 6.610 (+2), Monza 5.769 (+3). Milan city it records 10,373 cases (+18 compared to yesterday, when the increase had been +4).

Here the tool that allows you to check the number of positive cases Municipality by Municipality, here the national bulletin. This is the map of contagion in Italy, here is the updated graph of cases in the world. Here is the Corriere della Sera special where infectious disease specialists and experts explain the pandemic.

Province by Province

Here the map of cases divided by Province.
Bergamo 14.350 (+13)
Brescia 15.620 (+9)
Like 4,093 (zero)
Cremona 6.610 (+2)
Lecco 2,830 (+2)
Lodi 3,569 (zero)
Monza and Brianza 5,769 (+3)
Milano 24.356 (+36)
Mantua 3,481 (+3)
Pavia 5.567 (zero)
Sondrio 1,584 (zero)
Varese 3,904 (+5)

June 29, 2020 | 17:33


Coronavirus: victims at least +6, new infections 126 – Health

There are 126 new ones infected with Coronavirus, down compared to Sunday when they had been 174. Of these 78 are in Lombardy, equal to 61.9%. The total number of cases thus rises to 240,436. The victims, on the other hand, mark a new low of 6, after 10 p.m. on Sunday, only one of which in Lombardy. Overall, deaths rise to 34,744, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Tampons are just 27,218 in the last 24 hours.

In Lombardy 1 deceased, 78 positive – With 7,991 swabs carried out, 78 new positives were registered in Lombardy (21 of which following serological tests and 28 ‘weakly positive’), the total therefore rises to 93,819. Yes, only one death occurred (for a total of 16,640), the lowest figure since 22 February. The number of ICU patients has remained stable (43); while that still falls in the other departments which are 321 (-2). In Milan there were 36 positives (18 in the city), 13 in Bergamo, 9 in Brescia and zero in Lodi, Pavia, Sondrio and Como.