Coronavirus: “We should not risk economic death for fear of virological death”

Short-time work chasing records, unemployment on the rise, economic performance in free fall: the corona virus is holding the German economy in a stranglehold. Across Europe, there are increasing voices that a new euro crisis could be imminent because heavily indebted countries like Italy and Spain are extremely affected by the effects of the pandemic. […]

Football: Djourou and Song counterattack: “it’s unacceptable” – News Sports: Football

As in all painful separations, time frees speech, challenges conventional wisdom and balances responsibilities. Dismissed on March 19 by FC Sion, like seven other teammates, for refusing partial unemployment, Johan Djourou and Alex Song spoke on Saturday evening in French media. Two testimonials that highlight the flash process chosen by the Valais club to reduce […]

28 sheep and goats dead after explosion XTC Lab Poortvliet | NOW

Since Friday evening, the fire brigade has been putting out a large fire in a detached barn in Poortvliet in Zeeland. After that fire raged for 24 hours, the fire brigade was able to enter the shed on Sunday. In the shed, the firefighters found not only 28 dead sheep and goats, but also the […]

889 Steirer tested positive, number continues to increase «

Facebook Twitter Whatsapp As if extinct: Grazer Herrengasse on Sunday afternoon © Ulrich Dunst The second week with noticeable cuts in the wake of the Corona crisis comes to an end today. The situation remains tense for Styrians, too early to withdraw the measures. We keep you again all day long today about what’s going […]

Plastic gloves warning from experts | NTV

Public Health Specialist “Plastic gloves create a false sense of trust in people, and when we go out with gloves, we become more fearless to touch everything,” said Yeşim Altıntepe. ” THE RISK OF CARRYING A MICROB FROM ANOTHER PLACE WITH THE SAME GLOVE IS HIGHER ” Emphasizing that they frequently observe the inappropriate and […]

For Hubertus Heil, life and health have priority

Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) warns against removing the restrictions too quickly in the corona crisis out of consideration for the economy and thereby risking the life or health of people. “We will evaluate whether the social interruptions will work in two to three weeks,” Heil said in an interview with the Handelsblatt. “If we […]

Michelle Hunziker: One million euros in donations for clinics

The Corona crisis has a firm grip on northern Italy – especially the city of Bergamo, where countless people have already died. Moderator Michelle Hunziker (43), who lives there with her family, is also directly affected. In the meantime, she has collected a lot of money to support the local clinic. “Together with my husband […]

The “ballesterer” fights for survival – Wiener Zeitung

The “ballesterer” fights for survival Wiener Zeitung Football magazine “Ballesterer” worries about existence Austrian football magazine “ballesterer” in need of exist Tyrolean daily newspaper online See “Learn More” on Google News

Michael Schumacher: Sad day! Fans mourn Schumis …

It’s a bad day for fans of Michael sSchumacher. For years they have been worried about their great racing hero, who is still shielded from the public by his family after the bad skiing accident in December 2013. On March 21st the followers of Michael sSchumacher but with her thoughts on another Formula 1 legend. […]