COVID-19 claims two new victims at the Cité-Jardin residence in Gatineau | COVID-19 | News | The right

“Controlled” hatching

The current outbreak at the Cité-Jardin residence in Gatineau is one of around thirty active outbreaks in the Outaouais region, regional public health authorities said.

“It’s an outbreak that’s pretty big. In return, we managed to contain it in the care unit of the residence. We have medical and nursing teams, including home support, who are on site daily, evening, night, 7 days a week, and who work in collaboration with the owners of the residence ”, indicated the director of support to the home. autonomy of seniors at the Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Center, Benoît Major.

“We must nevertheless highlight that there are 14 residents who are considered cured in the portrait. This is a positive sign in the way the outbreak is being controlled, ”added Major, noting that“ the learnings of the first wave are paying off ”.

“I still think our reaction times are pretty quick. We are able to put our measures in place fairly quickly. To date, despite the fact that there are outbreaks, we have successfully contained them. ”

The cause of the outbreak unknown

The Outaouais Public Health Department is unable for the moment to identify the origin of the outbreak inside the “largest residential complex for retirees in Canada,” said Dr. Pinard.

“Currently, the situation seems to be fairly under control, but monitoring is very intensive to ensure that the situation remains under control. In terms of the cause, I am not in a position to provide any elements, but we continue to monitor the situation closely and if it is possible to identify the elements involved, we will do so, ”said Dr. Pinard.

On the Chartwell side, we ensure by email that all the health measures imposed by the authorities are respected by the administration of the Cité-Jardin residence.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have applied to the letter all the measures required by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, in addition to our strengthened infection prevention and control protocols. These measures have changed according to the evolution of the pandemic and according to the level of alert in the region, and include among other things systematic screening at the entrance and the addition of a security guard at each main door present. of an outbreak in the residence, ”said the company, through a written statement attributed to its vice-president of operations and sales, Marie-France Lemay.

the Reds win despite the galleys, Fabinho as a savior

Monica Geuze angry after leakage of photos of daughter | NOW

Monica Geuze reacted angrily after she received a private message via Instagram stating that photos of her daughter Zara-Lizzy have been leaked. That says the vlogger on Wednesday in a now deleted Instagram Story.

The 25-year-old vlogger shares a message on Instagram that she received from a person. The message states that someone must have probably had access to the private account on which Geuze has photos of her daughter.

Geuze says that she has already received 75 messages about leaked photos. The photos would also circulate in WhatsApp groups.

“I have an account of Zara-Lizzy for friends and family where they can see photos of her. Furthermore, I always shield her from social media to protect her,” said Geuze.

The vlogger reacts angrily to the message. “I think this is so bad.” Someone following the private Instagram page may have taken screenshots of the photos. “It is really disgusting that someone in that small group who ‘is’ allowed to follow her takes screenshots and has distributed them,” says Geuze.

It is not clear who exactly distributed the photos.


iPhone 12 Pro: the golden model would be more resistant than the others

The Gold model of the iPhone 12 Pro has a special treatment that makes it more resistant.

When presenting its new smartphones, Apple highlighted how the 2020 iPhone batch is more resistant than the previous one, thanks to the Ceramic Shield technology integrated into the screen. But the impact resistance of a smartphone is not limited to its screen. It must also be able to withstand blows on the sides and back. Speaking of which, the Gold model might stand out from other colorways because of the way it is sprayed.

According to journalist Matthew Panzarino from TechCrunch, Apple would indeed proceed differently with the golden color. He explains thus “ Most finishes on the iPhone 12 Pro still use a physical vapor deposition process for the edge coating. But the new iPhone Gold (which I don’t have in person, but looks great) uses a special High Power Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) process that […] allows it to be tough and super shiny with a molecular structure that mimics stainless steel – making it more durable than “standard” PVD. A side effect is that it is easier to clean and displays fewer fingerprints. »

Unlike other smartphones with shiny stainless steel borders that are very sensitive to fingerprints and scratches, the iPhone 12 has an anodized aluminum frame. A more granular material and less sensitive to this type of inconvenience. However, this type of aluminum is “softer” and therefore more fragile with deeper marks in the event of an impact.

If you are afraid of damaging your iPhone 12 Pro, it might be better to opt for the Gold formula, which is more resistant. And if you don’t like the color, you can still put a cover on your smartphone, but at least you’ll be sure it’s more durable.

Le Matin – Allianz named No. 1 insurance brand in the world

For the second year in a row, Allianz has been recognized as the No. 1 insurance brand in the world according to Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Ranking.

The new recognition of Allianz, which comes in a context of uncertainty for markets and industries trying to overcome current challenges, highlights the company’s ability to be a resilient company that knows how to adapt to economic conditions difficult.

“Our focus on resilience, integrity and customer focus has paid off. Allianz has once again been recognized as the # 1 insurance brand globally, which is great news and confirms that we are on the right track, ”said Oliver Bäte, CEO of Allianz SE.

For his part, Christian Deuringer, Head of Brand & Partnerships of Allianz SE, expressed the pride of the group following this consecration, but also to have earned its place among the list of the 40 best global brands. “In just ten years, Allianz has gone from 67th place on the list, with a value of 4.9 billion dollars in 2010, to 39th place with a value of almost 13 billion dollars in 2020. While half of the Top 100 brands did not progress this year, the Allianz brand valuation increased by 7% despite the crisis, bringing it to 12.935 billion dollars, ”he said. And to add that the company has set itself the objective “to climb among the 25 best global brands by 2025”.

Referring to the management of Allianz’s activity during the health crisis, Serge Raffard, Group Strategy, Marketing, Distribution Officer of Allianz SE, explained that the main thing is to keep the promises made to customers. “During the Covid-19 period, we have worked very hard to deliver on our promise and beyond, taking on an even greater role in the lives of our customers, employees and communities, helping to ensure the ‘future and supporting our customers in sometimes difficult situations,’ he said. He adds, “our customer focus and our resilience allow us to compare ourselves to brands in all sectors. The diversity of what we offer, for example, with health services like Doctor on Call or Chat with Allianz Partners, had an immense impact during the pandemic and made the difference ”. He also announces the group’s next ambitious project, which starts on January 1, 2021 and which concerns Olympic partnership at world level.

Note that the ranking of the best brands published by Interbrand aims to identify the 100 most valued brands in the world. The Interbrand branding method was the first to receive ISO 10668 certification. To be eligible, brands must be publicly traded and have a global presence.


Farmers’ protests. Police intervention against the leader of Agrounia

  • Farmers want the rulers to give up further work on the law on animal protection. The amendment prohibits, inter alia, breeding animals for fur and introduces restrictions on ritual slaughter
  • During previous protests, farmers such as they dumped manure on roads in many places in Poland. – Slurry will flood state offices if nothing changes – said Michał Kołodziejczak, one of the leaders of the protest, in an interview with Onet
  • – We demand a meeting with the prime minister, we will protest until the end – said the president of Agrounia in Koszuty, Wielkopolska
  • Roads were blocked, including in the voivodships: wielkopolskie, mazowieckie, lubelskie, świętokrzyskie and warmińsko-mazurskie
  • You can find more such stories on the homepage

– The policemen abused their abilities. They cramped me in such a way that I can still feel my hands. They stretched them so that it hurt as much as possible. But the most important thing is not what the police do, the most important thing is what the farmers do – said Kołodziejczak in an interview with TVN24 after the police intervened

The reason for the police action was the presence of farmers on the national road No. 11 in Koszuty. The protesters started to burn the tires.

Farmers’ protest. Agrounia’s chief: we will protest until the end

– We demand a meeting with the prime minister, we will protest until the end – said Agrounia president in Koszuty Michał Kołodziejczak. The road was blocked, among others straw bales. Farmers have announced that they will not leave the blockade until their demands are met.

– We are in Koszuty, this is a legendary place where strikes took place in the 1990s. This is where the police beat the farmers and beat us here. Here, they did not want the farmers to speak up. But today we won’t let it go. We have clear conditions, we demand a meeting with the prime minister as soon as possible. He is responsible for what is happening in the country – said President of Agrounia Michał Kołodziejczak during the protest on Wednesday.

As he added, the protesters want a clear declaration: “high five for animals will be rejected, will not be processed further. “

– We will only develop our postulates, we will only show them. But there must be dialogue. As I say it very often – we are able to support very difficult government decisions, but they must be consulted with us, they must be our joint decisions. There are farmers here who are very determined and we will not get out of this way today until the right decisions are made. We are very peaceful – he said.

Farmers’ protests. Police position

The protests in Koszuty are accompanied by the police on the spot. Maciej Święcichowski from the Police in Greater Poland explained that the situation is dynamic, but no major incidents have occurred.

– The protest in Koszuty is still ongoing; we secure and make sure that there is a relative order there. At one point, however, there was a situation where the fire brigade, driving on a signal, wanted to cross the road, and there was a person (president of Agrounia – ed.) Who prevented the guard from passing through. Therefore, handcuffs were used, we went with you to the police car, you were identified and released after the identification – said Święcichowski.

Similar protests were held on Wednesday in over 100 locations in Poland.

Farmers’ protests. Blocked roads

Today, difficulties arose on several national roads in the province. Lublin. Protesters blocked roads or began to slow down traffic by moving slowly through the tractor columns.

According to the police and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, the columns of tractors were traveling at low speed, among others national roads: No. 12 between Chełm and Stołpie, No. 48 in the area of ​​Moszczanka, No. 63 in the vicinity of Stok (between Łuków and Radzyń Podlaski), No. 74 in Annopol (between the bridge over the Vistula and the center of Annopol).

The column of tractors also appeared on the road near Żukowo in the province Pomeranian.

Protests were also organized on the roads of the province. Masovian. Therefore, traffic difficulties occurred, among others on DK12 in the area radomski and DK2 in the vicinity of Siedlce.

Traffic problems also occurred on the national road 9 on the Opatów – Sandomierz section, where a column of about 25 agricultural machines is moving.

In the province In Warmia and Mazury, farmers blocked road 16 near Ostróda, road 53 near Szczytno and road 51 near Bartoszyce.

On the national road 16 near Ostróda, farmers were driving tractors from Samborów towards Iława. There they turned back in the parking lot near Iława and were to head back towards Samborów.

In Iława, a protest was organized on Ostródzka Street. The protesters were walking along the pedestrian crossing, temporarily stopping the traffic of cars. In Giżycko, on the national road 59 to Mrągowo, farmers slow down the traffic, driving their agricultural equipment towards Wilkasy and Ryn. According to the police, there are about 50 tractors in motion. In the vicinity of Wilkasy, they are to turn back and go to Giżycko.

In Gorzów Wielkopolski, columns of approx. 20-30 farm tractors slowed down the traffic on Szczecińska, Kasprzaka and Kostrzyńska streets from early morning, which are used by e.g. to the nodes of the S3 expressway. There were traffic jams in these places. Around 9 farmers completed their action.

Road blocks. List

The Agrounii profile also includes a list of counties and roads where difficulties may arise in connection with the protests.


  • Żywiec district
  • Kłobuck district (Częstochowa) Waleńczów DK43

Greater Poland:

  • District: Gniezno Trzemeszno DK 15
  • Września district Targowisko Września DK 92 and 15
  • Poznań district of Murowana Goślina DW 196
  • Pleszew poviat Pleszew DK 11 and 12 / Grab- Gizałki DW 443
  • Rawicz County Municipal Hill DK 36
  • Piła poviat Ujście DK 11
  • Gniezno poviat DK15 Gniezno-Trzemeszno Gniezno-Wagrowie
  • Kępiński district DK11 Kliny
  • Poznań district Cerekwica DW 184
  • Poznań and Oborniki poviats Chludowo DK 11
  • Poznań district, Buk DW 307
  • Kolski district
  • Krotoszyn district Koźmin WLKP DK 15
  • Gniezno poviat Gniezno DK15 direction Toruń
  • Kościański poviat of Jerka DW 432
  • Nowy Tomyśl district Zbąszyn DW302
  • Oborniki district in Guestjewo, DK11
  • Słupsk poviat
  • Śrem district, Śrem DW434
  • Szamotuły district
  • Średzki district Nowe Miasto DK11
  • Gostyński poviat Krajewice DW 434

Lublin region:

  • Bilgorajski district
  • Lubartowski poviat Road No. 19
  • Radzyń County
  • Radzyń County
  • Kraśnik poviat DK- 74 Annopol
  • Lubartowski will welcome him
  • Chełm city blocks


  • Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • Zielona Góra Sulechów, Adjor DK 32 station
  • Novgorod
  • Kłoczew Ryki crossing
  • Radzyń County, Stok DK 63


  • Zambrów district Zambrów
  • Kolno district of Kolno DK 63
  • Siematycze Podlaskie DK 19 will be welcomed in Siemiatycze
  • Łomża poviat
  • Wysokie Mazowieckie poviat
  • Sejny district DK8
  • Kolno DK63


  • Poddębicki district of Uniejów DK 72 with DW 473
  • Rawa County (Rawa Mazowiecka)
  • Łęczyca poviat, Piątek Rondo commune in Stryków KD14
  • Skierniewice County
  • Radomsko County, Łódź Przedbórz DK 42


  • Maków district
  • Łosice district of Mława, DK 19
  • Łosicki County
  • Połoński district
  • Płońsk district
  • Mławski Poviat Stupsk Konopki Commune DK7 and DW 615
  • Mławski district Lipowiec DW563 Mława E77
  • Mławski poviat
  • Grójec district
  • Garwoliński district Gawrolin
  • Ciechanów County
  • Płocki poviat
  • Płocki and Sierpcki poviats Drobinie DK 10 and 60
  • Sokołowski district
  • Radom poviat Iłża commune – Radom DK9
  • Płońsk district
  • Pułtusk district

Warmia and Masuria:

  • Nowomiejski poviat Lubawa – New Town DK15
  • Węgorzewski district Giżycko DK 59
  • Ostróda poviat DK 16
  • Elbląg district Elbląg Malbork DK 22
  • Bartoszyce district Plesy DK57-DK51
  • Olsztyn poviat / Ostródzki DK 16
  • Działdowo Iława district DK 16
  • Piski district Pisz Block DK 58 and DK 63
  • Lidzbark district


  • Busko district
  • Staszów district
  • Kielce poviat
  • Lipski district


  • Czarlin district of Tczew, DK 91
  • Bytowski district
  • Człuchowski and Chojnicki will welcome
  • Starogard Gdański poviat DW222 and DK22 Starogard Gd Pomorskie
  • Kartuzy district Puck DW 216


  • County: Strzyżowski (Czudec)
  • Jasło district
  • Dębicki County
  • Kolbuszowa poviat
  • Mielec County
  • Strzyżowski district
  • Rzeszów County 97
  • national road 7
  • Krosno DK19 Piastowe-Rzeszów

Kuyavian Pomeranian:

  • Włocławek poviat
  • Nakło district DK 10 Nakle nad Notecią
  • Naklo district DK5 Huzar petrol station
  • Mogilno poviat DK15 Trzemeszno
  • Grudziadz district
  • Wąbrzeski poviat DK15 Lipnica
  • Inowrocław district DK15 Gniewkowo
  • Aleksandrów district Road DK 91
  • Bydgoszcz district DK 10 Makowiska
  • Włocławek district DW 270 Izbica
  • Toruń poviat DK 10 Toruń-Warsaw
  • Sępólno poviat
  • Bydgoszcz district DK 25 Makowarsko
  • Włocławski County
  • Aleksandrów County

Lower Silesia:

  • Wrocław district DK 8 Kobierzyc

Opole Province:

  • Olesno district of Olesno DK 11
  • Kluczbork poviat / Opole DK 45 Kluczbork – opole.
  • Brest district

West Pomeranian:

Lesser Poland:

  • Bielski district DK 52 Bulowice Oświęcim
  • Bochnia district DK 94 Brzesko – Bochnia

Farmers’ protests. “We will protect the Polish countryside”

“Poland will stand”, “We will defend the Polish countryside” – this is how the next farmers’ protests were announced in social media. They are opposed to the amendment to the Animal Protection Act.

During the night, farmers continued their action against PiS politicians. Banners and manure were to appear in front of the house of the new Minister of Agriculture, Grzegorz Puda.

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More than 100 People Infected with COVID-19 from the Wedding Reception Cluster


More than 100 people are reported to be infected COVID-19 while attending a wedding reception. A total of 300 people attended the reception.

“About 300 people attended the October 3 wedding of a soap opera actor and the daughter of a businessman,” said Baja California state health secretary Alonso Oscar Pérez Rico on Monday.

According to him, this wedding reception did not comply with the COVID-19 health protocol. The guests were said to be not wearing masks and there was no temperature check at the reception.

In addition, this COVID-19 wedding reception did not receive permission from the local authorities. Now, local authorities are investigating whether anyone attended the reception when confirmed positive for COVID-19 and intentionally transmitted the virus.

If so, this is considered a crime and needs to be followed up.

“Photos published in local media show wedding guests dancing together without masks,” said local authorities.

The region has recorded nearly half of the 21,800 coronavirus cases in the state of Baja California. Nationally, Mexico has recorded nearly 1 million confirmed cases and around 86,300 deaths.

Officials are worried more COVID-19 infection which was triggered by celebration because it involved the crowd. Some local authorities said they would prevent or limit gatherings that involved large crowds.

Watch Video “What to Do If You Cannot Smell Like Corona Symptoms
[Gambas:Video 20detik]


Estrie remains orange zone despite the increase in cases | Estrie and regions | News | The gallery

At the moment, there are 37 active outbreaks in Estrie. Most are in settings where Public Health can intervene effectively.

“Take the example of an agri-food company in Haute-Yamaska ​​where there were 50 cases. Today there are no more new cases. It is a fine example of a place where we have acted effectively, ”said Dr. Poirier.

The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic is now 2,354 people. However, 1,978 people have recovered and 34 people have died from complications from coronaviruses. There are therefore 342 active cases in the greater health region of Estrie.

To standardize the data, the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec calculates every day the number of active cases in each of the RCMs by calculating them on a population of 100,000 inhabitants.

Thus, the MRC du Granit currently has a very high rate of 412 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants, one of the highest rates in the province. Then follows the RLS of Asbestos (MRC du Granit) with 224 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Subsequently, we find the RLS of Haute-Yamaska ​​(102 active cases / 100,000 inhabitants), Val-Saint-François (50 cases / 100,000 inhabitants), Haut-Saint-François (44 cases / 100,000 inhabitants). inhabitants), Sherbrooke (34 cases / 100,000 inhabitants), then Pommeraie (30 cases / 100,000 inhabitants) and finally Memphrémagog (19 cases / 100,000 inhabitants).

In the report drawn up on Monday by the Public Health of Estrie, it is in the RLS of Haute-Yamaska ​​that we find the largest increase in the last 24 hours. 20 residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

This increase is explained in particular by the massive screening which took place at the private residence for the elderly (RPA) Residence du Mont, in Granby, which jumped to 16 positive cases on Monday. So far, 27 residents and five employees have tested positive for COVID-19. This RPA is now on the “Critical RPA” list with over 35% of its residents affected.

In addition, seven of the new cases come from Sherbrooke, five from the MRC des Sources and five others from Haut-Saint-François.

Hard hit by the second wave of the pandemic, the MRC du Granit sees its number of new cases remain rather low for the second day in a row with four new cases this Monday and five Sunday. However, as of Saturday, the region had jumped to 24 new cases.

A vast offensive has also been launched in the MRC to counter this second wave of the pandemic.

Eight people with COVID-19 are currently hospitalized in Sherbrooke hospitals, but none are in intensive care.

Rogan is now even threatened with imprisonment

Ex-swimming star Markus Rogan created a scandal of insane proportions.

Despite the positive corona decision, the father of two small children and now the ex-mental coach of the Israeli soccer team under national coach Willi Ruttensteiner is said to have secretly and deliberately sneaked out of the quarantine in the hotel to come up with a false, three-day-old (still negative) result to check into a plane to Germany at Ben Gurion Airport.

Presumably in Frankfurt, where he must have been walking around the airport in a highly contagious manner, the ex-silver medalist and psychologist boarded a plane to Los Angeles, where he must have lied about his state of health when he booked and entered the USA. From the Swiss newspaper Blick, Rogan got the headline “This sports Ösi is the biggest Corona idiot”. The paper is by no means understating:

Because the possible super-spreader is facing multiple hardships from several countries and airlines, whereby the deliberate endangerment of people from communicable diseases would result in up to three years imprisonment, at least in Austria. And fellow travelers, especially Americans, could cover him with lawsuits for millions.

Rogan: “Didn’t want to stay in Israel for two weeks”

Rogan’s insane statement: “I didn’t want to stay in Israel for two weeks, this is not my country.” He didn’t understand that he should stay in the country, he wanted to be in the USA. He wore a mask on the flights.

Who motivates better than Nickel and Dump? Stendzenieks humorously explains why to use a face mask – Celebrities – – Entertainment

As Stendzenieks revealed on social networks, he was initially skeptical of face masks, but now he does not dare not to wear them.

“While I was sitting in Kolkata, I was really tempted to make fun of the masks.

If I’ve been to Riga three times this week, I won’t wear a local mask TOPin and someone who gets sick in Kolka will just be torn apart by local authorities.

Wear the mask not for scientific reasons, but to avoid being brutally beaten by local fishermen with a fist of 5000 kg. Realistically – bigger than my head.

What ??? Because of you tag, I can’t go in the sea for 14 days“Sometimes locals are better motivators than Vickel and Dump,” Stendzenieks wrote.

Even before that, he joked about the inhabitants of Kolka and the use of masks: “In Kolka, people wear 30-50 masks on top of each other, because such an approach absorbs well the blow of the culture house.”