House races: Night, Fagan win in city – Rutland Herald

Alderman William Notte is going to Montpelier.Notte, a Democrat, outpaced Republican Beth Fleck, 785 to 532, on Tuesday to become the newest member of the Rutland City House delegation. "I am absolutely thrilled," Notte said. "I never assumed I was going to win this election. I've been working hard since the start, and it feels wonderful to have the approval from my neighbors in Ward 4 to go and represent them in Montpelier."
Republican incumbent Doug Gage chose not to run again.Fleck, 29, the owner of Ruff Life Café, ran on streamlining the permitting process and cutting spending. It was her first time running for public office. She could not be immediately reached for comment Tuesday night. "I think Beth ran a good campaign, but Beth was also a first-time candidate," Notte said. "People know me, they know what I stand for, they know how hard I've worked for Rutland locally."
        Night, 47, you have served 11 years on the Rutland City Board of Aldermen. During his campaign, I discussed permitting reform, increasing investment in infrastructure transportation and getting government state to pay more attention to parts of Vermont that are not Chittenden County. In Rutland District 5-1, Rep. Peter Fagan, R-Rutland City, won a sixth and – he says – final term. Fagan, 61, retired military officer, fended off a challenge by 40-year-old teacher Heather Juliussen-Stevenson, 1,137 to 652. Juliussen-Stevenson ran on a racial justice platform, calling it the overriding issue in the region. Fagan said he plans to focus on Act 250 reform and the opiate crisis. Representatives of Rutland's other two House, Republican Larry Cupoli and Democrat Mary Howard ran unopposed.

America issues the first verdict on Trump

The rain on Tuesday breathed to the voters of New York. Robert Ferrara, who came out with an umbrella at the voting center at the Charles Vallone school in the Astoria district, was convinced that the midterm elections would be a trial in the presidency of Donald Trump. "This year is special because I think many people want a Congress that the president controls," he said. For this 30-year-old, in the elections were in play "the moral of the country" and "what the US is like a nation."

The Americans chose their representatives in the legislative chambers, governors and other public offices. The polls, at the end of this edition, augur a divided legislator, with a democratic victory in the lower house and a republican in the Senate.

Democrats expected a blue wave across the country to stop the Trump agenda thanks to the push of voting women – since 60% prefer their candidates, according to polls. Women like Isabel, a teacher who voted at Astoria's election desk to show their anger with the American president and the current political situation. "It's very sad what's happening. Trump is shameful, I did not even hear. I think it's not a good example for our children and young people," he said with visible dislike. Isabel also censors the education and immigration policies of the Republicans.

Trump hyperactivity

Trump became very active in the campaign and, although he did not appear in any role, he became the messenger of the Republican candidates and decided to regain the electoral strategy that led him to the White House. Thus, in his meetings he frightened immigrants once again because he believes that it is the best way to mobilize their voters.

Tuesday's participation was higher than in 2014 and was even expected to be the highest since the late 60's. "Many of my friends usually do not vote because they believe it is not necessary, since Democrats tend to win in New York," he said. Ferrara explained. But some did this year to send a message to Trump. "In addition, the candidate to represent his district in the House of Representatives encouraged young people. A part of Astoria, known because it houses the largest Greek community outside of Greece, is within its limits.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was the surprise in the primary democrats. This waiter born in the Bronx from the Puerto Rican parents and volunteers in the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, won the veteran politician and Democratic leader Joseph Crowley. He immediately became a political star. It represents the progressive wing of the party and, in fact, like Sanders, is called Social Democrat.

"For many socialism is a bad thing. But there are more and more people who do not see it as well," said Ferrara, who is in favor of a strong government that helps all citizens. "I like Ocasio-Cortez because I think it represents the best diversity of our neighborhood and what we think," he explained.

George Alexiou, who went to vote with his wife, believes that there are "too many followers of politics." "I voted for the Republican candidate: I do not agree with Ocasio-Cortez, I think he is a Communist," he said. This Greek immigrant, who lived more than 40 years in the United States, voted for Trump. "I do not totally agree with what the president does, I do not like some of his tweets, but I'm happy with his policies."

His wife admits that Hillary Clinton was voting in the 2016 presidential election. "The problem is that there are no moderate politicians," he lamented. "And the politicians of both sides do not know how to speak," added her husband.

Two Americas

Andrew Hamelin believes that the results of yesterday will again show two Americas: one of urban and diverse and one of country and white. "On the west coast and on the east coast people are more progressive and diverse. We are not afraid of demographic changes because we see that diversity is positive," said Hamelin to explain why some states are more conservative than others. This young man, who works in a real estate company, explained that the presidency of Trump has led many people to see that they have to get involved in politics and vote for "maintaining American values ​​and rights." Regardless of the results, the United States will continue to be divided and its parties will begin to rethink against the presidential elections of 2020.

Follow the fight of Luis Suárez to move away the house of Europe

Under the incessant rain last night in San Siro, a stadium that hangs the skin when Inter Milan plays to be called Giuseppe Meazza, Luís Suárez followed with another humane dust in Europe far from the Camp Nou. The Uruguayan is the current UEFA Champions League with nine goals, but in Europe, their work is often not rewarded with goals. His final European goal at home was on September 16, 2015, more than three years ago, at the Olympic Games in Rome. Count of parties also in Barcelona, ​​the Uruguayan only raised their weapons to celebrate a goal twice in the last 18 Champions League games, the latter, also against the Roma, at the Camp Nou on April 4 this year.

Yesterday, with his shirt trapped in the body, both in the rain and in the sweat, Suarez was made to run, work, press, offer, invent occasions and leave until the last sigh on the grass to finish with his hands resting on his knees and the baf leaving him in his mouth . An image that reflected the work of an untiring attacker who, at age 31, naturally acknowledges that the club thinks about being relieved, but still responds to criticisms, often with goals and always with work. A fighter, though sometimes wrong. A soccer player who triumphed in this sport for a love story: when he was just a teenager, he promised that he is now the mother of his children, Sofia Balbi, who would succeed in being able to play in Europe and meet her, who had left Uruguay to go to Barcelona for family reasons.

For a soccer player like Suárez, each game is a fight. Yesterday, against the Inter, the game started with the same voracity that the last games have been playing since Messi's friend was injured against Sevilla. In the first 20 minutes, the Uruguayan finished three times and offered a great game back to help lower the ball and watch his teammates yesterday on the offensive trident chosen by Ernesto Valverde: a volunteer and more coral Dembélé that on other occasions and a coutinho more liberated than against Rayo Vallecano and with desire to be decisive. With good assistants on each side of the attack and with Busquets, Rakitic and Arthur rotating the machine room without losing almost any ball, only the lack of success in the final avoided that Barça finished the first part commanding the scoreboard. In the first 45 minutes, after a great first part of Barça, Suárez was the most productive striker with a total of six finishes, one of which among the three clubs. The meeting ended with a total of nine finishes.

In the second half, Inter took a step forward and played Barca with a duel that finished 1-1. Suarez could not beat his fight yesterday: his goal in Europe, far from the Camp Nou, should continue waiting.

China reveals drone of accelerated combat in development

ZHUHAI, China: A Chinese state-owned company claims that it is developing an accelerated airliner on the country's latest aerospace growth signal.

The unmanned aerial vehicle CH-7 also underlines the increasing competitiveness of China in the global market in expansion of the drones.

The chief designer of the drone Shi Wen says he can "fly long hours, look for and attack the target when necessary".

An airplane model is being exhibited in the Zhuhai air show in southern China, a biannual event that shows the latest advances in China in military and civil aviation.

With a span of 22 meters (72 feet) and a length of 10 meters (33 feet), the sweep CH-7 is the size of a fighter plane and its only engine can propel it at a commercial jets jet speed.

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Boeing launches Farnborough Airshow with £ 3.6bn DHL 777 second

W Although high fuel prices make new aircraft attractive, they damage customers and delay some decisions.

"We are not blind: there are things to keep an eye on," said the head of the great CFM engine maker on Saturday.

Farnborough will also be an opportunity for aerospace companies to plan the next steps in civil defense and defense for the next decades.

The show, which runs from Sunday to Sunday, does not only deal with job titles, it also involves sending signals to investors, guessing competitors and attracting potential buyers.

Boeing wants to keep the interest of a new mid-range aircraft and decide until next year the launch of the new 220-270 seats.

Although it is more advanced in previous development programs than in the same phase, you must convince airlines that you can be ready in 2025, the deadline for many fleet revisions.

Airbus could launch its new and potential A321XLR, which aims to stop the transatlantic performance of its powerful single-seater and reach of the largest Americans.

The plane, with an improved take-off weight of 100 tons and a range of 4,500 nautical miles, has already had a commercial launch without notice to intercept the new plane planned from Boeing since 2021, said from the industry.

The last one: Crazy in Love? Beyonce answers O & # Rourke

WASHINGTON: The last elections of the United States Senate (all local hours):

6:30 p.m.

Beyonce endorsed the promising Texas Democratic Senator, Beto O & Rourke, on the dominant Republican Ted Cruz in the last hours before the next home state surveys.

The Dutch Dutch launched a series of Instagram messages with a black and white "Beto" rug that partially covered the face on Tuesday afternoon.

O & Rourke himself resumed one of the images under the title "Thank you, Beyonce."

A congressman from El Paso, Rourke is trying to become the first democrat to win the state office in Texas since 1994. He has drawn the admiration of many celebrities, including Texas country music Willie Nelson.

Cruz dismissed the third-party campaign as too liberal for Texas since O & Rourke supported universal healthcare and prevented President Donald Trump.


2 p.m.

Republicans have the objective of maintaining control of the Senate in the vote on Tuesday.

Democratic long-distance prospects for capturing a majority of the Senate are supported by the hope that their supporters will go up to the polls. Democrats and some independent ones were motivated by the rhetoric and anti-immigration policies of Trump and their efforts to dismantle the health care protections promulgated under President Barack Obama.

Democrats have the story on their side: 2002 was the only mid-term election in the last three decades when the party that occupied the White House won the Senate seats.

The Republicans have a narrow 51-49 majority. Democrats need to win two seats from the Senate to win the majority. But they and their two independent allies defend 26 of the 35 seats in play. These 26 seats include 10 in states that Trump won in 2016.

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Hezbollah refused to negotiate “on behalf of all.”

Hezbollah's secretary general, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, will have to speak next Saturday, as political figures say that Nasrallah will solve the "node" of the March 8 deputies in supporting his support. However, high-level sources in the March 8 forces completely deny it, noting that Hezbollah continues to support its allies and that if there are no new negotiations on Saturday, the position of the party's general secretary will be clear to confirm the position of the party behind the Sunni parliamentarians and the support in their battle. Where they have every right to have a representative in government ».
The sources of March 8 add up, refusing to negotiate "in the name of anyone," but "satisfied with the wishes of their allies." The sources maintain that Hezbollah's relationship with the president of the Republic is constant and is not affected by any problem or dispute, nor by government balances.
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DECISION 2018: Gillum Grants Governor Race; Senate too close to call

For the results of the complete 2018 elections, click here. After months of campaign, millions of political announcements and thousands of miles traveled among the candidates, Election Day came with decisive competitions since the balance of power in the United States government rests partly in Florida. voters are choosing a US senator, a new governor and several new members of the Congress, as well as deciding whether to approve 12 proposed changes to the state constitution. Until Tuesday night, both the governor and the Senate races were very close to calling. KEY RACESFlorid governmental candidate Andrew Gillum granted in the Senate elections: all eyes are in Florida when a seat of the United States Senate is heavily disputed between Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican candidate Rick Scott, the outgoing ruler. Nelson has held the post since 2001 and decisively won the re-election in 2006 and 2012. If Scott won, he joined US Senator Marco Rubio and Florida would have two Republican senators for the first time since 1875. Formula Governor: in the race to replace Scott, the Republicans named Ron DeSantis, a conservative politician associated with the Tea Party in Jacksonville who resigned from the US House. UU. To focus on the elections. President Donald Trump approved DeSantis. Democrats have named the mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew Gillum, who is running on a progressive platform and has obtained approvals from heavyweight politicians such as former President Barack Obama and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The last democrat to win the governorship of Florida was Lawton Chiles in 1994. 2018 Decision: Electoral Results Live SEE IN BROWARD in Broward County, the problems were reported in 7 venues in which the votes could not be sent electronically, by that officials were conducting results in jumping units for the thirsty election.RESULTSU.S. The House of Representatives in Florida, Democratic candidate Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, won the Florida 26th District Election. Democratic candidate Donna Shalala won the Florida 27th District Election. The Democratic Democracy of EE. UU. Ted Deutch was re-elected in the 22nd district of Florida. The Democratic US representative U., Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, was re-elected in the 23rd district of Florida. US Representative John Rutherford was re-elected in Florida's 4th district. Darren Soto received a second term in the 9th district of Florida. The Democratic US representative U., Stephanie Murphy, obtained a second term in the 7th district of Florida. American US Representative UU. Gus Bilirakis won the re-election in the 12th district of Florida. Rep. Democratic of EE. UU. Charlie Crist won the re-election in the 13th district of Florida. The representative of Al Lawson was re-elected in Florida's 5th district. US Representative Bill Posey won the re-election in Florida's 8th district. Republican American Rep. Daniel Webster won a fifth period in Flor Distrito de Ida 11. The Republican of EE. UU. Ted Yoho was re-elected in Florida's 3rd district. The representative of EE. UU. Brian Mast won the re-election in the 18th district of Florida. Republican Mario Diaz-Balart has won reelection in the United States. Republican 25. Republican Michael Waltz won the Florida 6th party elections. The republic of EE. U., Neal Dunn, was re-elected in Florida's 2nd district. Rep. From EE. UU. Francis Rooney won a second term in the 19th district of Florida. EE. UU. Republican Representative Greg Steube won the Florida 17th party elections. US Representative Vern Buchanan was re-elected in a seventh term in the Florida 16th district. The American republican defendant Matt Gaetz was re-elected in the Florida 1.Four district. The competent Democrats representing Florida in the US House. UU. They were reelected without opposition. The ratings oftomically in the Tuesday elections to the new terms of two years are representatives. Frederica Wilson of District 24 based in Miami; Val Demings of Orlando-District 10 Area; Lois Frankel from District 21 of Palm Beach County; and Kathy Castor, from District 14, in the Tampa area. CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGES: AMENDED 4 APPROVED: Florida voters approve the constitutional amendment that restores the voting rights for most criminals. AMENDMENT 13 APPROVED – Florida prohibits greyhound races until 2021, pointing to the possible end of the sport. in USAMENDA 3 APPROVED – Florida voters approve the measure of constitutional amendments that limit future casinos outside the Indian reserves. AMENDMENT 12 APPROVED – Florida prohibits public employees from taking paid lobbying work up to six years after they complete the service. OTHER KEY RACES. Distrito Florida 26. Representative Carlos Curbelo, a Cuban-American known for moderate positions such as immigration policy, will seek a second re-election against the opposition of Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, an Ecuador health lawyer who spent decades working for non-profit organizations and once served as associate dean of the International University of Florida. District 26, which includes parts of the south of Miami-Dade county and the north of Monroe County, tends to lean freely ideologically and in the last two presidential elections it flew decisively to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Distrito Florida 27-After the Cuban-American representation of the USA. UU. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen announced that she was not going to be re-elected to the seat she held since 1989, the 27th district was considered open for a similar battle between Republicans and Democrats. On the Republican side, Cuban-American journalist María Elvira Salazar won the August primary, while Donna Shalala, former Secretary of Health and Human Services of the Clinton Administration, former president of the University of Miami and former President of the Clinton Foundation, won the candidacy Democrat. Immigration lawyer, Mayra Joly, is acting as an independent candidate. As the election of the intermediate elections in Florida, BALLOTFlorida voters decide to approve or reject 12 constitutional amendments that cover a wide range of topics, from property taxes to victims' rights, a greyhound race to ban and even bet on the state. For a detailed explanation of the dozens of changes, review the Voters Guide for the constitutional modifications of NBC 6. Voters will also choose a new Florida Attorney General, Financial Director and Agriculture Commissioner. For more information, click here. Voters direct polls on election day Residents of Miami on Tuesday have the opportunity to remodel the political and literal landscape with three referendums on a special ballot. On politics, residents of Miami decide whether the city of Miami will become a "strong mayor-commission" form of local government. As related terrestrial proposals, voters essentially decide whether a Major League Soccer stadium will replace the Melreese Field Club. Voters will also be asked if the lease of land owned by the city on the Miami River will be approved. Most Miami voters are required for referendums to pass. HOW TO OBTAIN RESULTSNBC LIVE ELECTIONS News and NBC 6 will emit a combination of live coverage starting at 8:00 p.m. at night will launch continuous online coverage and through the NBC 6 application. The NBC 6 South Florida television channel will emit continuous continuous coverage. For more in-depth information about the 2018 general election, follow the 2018 NBC 6 Decision.

Copyright Associated Press / NBC 6 South Florida

Tuberculosis can be cured with shorter treatments


According to the study

Image for illustrative purposes.

EFE. Almost half of the nearly ten million patients with active tuberculosis (TB) diagnosed every year can be cured with shorter treatments than those currently recommended, according to a study published in "Nature Medicine." A new analysis by the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) suggests that the most accurate therapies could be more effective in treating tuberculosis (a bacterial infection), which kills 1.3 million people around the world per year. In the study – led by Marjorie Imperial, a graduate student in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the UCSF, he again analyzed the data obtained in three important trials that did not demonstrate the efficacy of four-month treatments to treat this infection that attacks the lungs. The UCSE emphasized that the reason for the failure of these previous trials is that all patients were treated in the same way, regardless of the new study, the research adds, when patients were retrospectively stratified in three categories of the disease status: minimum, moderate and severe, the treatment of four months with drugs was highly effective for the patient. % of patients with minimal illness. However, the four months were not effective for patients with moderate to severe TB. "Our study shows that a stratified medicine approach can be applied in a viable way to achieve a shorter treatment for many patients with TB," said Payam Nahid of the Faculty of Medicine of the aforementioned University of the United States. "A unique approach (treatment) leads to a low treatment for patients with a severe state of illness or excessive treatment for patients with less advanced disease because they receive medications that can cause damage," added Nahid. Tuberculosis has been treated with antibiotics Since the discovery of streptomycin in 1943, although the bacteria that cause the disease rapidly developed resistance to that antibiotic. In the seventies and eighties other rifampicin treatments were developed, but there was also resistance to that antibiotic, scientists recall. , which shows the danger of this situation given that tuberculosis currently kills more people in the world than the other infectious disease.

BVB receives a shock absorber in Madrid, Burgstaller makes the adventure of Schalke

Tuesday 06.11.2018
Clock 22:56

Atlético de Madrid – Borussia Dortmund 2: 0 (1: 0)

The leaders of the Bundesliga, Dortmund, had to accept a well-deserved defeat after a fierce 4-0 win at home in the second leg of Atletico Madrid. Despite the fact that BVB initially controlled the game, the local team scored after just over half an hour: Saúl Ñíguez fired from ten meters after a double pass with Filipe Luís, but Manuel Akanji hit the ball but could not clear (33 minutes ).

As a result, Madrid reached another good opportunity, but lost it for a long time, they scored more goals. Only in the 80 minute, Antoine Griezmann rewarded his team's efforts with the second goal. Due to the success that Athletic plays at the same table with Dortmund, but the BVB continues to be the leader thanks to the difference in goals much better.

Schalke 04 – Galatasaray 2: 0 (1: 0)

Schalke is still unbeaten in the Champions League: S04 prevailed in the sovereign Round 4 against Galatasaray. Schalke's first shot in the scores came directly to the goal: Guido Burgstaller was benefited from an action by the far away goalkeeper, Fernando Muslera, who had the ball passed by Amine Harit to the right of the penalty area, but let it pass again when he passed the penalty area slipped Burgstaller scored from an acute angle on the empty net (minute 4). It was the first goal for the Austrian in the main class.

Just as the guests at the beginning of the second half pressed for the tie, Mark Uth increased to 2: 0 (57.). The local win leaves Schalke behind the same winner of FC Porto with eight points in second place in Group D and has good chances to reach the stages of qualifying.

Guido Burgstaller (M.)

Inter Milan – FC Barcelona 1: 1 (0: 0)

FC Barcelona and Inter Milan drew in Group B in a draw. In the absence of the Lionel Messi supercar, FC Barcelona played offensive in the Giuseppe Meazza stadium and controlled the game most of the time. In the 83rd minute Malcolm scored the lead by the Spaniards, Inter could compensate for Mauro Icardi (87.).

Tottenham Hotspur – PSV Eindhoven 2: 1 (0: 1)

Tottenham Hotspur won by defeating PSV Eindhoven with a Harry Kane bracket. For a long time, it seemed that the Spurs would make their third defeat in four Champions League matches. The Dutch took the lead after a header from Luuk de Jong (2 minutes). Tottenham was the clear superior team and Eindhoven concentrated on the defense (16: 2 in the middle), but the hosts could not exploit their chances at the beginning. Only in minute 78 he scored Kane's draw, in 89 the second goal at 2: 1.

Tottenham is third on the table with four points, three points behind Inter Milan, who played against FC Barcelona. In the win, the Spurs have the opportunity to move on to the second round.

Lorenzo Insigne (l.)

SSC Naples – Paris St.-Germain 1: 1 (0: 1)

SSC Napoli pulled a draw against Paris St.-Germain and is on the same League table as Liverpool, who was playing in Belgrade. For a long time Naples defended disciplined in its own stadium. It took until the time of injury in the second half, until Kylian Mbappé hit the ball of Neymar in the penalty area and assumed Juan Bernat, who scored the lead of Paris (45 + 2).

The hosts arrived after the rest for two great opportunities on the part of Dries Mertens (50, 52). Gianluigi Buffon in the goal from Paris, however, could stop both the shot from the edge of the box and the lupine. Ten minutes later, Buffon entered José Callejon, converted to penal penalty by Lorenzo Insigne (62).

FC Porto – Lokomotiv Moscow 4: 1 (2: 0)

FC Porto won sovereign 4: 1 (2: 0) against Group D, Lokomotiv Moscow. The hosts advance in the second minute with a goal by Hector Herrera. Moussa Marega increased shortly before the whistle half an hour at 2: 0 (43.). Meanwhile, when Jefferson Farfan rushed (59), Jesus Corona used an error in the accumulation of Moscow to increase to 3-1 (67). Shortly before the end, it was with Otávio 4-1 (90. + 3).

In the first stage Oporto won 3-1 in Moscow and had been seven points as leaders in the game. With the win, the club can defend the first place and is with ten points two points ahead of Schalke.