Horizon Zero Dawn in the PC test: machine monsters for (halfway) monster machines

We don’t want to imagine standing in front of a hungry dinosaur one day while walking the dog. We would even less like to stand in front of the beasts we encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn: monsters made of steel and electronics – who for mysterious reasons roam a world that is actually more reminiscent of prehistoric times.


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We find out what this is all about together with the young woman Aloy. Horizon Zero Dawn has been available on Playstation 4 since the beginning of 2017 – in the test on Golem.de the program did very well at the time. Well that has Guerrilla Games published an implementation for Windows PC – presumably also to increase the target group of the successor Horizon Forbidden West announced for the Playstation 5 (still without an appointment).

For PCs there is only the so-called Complete Edition, which, in addition to the main game – campaign and open world, includes around 40 to 60 hours – also the story-based expansion The Frozen Wilds – another 15 to 20 hours. The PC version also contains some extras, including outfits for Aloy as well as bows and raw materials.

On the PC we can control Aloy with a mixture of the WASD keys and the mouse, which works fine from the first moment and is our preferred mode of operation. Alternatively, you can also play with a coupled gamepad – not only with the Dualshock 4 of the Playstation, but also with the controller of the Xbox or the one from Steam.

Compared to the roughly three-year-old PS4 version, the PC version looks much nicer in higher levels of detail. The textures are finer, the lighting, colors and reflections are more consistent – the difference is immediately visible. While the frame rate on the PS4 is 30 fps, we can also compete with high-performance PCs with up to 120 fps. The system requirements are high.

The graphics menu is medium-sized. The most important options are included, but tuners are likely to miss further access to texture resolutions and the like. In addition to well-made thumbnails, there is an integrated benchmark.

Like the recently released Death Stranding, the program is based on the Decima engine programmed by Guerrilla Games. But the implementations differ astonishingly: Unlike Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn optimizes the graphics neither with FidelityFX from AMD nor with Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 – a shame!

The program still has a few bugs – say the developers themselves. Anisotropic filtering doesn’t work that way yet. Some animations are played back at 30 fps, even if a higher frame rate is actually running.

Aloy fights with a bow and arrow, among other things. (Image: Sony / Screenshot: Golem.de)

In addition, there are always noticeable jerks, especially when updating the user interface, updating quests and simply walking through the landscapes. The stuttering is definitely noticeable in practice. The developers promise to work at full speed on all of the above.

The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn is only available as a download for 50 euros. The program offers good, but somewhat sterile German dubbing voices and selectable subtitles; alternative audio tracks in other languages ​​can be selected at the first start. There is no multiplayer mode or microtransactions. The USK has given the title a release from 12 years.

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Uber’s fall cushioned by meal deliveries

During the lockdown, many opted for home meal delivery. Uber’s second quarter financial results, released Thursday, show UberEats revenue more than doubled to $ 1.2 billion, as the core business of the leader in chauffeur-driven transport (VTC ) collapsed 67% to $ 790 million. In total, the net loss of the group (which laid off a quarter of its employees, or 27,000 people) amounted to 1.8 billion dollars. AFP Photo


Bernard Stiegler, technical philosopher with an atypical career, is dead

Tireless philosopher of technology, prolific writer, acerbic critic of “Disindividuation” produced by the cultural industry, Bernard Stiegler passed away on August 6, 2020, at the age of 68. As he writes in Taking action (Galileo, 2003), it is in a movement of ” flying fish “ that this singular thinker has become a philosopher. This image of the alternation of taking off and diving illuminates the wake of a life and a thought among the most original of contemporary philosophy.

Article reserved for our subscribers Read also Bernard Stiegler: “Return the confinement in freedom to make an experiment”

In 1978, in the midst of a “hangover” of May 68, the young man of 26 years – he was born on 1is April 1952, in Essonne – has already lived several lives. He abandoned high school to join the barricades, became a father, joined the French Communist Party for a time, became a farm worker and then a breeder, finally found himself the owner of a jazz bar in Toulouse, before that the austerity of the “Barre plan” does not close all lines of credit.

Cornered, he then became a robber of his own bank, before repeating the operation in three other branches. Arrested, he was sentenced to five years in prison. These years of incarceration, between 1978 and 1983, constituted his philosophical training. Thanks to the philosopher Gérard Granel, who frequented L’Ecume des jours, the bar run by Bernard Stiegler, the latter will be able to pass the equivalent of the baccalaureate and register at a distance at the university, not without having obtained, after three weeks hunger strike, the right to be alone in a cell to be able to study.

Primacy of technique

This situation will become the occasion for a founding philosophical experience. Forced into isolation, he comes to the conclusion that thought is not what hovers above the world, it is our environment, made up of traces, signs, writing, texts, and books. that is transmitted to him between bars.

The conviction that he forged then, namely that there is a primacy of technique in the constitution of the individual – from fire to information technology -, directs him as soon as he leaves prison towards Jacques Derrida, who has deconstructs the idea of ​​immediate “presence” in the world through his theory of writing. It was under his direction that Bernard Stiegler defended his thesis in philosophy in 1993. The three imposing volumes of Technique and Time (Galileo, 1994-2001) are the result of this research which constitutes his major work, and which designated him as one of the essential philosophers on the question of technique.

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Morocco removed from EU safe countries travel list | Abroad

The advisory list now includes ten more countries: Canada, Japan, Australia, Rwanda, Uruguay, Georgia, New Zealand, Thailand, Tunisia and South Korea. Chinese are only allowed to enter Europe if it also allows EU citizens. The entry ban will remain in effect for Americans, Russians, Indians, Brazilians and Turks, at least until they have more or less control of the corona virus for at least two weeks.

The EU list is a recommendation. Some Member States have stricter or looser policies. An exception applies to EU citizens and diplomats, among others.

The EU countries except Ireland and the Schengen countries Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein closed their borders in mid-March for unnecessary trips by travelers from outside the EU. Residents of a limited number of countries are welcome again since 1 July.

A 3D printer to manufacture Handicap international prostheses

In Lebanon, thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday in the streets of Beirut against the political class deemed responsible for the tragedy which left more than 150 dead, 6,000 injured, more than 300,000 homeless and missing. The government announces early parliamentary elections.

The demonstrators headed for the Place des Martyrs, the traditional epicenter of the demonstrations, with the slogan “Judgment Day”. Wooden guillotines were installed there and demonstrators waved ropes with a noose at the end.

The crowds chanted: “Vengeance, revenge, until the fall of the regime”. Some wore masks, others flags or portraits of victims of the blast, as security forces tried to prevent certain groups from advancing towards Parliament.

Protesters stormed the headquarters of the Banking Association in central Beirut, setting it on fire before being dislodged by the army. Other protesters took over the Department of Foreign Affairs and Commerce.

Security forces fired tear gas while some protesters threw stones at them. The explosion at the port on Tuesday, the circumstances of which are still not clear, was allegedly caused by a fire that affected a huge deposit of ammonium nitrate, a dangerous chemical.

Early parliamentary elections-

The disputed Prime Minister Hassan Diab has announced that he will propose early parliamentary elections. He believes that only “early elections can make it possible to get out of the structural crisis”.

“I call on all political parties to agree on the next step. Their leaders do not have much time, I am ready to continue to carry out my responsibilities for two months until they are set. okay, “he added, Mr. Diab said.

-Support videoconferencing-

The UN and France will organize a support videoconference in Lebanon on Sunday. For France, this meeting should mark the beginning of an “emergency and hope for the future” of the country.

France did not want to give the amount of aid that could be released on Sunday, but the UN has estimated the cost of health needs alone at 85 million dollars. “The immediate objective is to provide for the emergency needs of Lebanon, on conditions which allow aid to go directly to the population”, explained the Elysee, aiming “for the consolidation of damaged buildings, emergency medical services, food aid and catering for hospitals and schools “.

The representatives of the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Jordan, Egypt will participate. Israel is “not in the round table”. Iran has “not shown its willingness to participate”, while “the Gulf countries have been invited”.

-A disaster of too much-

Lebanon is in the midst of an economic wreck, having defaulted on its debt, and its leaders have been unable to agree on a bailout with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

For the Lebanese already suffering from an unprecedented economic crisis, Tuesday’s explosion was the catastrophe too many, relaunching a protest movement that had started in October to denounce the entire ruling class, deemed corrupt and incompetent, but s was out of breath due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Rapeseed back on stage – Sport.cz

@ facebook Štěpán Kacafírek

Červené Janovice confirmed the arrival on Friday, although Řepka is still listed as a member of Hostivař, and a confirmation of the change of club affiliation is still awaited, according to the FACR’s electronic system. But it will probably be just a formality.

“I am very happy to be able to officially confirm the transfer of the Spartan legend Tomáš Řepka to Červený Janovice,” Janovice coach Štěpán Kacafírek announced on Facebook today a novelty that can be written into the history of the club from the village.

Stormer Tomáš Řepka also experienced a flicker in prison. What threw him the most?

Řepka played in the Červenoojanov jersey already at the charity July small football tournament. Now fans there can look forward to the pieces of the forty-six-year-old former representative and player of famous clubs even in “forest” championship battles.

Baroš has a new engagement! Who is looking forward to the return of the Champions League winner?

The new reinforcements put the team in the role of the competition favorite and an adept for advancing to the district championship. “I believe that our mission will be successful,” Kacafírek wrote, adding to the significant reinforcements.

“After Martin Jiránek, he is (Řepka) another football personality that we will see in our jersey. In professional careers, these fighters met mainly as rivals, but now they are both looking forward to working together, “continued Kacafírek, who is himself a Sparta offspring and tried his hand in the adult category in first-league Blšany and Příbram.

Pilsen has a better form, experts agree. What does Řepka think about Slavia?

The courtship between the small club from the village, which has about 650 inhabitants, and Řepka were fine-tuned during the July tournament in Červený Janovice.

“You can see them both for the first time on August 23 in the championship match in Sedlec near Kutná Hora from 5:00 pm and the home premiere will be on August 29 from 2:00 pm in Červený Janovice against Vlkanč,” Kacafírek reminded him. in lower competitions.

Díky za super turnaj Tome 😉

Posted by Štěpán Kacafírek on Sunday, July 19, 2020

Rape has a remarkable career as a professional footballer. After four years in Baník Ostrava, in 1995 he moved to Prague’s Sparta, with which he was and is most associated. He also made a name for himself in Fiorentina, Italy, and West Ham United, England. He collected 45 starts in the national team and scored one goal. After a professional career, he worked in lower competitions, the last time he played a championship match in Hostivař in April last year for the local béčko. In recent years, he has often appeared in the media in tabloids. Further matches prevented him from entering the penalty area, but now he is ready to return to the lawn.

EQUILIBRIUM: release new single! | Videos at Stormbringer.at

One nation, one clan – one folk: there are strong words that develop an almost magical power in these times. Combined by the sound of epic metal, EQUILIBRIUM are releasing their new single “One Folk” today – an ode to humanity, which celebrates our solidarity and brings people closer together under the flag of shared values.

Mastermind Berthammer says:

“2020 is the first year since 2003 that we can’t play a live show – for obvious reasons. Like any other band, however, we have to deal with the situation somehow and we decided to spend the time in the studio and try new ones.” We are excited to announce today our newest single “One Folk”, our hymn to humanity. This song is full of trademark EQUILIBIUMS and is also a good prospect of what you will come from us in the future We can’t wait to hopefully play it live soon! “


Final Fantasy VII Remake has sold five million copies

Earlier this week, Square Enix reported that Final Fantasy VII Remake has now passed five million copies sold.

The number applies to both physical and digital editions of the game, and the latter in particular is doing well: This is the Square Enix game that has sold the most digital editions on PlayStation 4 ever. Part of this equation may be related to problems with the production of physical versions due to COVID-19 earlier this year.

Cloud has ridden in over five million different editions of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Image: Square Enix

Despite the fact that this is a massive number of copies sold, there is also a marked decline from the sales figures for Final Fantasy XV, which sold five million just the first day after launch.

The was in return the biggest launch in the series ever up to that point, and was also launched on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the same time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently time-exclusive for PlayStation 4, but is expected to appear on other platforms from March next year.

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Donald Trump dismisses the Chinese Gafa from the USA, who fall on the stock market

He ended up carrying out his threat. Donald Trump has just kicked the Chinese technological giants out of the United States by a decree signed last night.

Alibaba and Tencent fell on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Baidu et Xiaomi are down on Wall Street. BATX are accused of collect data from Americans on behalf of Beijing. Finally, the blow of the baton puts the Chinese giants of “tech” out of the United States.

TikTok and WeChat, WhatsApp may be non-operational in the United States in the next 45 days and Americans will no longer be able to download applications. This change of situation risks putting the futures contracts on the US stock indexes turned red. On Wall Street, the scam of the world stock markets, the Dow Jones, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite are expected to fall.

Read also the article: Huawei chips: Are the USA cleaner than China?

The White House made this decision ” based on the risks these apps pose to national security, leaving Americans’ data available to the Chinese Explains analyst Lee Hardman, who works for MUFG Bank, Japan’s largest bank.
The TikTok social network has been targeted in first place because of the influence it can have on the outcome of the next American elections. This may be favorable for President Donald Trump who sees it as an opportunity to play the big guns to please the electorate by the September 15 grace period.

These Chinese Gafa also have their acronym: BATX (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi), which together weigh around 1.450 billion dollars (1.230 billion euros), or as much as 80% of the Cac 40. Now that Donald Trump has some finished for now with Huawei and ZTE, BATX has become its favorite target.

« The $ 5,000 billion information technology sector has a disproportionate impact on daily life “, Recently recalled analyst Apjit Walia from Deutsche Bank. The 5G and artificial intelligence are the battlefields of the 21st century


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Economy: Subsidies from the Electricity Bonus will be reflected in August electricity bills

The subsidy for the application of the Electricity Bonus will be reflected in the users’ August electricity bills, reported the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin), an entity that reviewed and approved the lists of beneficiaries that comply with the requirements to access the voucher.

The Head of Electricity Distribution Supervision of Osinergmin, Jorge Mañuico Mallma, indicated that, since its launch on July 27 to date, the website recorded more than 3 million queries. “This digital platform allows users to know if they are beneficiaries of the voucher, just by selecting the electricity company and entering their supply number,” he commented on the matter.

In addition, he recalled that Osinergmin has verified that all electricity companies nationwide have enabled digital mechanisms so that their users can know if they are beneficiaries of the Electricity Bonus. and carries out permanent supervision of said companies to comply with the rules in the application of the bond.

“If a user was selected as a beneficiary of the Electricity Bonus, they should not carry out any procedure. The subsidy will be applied automatically for receipts pending payment, which record consumption from March to December 2020. It is important to remember that the bonus has a limit of S / 160, therefore, in case the bonus does not allow cover the entire electricity bill, the balance can be divided, “added Mallma.

Finally, he recalled that Osinergmin will supervise that the electricity companies inform their beneficiaries continuously about the Electricity Bonus, and that they comply with including in the electricity bills and / or in virtual media the detail of the consumption that is canceled with the bonus and the amount left to the user until the 160 soles is exhausted.

The Electricity Bonus consists of the exceptional and one-time granting of a subsidy of up to S / 160 for electricity service provided by the government in a context of economic crisis and job loss due to the coronavirus health crisis.