Expected high participation – Long wedges in front of voting tables

"There will not be a radical change in politics" Martin Klepper is a professor of American literature and culture at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He believes that the possibilities are slim that the Senate falls into the hands of the Democrats. E: "Although the Democrats regained the House of Representatives, Trump may continue to […]

After a bitter campaign, Americans direct the vote: “A race between love and hate”

The parking lot outside the community center Robert Guevara in Kissimmee, Florida, about 20 miles south of Orlando, was packed on Tuesday morning in weather conditions to vote. Most of the campaign signs outside this voting station, in the strongly Puerto Rican community, were in Castilian. After weeks of listening to the anti-immigration rhetoric of […]

Mid-season Elections: Sean Hannity accused of lying about Trump Rally when Beto O & Rourke delivers a final message – live

Guardian readers have been in contact about how they are voting and the reasons why. For Lynne in New Mexico, universal health and abortion rights are key issues. "I would like to see universal healthcare provided to everyone, I also think that the government should keep their hands of women's health and that includes abortion. […]

Facebook and Instagram block more than a hundred accounts before the United States elections

Stand: 12:31 clock | Reading time: 3 minutes False messages on the phone? Source: GETTY / AFP / Archive The security chiefs of the U.S. UU. Alerting Voters Against Manipulation of Russia Immediately before the United States Congress elections, Facebook and Instagram online networks blocked 115 user accounts due to alleged foreign influence. With the […]

Donald Trump ends the election campaign and brings Fox presenter on stage

When finalizing the electoral campaign in the United States, the president Donald Trump tried to mobilize to its followers with dramatic warnings to the competing democrats. Democrats are a threat to the country's economy and future, he said in one of his latest appearances in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They encouraged immigrants to enter the country […]

The list of musicians who do not want their music to accumulate in Trump

Los Angeles – Rihanna and Axl Rose, from Guns N 'Roses, joined the group of artists who banned President Donald Trump from using his music in his campaign events. The singer expressed his disapproval for the use of the song Do not stop music during the Trump rally in which he accompanied the candidate of […]

Iranian President Ruhani wants to “manipulate the pride of the new US sanctions”

Stand: 14:24 in point. | Reading Duration: 3 Minutes Iranian President Hassan Ruhani Source: Iranian Presidency / AFP International Criticism on Restrictions on the Oil and Financial Industry Following the controversial new US sanctions against Iran, Iranian President Hassan Ruhani was shown to be combative: "We will be illegal and treat unfair sanctions with pride […]

The Radical Democrats by Rob Sears – a poem for midterms

The radical democrats1 A poem for midterms If you want to summarize the difference between Democrats and Republicans, remember this: 2Democrats produce mobs. Republicans produce jobs. (Right? Hashtag.) 3They are the party of Maxine Waters4 (very low of the individual intellectual coefficient) 5Republicans are the party of Abraham Lincoln6 (very good president) 7They like caravans8We […]

Fear is Trump’s sharpest sword

politics Trump wants to build a "human wall" against immigrants (Photo: REUTERS) Monday, November 5, 2018 By Roland Peters The presidential office of EE. UU. He is not in the middle of the election, but Republicans facilitate the Trump government. If it can be done, it can cause fears. Consequently, it focuses on the issue […]

Oil prices fall as the United States grants exemptions to Iran’s leading oil buyers

Oil prices fall as the United States grants exemptions to Iran's leading oil buyers 10:23 p Monday, November 5, 2018 CAIRO – Oil prices fell on Monday when Iran's fuel exports sanctions were relaxed as they went into effect, which allowed major buyers to keep imports of Iranian oil at least temporary, while Iran said […]