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QAnon is not a simple conspiracy theory, it is a true collective hallucination that is rampant in parts of the United States. According to followers, there is a hidden deep state plot that aims to oust Donald Trump. Roberta Rei brings us to know who managed to get out of the sect and who instead fell into the “rabbit hole”

“It’s coming to get you, it’s coming to your country”. Roberta Rei, in the service you can see above, leads us to learn about a conspiracy theory that is rapidly turning into a real collective hallucination: it’s called QAnon and it is a sect that is playing an important role in the presidential election campaign in November.

According to this absurd “cult” would exist a deep state plan and the new world order to oust the White House Donald Trump, the “warrior Q” who fights against these “strong powers” accused of colluding with satinaste networks and pedophiles. The FBI has begun to consider this cult as a terrorist threat, to which many people are adhering and which is becoming more and more extremist.

But how did it all start? With the Hillary Clinton email scandal published by Wikileaks on the eve of the presidential campaign in 2016. According to some sites of the American alt right, in those conversations there are secret messages related to the world of pedophilia and Satanism: Hillary Clinton and her staff have abused, raped and devoured children in a well-known pizzeria in Washington that would actually be a meeting place for satinasti.

Our Hyena i leads us to know this absurd world, talking to whom he managed to get out of this sect and who, on the other hand, is firmly convinced of the theories of the QAnon cult: are you ready to dive with us into the “rabbit hole”? Look at Roberta Rei’s report at the head of this article.


Republican Mitt Romney denied Trump his vote

Dhe was a former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not vote for incumbent Donald Trump in the election in America. That was what he said as an internal party critic of Trump well-known senator to the television station CNN on Thursday. Romney did not reveal whether he gave his vote to the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “I didn’t vote for President Trump,” he said simply. Whom his choice fell on, he wanted to “keep to me at this point”.

It is also possible that Romney voted for one of the hopeless niche candidates who, on November 3, alongside Trump and Biden go into the race for the White House. Millions of Americans use the opportunity to vote in specially opened polling stations or by postal vote before election day.

“Appalling abuse of public trust”

The Republicans ran Romney as a presidential candidate in 2012, when he lost the election to the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama clear. The 73-year-old is now considered one of the sharpest critics of Trump in the ranks of his party. In the impeachment proceedings against the president Romney voted earlier this year as the only Republican in the Senate to impeach Trump for abuse of power. At the time, he said that Trump was guilty of “appalling abuse of public trust” in the course of the so-called Ukraine affair.

In the 2016 election, Romney said he had written the name of his wife Ann on the ballot and thus also not for Trump agreed. After his election victory it seemed at times as if Trump was Romney despite all the quarrels considered for the office of foreign minister. A now infamous photo made the rounds that showed the two of them having dinner in New York. Trump later stated, however, that he only wanted to humiliate Romney. The senior cabinet post eventually went to ExxonMobil boss Rex Tillerson.


Receiving tribute of Rp.4.9 Tirliun, the US removes the label of terrorist state from Sudan, in the end Israel will be the most happy

AP/Alex Brandon; AP/Hussein Malla; Alex Kolomiensky/ Yedioth Ahronoth via AP, Pool

Receiving tribute of Rp.4.9 Tirliun, the US removes the label of terrorist state from Sudan, in the end Israel will be the most happy – Sudan finally released from the list of countries terrorist after ‘depositing’ 335 million US dollars (Rp. 4.9 trillion) to United States of America, Tuesday (20/10/2020).

The amount of money is very large considering that the country is experiencing a very great crisis.

Label as country terrorist itself attached to Sudan for 27 years, after which the country was accused of protecting figures terrorist most wanted in the world.

Who is the character in question? The following is the description.

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The transfer of money by Sudan to the United States has been agreed by both parties as compensation to the victims and their families who have been affected by attacks by Sudanese militant forces. In exchange, Sudan will be removed from the list of terrorist states.

Launch The National On Tuesday (20/10/2020), the announcement of the money transfer by Central Bank Governor Mohamed Zainelabidine came a day after US President Donald Trump posted a statement that he intended to remove Sudan from the list of states of terrorism.

Acting Finance Minister Hiba Ali said Sudan needed to accelerate adjustments to foreign currency exchange rates as part of a package to tackle the country’s economic crisis.

The crisis has escalated in Sudan in the 18 months since former president Omar Al Bashir was removed from office by his generals amid a wave of protests against his 29-year rule.

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Trump has bank account in China and spent 10 years trying to invest

The president of the United States spent a decade trying to invest in China, where he managed an office in the first run for the presidency, creating a partnership with a company controlled by the Chinese government, reported the New York Times.

Donald Trump’s tax returns, to which the American newspaper had access, showed that the then candidate tried, through an office, to ensure the viability of business projects in China, one of the three countries where he holds a bank account.

Foreign accounts are not included in Trump’s public financial disclosures, where he should list his assets, since he is owned by companies.

In the article, published online on Tuesday, the daily points out that Trump and his allies tried to characterize the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, as being weak with China, justifying this stance with his son’s business in the Asian country, one of the current president’s flags in the political fight he has with the former vice president of the United States.

“The Senate Republicans produced a report, in which it is stated, among other things, that Biden’s son, (…) ‘opened a bank account’ with a Chinese businessman, where he would cross part of what they claimed to be the countless connections with ‘foreign citizens and foreign governments worldwide’, “he said.

The Chinese account is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management LLC and tax returns show that it paid $ 188,561 (153,500 euros) in taxes in China while seeking to secure licensing agreements from 2013 to 2015, he added.

The tax records do not include details on how much money may have been spent on accounts abroad, although the Internal Revenue Service, an agency that handles revenue from the United States Federal Government and is part of the Department of the Treasury, requires information on revenue from others countries.

The New York Times pointed out that “British and Irish accounts are maintained by companies operating Trump’s golf courses” in Scotland and Ireland, which regularly account for millions of dollars in revenue from these countries, but that Trump International Hotels Management recorded only a few thousand dollars from China.

To the newspaper, Trump Organization lawyer Alan Garten explained that the company “opened an account at a Chinese bank with offices in the United States to pay local taxes” associated with efforts to do business in China. And he added that the company opened the account after establishing an office in China “to explore the business potential of hotels in Asia”.

“No business, transaction or other commercial activity has materialized and, since 2015, the office has remained inactive,” said Garten, to conclude: “Although the bank account remains open, it has never been used for any other purpose.”

Garten did not identify the bank in China where the account is open. Until last year, China’s largest state-owned bank leased three floors in the Trump Tower, which led to accusations of conflict of interest aimed at the current President, the American daily recalled.


TV campaigns and rallies canceled: Team Trump is se …

Donald Trump’s campaign budget is melting like snow in the sun. The Republicans’ bank account holds just over a third of what Joe Biden can spend in the next two weeks. Trump announced on Tuesday that it is a conscious choice – “I don’t need that money” – but American media paints a poor picture of the president’s financial situation.

“He’s a slave to the globalists, lobbyists, wealthy Washington donors and vultures who are getting rich on America’s hood.” In his quintessential style, Donald Trump on Tuesday at a campaign rally …


Democratic victory in Texas? The dream can come true for Biden.

For a long time, this has only been a dream for the Democratic Party. The last time the party won a presidential election in Texas was when Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976.

President Donald Trump is still best placed in Texas. But victory for Biden is no longer impossible.

– It has not become probable, but it has entered the realm of the possible, says Jim Henson, who is involved in organizing polls for the University of Texas and the media The Texas Tribune.

Great upheaval

Electoral colleges, such as the Electoral College in the United States, are part of an electoral system in which representatives are elected to vote on behalf of the electorate. The 538 members of the American Electoral College are known as electors, and a presidential candidate must thus have 270 votes to win the election.

California is the largest state in the number of voters with 55. Then follows Texas with 38, and Florida and New York with 29 each.

Biden does not need the 38 voters in Texas to win the election, according to opinion polls. But if he had managed to win in the state, and if the Democrats were able to hold the state in the upcoming election, it would be the biggest upheaval in the political landscape since California turned blue almost 30 years ago.

Any Republican presidential candidate would then start with one major drawback. And even a steady result in Texas this year will mean that Republicans can no longer take the state for granted. Thus, they will have to spend more time and money in Texas rather than in other important states.


The Biden campaign recently spit in six million dollars, equivalent to around 55 million kroner, to TV commercials in Texas. In isolation, it is not a particularly large sum in a large state with many media markets, but it shows that Biden has not given up.

In addition, he has sent his wife Jill Biden to campaign events in Dallas, El Paso and Houston.

The fact that Biden has not written off Texas shows the advantage he has in the election campaign: He has a secure enough lead in the important tipping states that he can direct his attention to other states as well. Among these are Georgia, Iowa and Ohio.

Still a Republican state

There are several reasons why the space of opportunity has been extended to the Democrats in the historically Republican bastion Texas. Large-scale immigration from more liberal states such as California and New York is one of them.

More urbanization and an increasing number of people with Latin American backgrounds, who are usually more democratic, also make the state a little less Republican for each election.

David Beckwith, a Republican strategist who has worked for the Bush family in several election campaigns, confirms that Democrats are making progress in Texas.

– The trend is bluish, of course. But Texas is still a conservative state, Beckwith says.

Video: Trump believes he will win unless the election is rigged


Mute button for Trump and Joe Biden during a TV duel

Nafter the chaotic first TV duel between the American President Donald Trump and his democratic challenger Joe Biden the rules will be adapted for their next meeting. Partly the microphone of one candidate is to be muted while the other speaks, as the responsible independent commission (CPD) announced according to American media on Monday evening. This is intended to reduce mutual interruptions between the candidates in the debate on Thursday (Friday morning CEST).

Allow for each new topic Trump and Biden will comment for two minutes each, but only the microphone of the candidate to whom the moderator gives the floor will be switched on. Around 15 minutes of conversation are planned for each topic – so both microphones will remain switched on for the majority of the TV duel in order to ensure an exchange of ideas, as the commission explained.

It is hoped that the candidates would respect the speaking hours of their counterparts “in order to promote a civil exchange for the benefit of the audience,” it said. Both candidates should have approximately the same speaking time in total. If a candidate loses time due to interruptions, this time would be credited extra, the press release said.

“Last minute rule change”

The Commission said that the adjustment of the rules was unlikely to satisfy either of the two campaign teams. For some the changes did not go far enough, others rejected them too. “We are confident that these measures are the right level and that they are in the interests of the people of America for whom these debates are being held,” said the commission.

Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien rejected the change, but said the president would still take part in the TV duel. He accused the independent commission of being partisan. “President Trump has made it his business to debate Joe Biden, regardless of last-minute rule changes by the biased commission, to give their favored candidate an edge,” said Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien.

In the first debate at the end of September, Trump had interrupted Biden very often, which led to sometimes chaotic scenes. Biden also interrupted Trump several times, the moderator seemed partly helpless. Originally, three TV duels between Trump and Biden were planned. The second, however, was canceled: the commission had changed the format because of Trump’s Covid-19 disease and wanted to connect the candidates online instead of a face-to-face encounter. Trump refused.


Video of Trump counting the money he would give in the offering goes viral


A video that has been made viral On social media, it shows the moment when the president of the United States, Donald TrumpApparently he counts the amount of money – to make sure he would not give more – during the act of offering in a church.

Here the viral video

The incident occurred last Sunday in an evangelical church in Las Vegas. At the time of tithing, Trump took some $ 20 bills out of his pocket; He counted them, looked at them indecisively, until finally he decided how much he was going to give. Finally he gave the amount to the person who collects the offerings.

After this, users in social networks began to Trump for his previous behavior when delivering the money; others looked for a way to defend him for his actions.


United States: Polls Extend Joe Biden’s Lead Over Donald Trump

With only two weeks to go before the elections in United States polls and poll averages point to a setback for the president, Donald Trump, and extend the advantage of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, in various states.

The average number of surveys carried out by the television network CNN About 10 states that appear crucial in the presidential election today shows a very close dispute between Biden and Trump in seven of them, while the Democratic candidate is in front in the other three, all of which voted for Trump in 2016.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin averages show that Biden has not only the support of a majority of potential voters, but also a substantial advantage over the Republican candidate, who is seeking reelection.

A nationwide poll of potential voters, conducted October 16-18 by YouGov for Yahoo News, it shows that Biden’s lead over Trump has expanded to 11 percentage points, with 51% of respondents ready to vote for the former Democratic vice president.

Biden’s lead in this poll has widened by three percentage points from the previous week.

“The president has struggled to regain ground in the past three weeks after a frowned upon performance in the first debate (with Biden), and a resurgence of COVID-19 that sent him to the hospital and infected several people in the White House, “said Yahoo!

“The main reason why Trump seems to have lost more points in recent days is that coronavirus cases continue to rise as the end of the campaign approaches“he added.

The average of polls that RealClearPolitics produces today shows Biden with the support of 51.1% of possible voters compared to 42.5% for Trump.

If the elections happened today, according to RealClearPolitics, the Democratic candidate would surely win 216 delegates to the Electoral College, while Trump would win 125. To win the presidential election, 270 votes are needed in the Electoral College.

Throughout his tenure in the White House since January 2017, Trump has never exceeded, in this analysis, 45% approval.



What do we know about the second wave of infections by Covid19 in Europe and Latin America? – Vital space

The second wave of Covid-19 infections in Europe has had a very worrying increase in the last week, in which a growth of 28 percent was reported, which translates into five times more infections than those that occurred three months ago . But if there are increases in contagion, does the same happen with deaths? Dr. Elmer Huerta explains that in Ecuador, one of the first Latin American countries affected by the pandemic, the second wave is already occurring and with cases of death. He recommended to the authorities and society not to lower their guard.


A Puerto Rican military man was key in the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Washington D. C. – Puerto Rican Major General Miguel Correa, now an advisor to the National Security Council of the White House, was a key piece in the signing of the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the newspaper revealed today The Wall Street Journal.

Correa was a military attache at the US embassy in Abu Dhabi when he coordinated a US emergency military operation in Yemen in 2017 to rescue soldiers from that country, a Middle Eastern monarchy.

One of the rescued soldiers – after crashing, by accident or because of the fire of Al Qaeda militants – turned out to be a member of the UAE royalty, nephew and godson of the crown prince and ruler of that country, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan , known as MBZ.

“That general is part of my family”, UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan told President Donald Trump before signing the peace agreement with Israel – which Bahrain joined – in a ceremony that took place at the White House last year. September 15.

The UAE foreign minister is the younger brother of the crown prince and the uncle of the wounded royal soldier, 27-year-old Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

The rescue mission – which took place in a secret way – was carried out on August 11, 2017, after a UAE helicopter crashed in Yemen.

Three soldiers were killed and seven wounded, including the crown prince’s nephew.

The seven wounded UAE soldiers were first taken to the US ship USS Bataan, where the medical team used 54 out of 66 units of blood, making it the largest “mobile blood bank” the US Navy has used since WWII. World War, according to Captain Bill Urban, spokesman for the United States Central Command.

One of the seven injured soldiers rescued also died while being transported by helicopter to the ship.

At the request of UAE leaders, the six survivors – including the crown prince’s nephew – were later treated at the US Army hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, which specializes in treating soldiers wounded in combat.

The rescue operation made General Correa something of a hero among the rulers of the UAE, the Arabian peninsula that has 6% of the world’s oil reserves.

Already in the White House, Major General Correa played a notable role, behind the public stage, in sealing the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE, because of the trust that the royal family has in him. “This would not have happened without him,” Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al Nahyan said.

Yousef al Otaiba, UAE ambassador in Washington and who played a key role in the peace process, said that the success of the negotiations was anchored in the trust his government has in General Correa and the White House team, mediators. between your country and Israel.

At the end of last July, it was General Correa who traveled to Abu Dhabi in a personal meeting to assure Prince Mohammed that the United States will guarantee that the agreements are fulfilled, US officials said.

Before that meeting, the prince invited his godson, in a wheelchair, to meet General Correa. Correa was also the one who gave the name of “Abraham’s Accords” to the peace treaty, with the aim of emphasizing that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are religious branches of the prophet Abraham.

The general was assigned in March to the White House National Security Council, as director for Middle East affairs, after leaving Abu Dhabi and undergoing an investigation by the Pentagon Inspector General on allegations that he did not keep his civilian bosses informed. on his relationships with UAE leaders.