Coronavirus: What Makes It Fatal?

A simple virus stopped life as we know it.

We’ve faced viral threats before, including epidemics, but the world hasn’t stopped with every new infection or flu season.

So what makes this virus different? What is the unique elusive nature of its biological composition that makes it a unique threat to our bodies and our lives?

The master of deception

In the early stages of infection, the virus is able to trick the body. Coronavirus can spread in the lungs and airways, yet our immune system thinks everything is fine.

Professor Paul Lehner from the University of Cambridge says: “This virus is amazing, it allows you to have a viral plant in your nose and feel completely better.”

This is because our body’s cells begin to release chemicals called interferons, whose hijacking by a virus is a warning signal to the rest of the body and the immune system.

Professor Lehner says that the Corona virus has an “amazing ability” to stop this chemical warning, and adds, “It does so well that you don’t even know you are sick.”

He says that when you look at the infected cells in the laboratory, you cannot know that they are infected, yet tests show that they “scream the virus” and this is just one of the “Joker cards” that the virus can play with.

This virus is behaving Like a killer يMultiplication andيEscaped”

The amount of virus in our bodies begins to peak the day before the disease begins. But it takes at least a week before Covid develops to the point where people need treatment in hospital.

“This is a really cool tactic in evolution,” says Professor Lehner. “You don’t go to bed but go out and have a good time.”

Therefore, the virus is like a dangerous driver fleeing the scene of the accident after its commission, the virus has passed to the next victim long before we recovered or died. In stark terms, “the virus doesn’t care” if you die, and as Professor Lehner puts it: “This is a virus that hits and escapes.”

This reflects a great contrast with the original SARS virus, which dates back to 2002, as the most time when this virus is contagious is the days after people become ill, so it was easy to isolate them.

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It’s new, so our bodies aren’t ready for it

Do you remember the last pandemic? In 2009 there were major concerns about the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu.

However, it turns out that it is not as deadly as expected, since the elderly already have some immunity. The new strain was similar enough to some strains encountered in the past.

There are 4 types of corona viruses that infect humans and cause symptoms of the common cold. “This is a new species, so we don’t think there is a lot of pre-existing immunity to it,” said Professor Tracy Hassel of the University of Manchester.

She adds that the novelty of SARS-Cove-2, the official name for COVID-19, could represent “a huge shock to your immune system.”

This lack of prior immunity can be compared when the Europeans took smallpox with them to the New World, with the fatal consequences it had.



Building an immune defense from scratch is a real problem for older adults because their immune system is slow.

Learning to fight a new infection involves a lot of trial and error on the immune system.

But with age we produce a less diverse group of T cells, which are an essential component of the immune system, so it is difficult to find the ones that can defend against the Corona virus.

It does strange and unexpected things to the body

Covid begins as a lung disease (although it does happen strange and unusual things) and it can affect the whole body.

Professor Mauro Giaca, of Kings College Hospital in the British capital, London, says that many aspects of Covid disease are “unique” to the disease, but in fact it “differs from any other common viral disease.”

He says that the virus does more than just kill lung cells, it also corrupts them, as cells have been seen merging together into huge and disrupted cells called cynthia, and it seems that they remain.

Professor Giacca says you can have a “complete regeneration” of the lungs after acute influenza, but “that does not happen” with Covid.

“It’s a kind of strange infection,” said Professor Giacca.

Blood clots also happen strangely in Covid, with stories of doctors not being able to insert a tube into a patient because blood clots prevent it right away.

Professor Beverly Hunt, of Kings College Hospital, London, says that blood clotting chemicals are “200 percent, 300 percent and 400 percent higher” than usual for some Covid patients.

Professor Beverly Hunt told BBC Radio 4’s Inside Health program: “Quite frankly, throughout a very long career I have not seen any group of patients with such sticky blood.”

These effects could be on the whole body due to the porous entrance through which the virus travels to infect our cells, called the ACE2 receptor, and is found throughout the body including blood vessels, liver, kidneys, as well as lungs.

The virus can cause rapid inflammation in some patients, causing the immune system to over-run, with severe consequences for the rest of the body.

And we are fatter than we should be

Covid is worse if you are obese, because generous waistlines increase the risk of needing intensive care or exposure to death.

This is unusual.

Professor Sir Stephen O’Reilly, from the University of Cambridge, said: “Its strong association with obesity is something we have not seen with other viral infections, as with other lung infections, obese people are often better and not worse.”

He added, “It seems very specific to Covid, and it is likely that it occurs in pandemic influenza, but not the normal flu.”

Fat accumulated throughout the body and in organs such as the liver, causes a metabolic disorder that appears to combine poorly with the Coronavirus.

Obese patients are more likely to have higher levels of inflammation in the body and of proteins that can lead to clotting.

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Telemedicine on the rise as an option for patients

The social isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) came to change everything, from the way we work, study, share and buy, to the way we receive medical care through telemedicine. And it is that this practice, already existing, seems to have gained relevance in times when physical contact is a risk, both for doctors and patients.

Telemedicine It is a remote medical consultation through a call or a video call. This method allows you to maintain health care in those cases where an in-person medical procedure or intervention is not warranted.

According to the president of the College of Surgeons of Puerto Rico, Dr. Víctor Ramos Otero, “telemedicine is here to stay.”

“Definitely. There are patients who are technological and they will like to be telemedicine all the time, except when it is strictly necessary that they need a procedure. This will be forever because everything changed forever. The law of the ‘Surprise invoice’ (Law to protect the patient against surprise medical bills) was approved that after December 21 any telemedicine meeting the plans will be paying as if it were in person”Said Ramos Otero.

Despite the benefits of this practice in historical times, Dr. Ramos accepted that telemedicine faces its pitfalls, above all because of the complications that result from access to technology.

“It is a challenge. Not everyone is skilled at telemedicine. There are patients who like it, there are patients who don’t. Sometimes patients have access problems because they live in remote places and access to the internet is a problem. issue. One, as a doctor, also has problems, while older people have to be helped or they can’t, ”he commented.

Another of the difficulties that telemedicine faces are the limitations of this practice, where it is only possible to attend consultations, but not medical procedures.

“It is for things that cannot be done by telemedicine because you cannot remove some stitches or put on a cast by telemedicine. They have to be things that can be done, ”said Ramos.

According to the also pediatrician, these limitations force that telemedicine appointments can only be used mostly by specialties where so many medical procedures are not necessary.

“It depends on the specialties. Some yes (they can use telemedicine), others not so much. Those that do many procedures cannot do it, but those that are to analyze many laboratories, since they do see more telemedicine appointments, ”specified the doctor.

Despite these limitations, Ramos assured that telemedicine is beneficial for chronic patients who need to be in constant medical monitoring, as well as to obtain medications.

“It helps chronic patients who can do it themselves or who have a family member to help them. Also for bedridden patients who need to analyze laboratories and right there (internet) they send the electronic prescription. It can be to the patient or directly to the pharmacy you select. There are many things that can be done by telemedicine, “he said.

What is a telemedicine appointment like?

According to the president of the College of Surgeons, the process both to coordinate an appointment and to carry out the telemedicine meeting is quite simple.

“The patient calls and coordinates with the secretary an hour to connect. They send you a link or call you, depending on which platform they use. You have the entire interview process. It is basically like a face-to-face visit. The patient has to do everything as if it were an office appointment. He must know his conditions, his medications, know what is happening to him, so that the doctor can work according to the reason for the visit“Said Ramos, who took the opportunity to emphasize the seriousness of the virtual process.

“The telemedicine visit is exactly like a face-to-face visit. You cannot think that a telemedicine visit is less rigorous than usual“Said the specialist doctor.

It should be noted that patients who have telemedicine appointments should prepare as they would if they had to make it to the office to see their doctor in person.

“They must assume that everything is as if it were a face-to-face appointment. Know what medications they are taking and at what time. Know what conditions they have and, obviously, know why they are calling, ”said the pediatrician.

Another recommendation is that, When making an appointment by telemedicine, consult with the secretary the reason why you need this meeting, in order to confirm that this is the useful alternative in your case.

“If you call to make an appointment, you make that appointment by telemedicine, the appointment begins and it really had to be in person because they have to do a procedure, it was not really worth much,” he stressed to ensure that “it is important that I tell you to the secretary what you want the visit for. Yes, things can come up at the telemedicine appointment that require a face-to-face appointment, but that’s in the course of the visit. It is recommended that, at the time of making the appointment, the secretary is specified what the appointment is for and thus certifies whether or not it can be by telemedicine, “concluded the doctor.


what are the symptoms that can alert him and how to remember them

Cerebrovascular accident (stroke) is an absolute medical emergency, the numbers of which are cold in the back. In France, you should know that this type of accident occurs every four minutes and is the leading cause of disability acquired in adulthood. Being part of leading causes of death in France, stroke has symptoms that come on suddenly.

There are two scenarios for people who are victims of stroke. The first is what is called cerebral infarction which corresponds to the occlusion of an artery by a clot and which is the most common. The other type of stroke is hemorrhage, which is explained by the rupture of an artery in the brain.

In both cases, the brain is brutally deprived of blood, which becomes an absolute medical emergency. There are several signs that can alert you or someone close to you of stroke and save your life.

Among the symptoms, we find in particular a deformation of the mouth with the lip falling to one side. This results in numbness and weakness on one side of the face for the victim that no longer allows them to smile. Weakness in the arm or leg is also a symptom of stroke, just like difficulty in speaking or understanding.

To memorize its symptoms, the acrostic VITE, can help you. V for paralyzed face, I as impossible to move a limb, T as speech disorder and E as avoiding the worst, by dialing 15.

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Europe, U.S. watch case totals grow, debate new restrictions

CHICAGO — Confirmed coronavirus infections continued to soar Saturday in many parts of the U.S. and Europe. In some cases, so did anger over the restrictions governments put in place to try to stem the tide.

Oklahoma, Illinois, New Mexico and Michigan were among states announcing new record highs in daily confirmed cases Saturday, a day after a nationwide daily record of more than 83,000 reported infections, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, Michigan’s chief medical executive, said it’s “now more important than ever that people take this seriously.” The 3,338 new COVID-19 cases in her state topped the old record by more than 1,300.

German authorities reported a record one-day total of new coronavirus cases this weekend while leaders in Spain and Italy debated how to control the resurgent virus amid public pushback to curfews despite a global death toll topping 1.1 million people.

In Italy, officials huddled with regional authorities on Saturday to determine what new restrictions could be imposed as confirmed cases surpassed half a million.

Premier Giuseppe Conte has said he doesn’t want to put Italy under severe lockdown again, as he did at the pandemic’s start. In past days, several governors ordered overnight curfews in their regions to stop people from congregating at night outside bars and other venues.

One such curfew fueled anger in Naples, triggering a violent clash by protesters with police. Italian media said protesters hurled rocks, pieces of broken ceramic tiles and smoke bombs at police while they battled back with tear gas. Elsewhere in Europe, police in Warsaw, Poland, used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse protesters angry over new virus restrictions, and anti-lockdown demonstrators gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square.

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese on Saturday branded the Naples protests “unacceptable” and said prosecutors were investigating.

According to Health Ministry figures, Italy’s one-day new caseload of confirmed infections crept closer to 20,000 on Saturday, a slightly bigger daily increase than Friday. The nation’s confirmed death toll, second-highest in Europe after Britain’s, rose to 37,210 after 151 more deaths.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez plans to meet with his Cabinet Sunday morning in Madrid to prepare a new state of emergency, a strategy used twice since the start of the pandemic.

The first in March ordered strict home confinement across the nation, closed stores, and recruited private industry for the national public health fight. The second went into effect two weeks ago, focused on transit limits in the Madrid area.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel urged citizens again to reduce their number of social contacts as the nation recorded a new daily high for infections.

The 14,714 cases reported on Saturday includes cases from both Friday and Thursday because of a three-hour data outage at the country’s disease control agency Thursday. Forty-nine more people died, bringing the overall death toll past 10,000.

The chancellor said in her weekly podcast “if we all obey (to social distancing) we will all together survive this enormous challenge posed by the virus.”

Other European countries have tightened restrictions hoping to cope with their own rising case counts.

Slovenia closed down hotels, shopping malls and other non-essential shops as authorities reported a record high of both new daily infections and deaths in the small country of 2 million people. Greece unveiled a mask requirement and a mandatory nightly curfew for Athens and other areas deemed high risk.

In South America, Colombia became the eight country to reach 1 million confirmed coronavirus cases on Saturday, according to the Colombian Ministry of Health. Two of the others are also in Latin America: Argentina, which hit that mark on Monday, and Brazil, which has more than 5 million confirmed cases.

In the U.S., the virus has claimed about 240,000 lives, according to the COVID-19 Dashboard published by Johns Hopkins. The total U.S. caseload reported Friday was 83,757, topping the 77,362 cases reported on July 16.

Many rural communities are bearing the brunt. In Columbia, Tennessee, Maury Regional Medical Center said Friday it was suspending elective surgical procedures that require an overnight stay for two weeks, beginning on Monday. The Daily Herald reported that it was treating 50 COVID-19 inpatients, 20 of whom were in the medical center’s 26-bed intensive care unit.

Martin Chaney, Maury Regional’s chief medical officer, said small home gatherings have become the emerging threat through which the disease is being spread in the six-county region the medical center covers.

“In our homes, we all let our guard down,” Chaney said. “You think it is safe to not socially distance, and you take your masks off. That is spreading the disease very rapidly.”


Normunds Sējējs joins hockey club “Liepāja”

The sower will join the team of club coaches.

“We are strengthening the coaching corps and adding another experienced coach and hockey personality Normunds Sējējs,” Andrejs Žukovs, co-founder and chairman of the board of Liepāja, writes on the Twitter website on Monday.

He is convinced that “it will be a great contribution not only to the club, but to the whole hockey movement in Liepaja”.

In the 2020/2021 season, the team has trained to play under the leadership of Guntis Pujāts, assisted by Reinis Repšs and Kārlis Liepiņš.

The sower Riga “Dinamo” started playing in the season that ended in the spring of 1988 with the club’s only medals won in the USSR championship – silver. His account in the USSR’s top league before the collapse of the USSR in three seasons was 112 games with two (0 + 2) performance points.

He later played in Finland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Latvia. He played in the Latvian national team every year from the spring of 1993, when the national team entered Group B of the World Championship, until 2001, later appearing intermittently in the national team championships.

As an assistant coach, Sējējs started his coaching career in the 2004/2005 season, when he was combined with playing in the ranks of the hockey club “Riga 2000”. In the summer of 2008, he became the general manager of the newly established Continental Hockey League (KHL) club Riga “Dinamo”, in this position until the 2015/2016 season with a break in the 2012/2013 season, which he spent in two Czech clubs – KHL club in Prague “Lev” and Prague “Sparta”.

During two seasons, starting with the 2015/2016 season, he was the general manager, assistant coach and coach of Dinamo, in the 2018/2019 season he played the role of assistant coach in the Youth Hockey League (MHL) club “Rīga”, but last season was the general manager of the Supreme Hockey League (VHL) Uzbek club Tashkent “Humo”.

“Liepāja” leads the tournament table with 12 points in eight duels. “Olimp” / “Venta 2002” follows with 11 points in seven games, but “Mogo” / LSPA closes the leading three with ten points, followed by “Zemgale” / LLU with the same number of points in six matches. Hockey school “Riga” has scored five points in eight games, “Prizmai” / IHS is less than two, while Daugavpils “Dinaburg” has been in four matches in four matches.

In the 2020/2021 season, OHL plays “Mogo” / LSPA, “Olimp” / “Venta 2002”, “Zemgale” / LLU, Hockey schools “Riga”, Daugavpils “Dinaburga”, “Prizma” / IHS and “Liepājas” teams.

Last season, eight teams played in the Latvian Super League, but in the 2020/21 season there will be one team less, because “Kurbads” will not play in the tournament.

The playoffs were not played last season, but “Olimp” was declared the winner of the local championship. The newcomer to the tournament won the decisive points after “Riga” did not come to the last match of the season with the “Kurbads” team.

With its success, the Olimp earned the OHL the opportunity to compete in the International Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) Continental Cup, but the international competition was canceled.

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As a result of Sandra Bulloka’s film, people are thrown into a new stupor

People all over the world have started the new year with a new challenge, named after the thriller, in which the main role is played by actress Sandra Bulloka.

“Bird Box Challenge” challenges potential participants to close their eyes – just like the actress does in the film, and try to do completely mundane things. However, in the Internet environment, this has developed into a kind of competition: who will be able to do something riskier with their eyes closed. For example, driving without seeing anything.

In the film, the heroine of Bulloka closes her eyes to herself and her children, because the evil you see can lead to death. You have to learn to trust your feelings. In life, of course, no one is threatened by such a supernatural force, rather, riskers with their daring actions endanger the safety or even the life of others.

Punch on the forehead is just such a small thing, but if people start doing things that require vision … Seeing this madness taking over people, Netflix has spread an official announcement on Twitter, making it clear and unambiguous that that it does not support the Bird Box Challenge:

“I can’t believe I have to say it, but: please don’t hurt yourself in this Bird Box challenge game. We don’t know how it all started, and we appreciate love, but the Boy and the Girl have only one wish for 2019 so you don’t end up in the hospital because of this game. ”

In fact, actress Sandra Bulloka herself could educate the thirsty contenders for the challenge by telling how she felt when she had to film with her eyes closed. In a conversation with Yahoo Entertainment, the actress reveals that she has run countless times to an operator who has taken close-ups with a portable camera. “I flipped the camera a couple of times,” Bullock recalls. One of the collisions ended even with a bleeding wound.

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Nylon Mask no longer sees the benefits of Twitter and leaves the social network

Leaving Twitter will be a radical change for Moscow, who tweeted so freely that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused him last year of misleading investors on Twitter with false statements about plans to delist Tesla.

Tesla and Masks agreed in October last year, following an agreement with the SEC, to pay a total fine of $ 40 million, and Masks agreed to resign as chairman of the board of directors, which he will not be allowed to hold for at least three years. The mask retained the position of head of the company.

“I’m not sure about the benefits of Twitter,” Masks told more than 29 million followers on Friday, sending several tweets. “Reddit still looks good.”

“I’m disconnecting,” Masks said on the last tweet.

A man who helped rescue 12 boys from an underwater cave in Thailand last year has sued Masque in Los Angeles for defamation because Masks called him a “pedo boy” on Twitter after a public dispute with the British speleologist.

In an application to the court in October, the mask stated that he had no intention of accusing the man of pedophilia. Masks claimed that during his youth, this epithet was a widespread slogan in South Africa.

The trial is scheduled to begin on December 2.

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The most important battle of Richard Bolotnik’s career so far will take place in a month and a half in Great Britain

Organizers report that the final between the two semi-heavyweight boxers will take place in Wakefield’s “Production Park” studio. The fight will be broadcast live in the UK by Sky Sports, while in the US it will be broadcast by ESPN +.

Also on December 2, featherweight boxers Jazz Dickens and Ryan Walsh, who originally had to fight on September 30, will play a duel in the Golden Contract tournament. Shortly before the duel, Dickens was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Dickens will also defend the World Boxing Organization (WBO) European Champion Belt in this duel.

At the end of September, Bolotnik won the British Hozy Burton by points at the Studio 69 club, who was attended by the famous heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury. The victory allowed Bolotnik to defend the belt of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) European Champion in the semi-heavyweight category.

During his career, 30-year-old Bolotnik won 17 of 23 fights, seven of which ended in a slaughter.

In mid-December, Bolotnik won the WBO European Championship in the semi-heavyweight category. The Latvian boxer defeated the Northern Irishman Steven Vord in the first round of the quarterfinals of this tournament.

Michel, 32, known as the “Bavarian sniper”, has climbed the ring 12 times in his professional career, winning 11 victories, eight of them by slaughter.

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On September 30, he defeated Britain’s Liam Conroe in the semifinals of the London Hall in London. He sent the opponent three times in a knockout, and the fight was stopped in the fourth round.

Winning the Golden Contract tournament will give the boxer a contract for several high-level fights.

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The Shitz brothers are among the few athletes who will take part in the homologation of the Beijing track at the end of October

It has already been reported that the Olympic toboggan run in China, where a prestigious four-year competition is planned in two years, could host the first athletes for test rides in October and November this year.

In a conversation with Latvijas Radio Fogelis, he pointed out that the first test rides on the Chinese track have already taken place, because 19 local sleigh riders have already completed the unofficial training rides.

Fogelis pointed out that preparations for the new season are already underway on three tracks. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only local athletes “scratch” the track in Sochi, Sigulda has received athletes from Poland, Austria and other countries, but in China homologation is scheduled for October 26.

The Secretary-General of the FIL revealed that China wanted only the Schengen countries to participate in the homologation. It is planned that initially only eight athletes will be able to “taste” the track, two of whom will be Latvians – brothers Šici.

At the end of July, after the FIL board meeting, the organization reported that about 16 athletes would take part in the homologation, but now their number has halved.

It has already been reported that the homologation of the Chinese route was previously planned for March, but then the plan was postponed to May. The tests were also canceled in May due to the spread of Covid-19.

The title of Martins Dukurs will most likely be able to try out the track of the 2022 Olympic Games prematurely.

The new season of tobogganing is planned for the Innsbruck track in Austria at the end of November, followed by stages in Altenberg, Oberhof and Winterberg, but after the New Year the athletes will take two more stages in Europe and then go to North America. The competition is planned in Sigulda at the beginning of January (6-10), but in Königszse a week later.

Last season, the Latvian sleigh team won three bronze awards in the team relay, finished twice in the fifth position, but once also won the fourth place.

It is significant that the composition of the team in the relay at different stages changed, with brothers Andris and Juris Šicis, Oskars Gudramovičs / Pēteris Kalniņš, Krister Aparjodas, Ulla Zirne, Kendija Aparjode and Iniza Tīruma handing over their hands to the prizes. Athletes also won prizes in individual competitions.

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Detention of drug addicts reveals that one is hiding amphetamine stocks in panties

While patrolling the road, the inspectors noticed two suspicious guys, whose appearance and behavior suggested that both might be regular customers of the police, so they stopped talking to the gentlemen.

While one of the men tried to “love” the patrol bonnet, the law enforcement officer checked the personal data of both and found out that the men did not come to the attention of the police for the first time. In addition, one of those addressed only recently was released from prison.

“We did an inspection of these men’s belongings. Immediately interesting details were revealed, because we found both syringes and several telephones, the origin of which could not be explained by the men. We also obtained confirmation that the persons were engaged in drug trafficking. behind the panties, the employees found a bag with a fairly large content of drugs, “says the head of the Regional Municipality of Poland Maris Bomins.

Of course, after such a discovery, both were taken to the nearest State Police station, where a criminal case was initiated and the suspicious powder was handed over to experts, who found out that there were several grams of amphetamine in the bag. And as it turns out, such a “drug load” is quite enough to get into the “national bread” for a while.

In view of this finding and the criminal history of both, the court remanded the detainees in custody as a precautionary measure.

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