The endless investigation riot of Meral Akşener – Sözcü newspaper

İYİ Party Chairman Meral Akşener “Keeping my political identity hidden, as a mother, all political party leaders said, ‘Come, let’s sit around a table. Let’s look for ways to solve the problems of our country and nation with common sense. Let’s name this table ‘Homeland Table’ ” said.

AKP and MHP strongly opposed talking about the country’s problems around the homeland table. National issues cannot be discussed in the Turkish Grand National Assembly or around a table. Nobody listens to anyone. The problems are getting worse. The leaders are making criminal complaints about each other. Very high amounts of compensation lawsuits are filed.


Meral Akşener writes on the file with the investigation number 2016/114158 at the Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office. So the investigation was opened in 2016. But until today, Meral Akşener’s statement has not been taken regarding that investigation. About the file to date “There is no room for prosecution”Just as the decision was made regarding the law, no indictment was prepared and no lawsuit was filed against Meral Akşener.

What we know is that Meral Akşener has repeatedly applied to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to take his statement regarding this file. However, nothing changes happens. The file is being held. This situation inevitably leads to some speculation. The injured is our judgment.


Akşener’s lawyer is Uğur Poyraz, who is also the General Secretary of the Good Party. Poyraz again petitioned the Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office the previous day. Let’s read from that petition: “ The ‘Confidentiality Decision’ has been in progress for more than a year during the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality election process, which was initiated in 2016, no notification and information was given to my client for three years, and renewed on June 23, 2019 at the end of three years. My client, Mr. Meral Akşener’s applications with the request of ‘Let the Confidentiality Decision be lifted, I will hide from the public, I have nothing to hesitate’, are not even responded to or given. Although my client, Mr. Meral Akşener, repeatedly made petitions and requested his statement to be taken, these petitions are not even answered or given. “


Not enough, a petition is filed with the Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK) on 26 November 2019. In that petition too “Identification of those who have been continuing for more than four years and causing their continuation to become a political material and examining the file” Is required. But there is no result from there either. Thereupon, Uğur Poyraz submitted a new petition yesterday to both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the HSK. He stated that his previous petition was not successful and he wrote the following in his new application:

“The ‘Horse trail? IT track? ‘ We want it to be determined. In terms of the political struggle of my client, Mr. Meral Akşener, the voters who gave or did not vote should be informed correctly. With this investigation, the public’s sense of conscience and justice is contaminated with the “perception” that is a political plague. The state should be governed by ‘Law’, not ‘Perception’. Political struggle should be limited to squares and ballot boxes. Turkish Law and the Independent Turkish judiciary should be free from all kinds of doubt. If anyone attempts or influences the judiciary with the political aim and goal, it should be determined and the necessary action should be taken. “


Lawyer Poyraz, “Let Akşener’s statement be taken, the confidentiality order on the file removed” He says and reminds the President’s last statement and continues as follows:

“Presidential System of Government by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), including many institutions of the Republic of Turkey is linked to the presidency. In the statement made by the President on August 7, 2020; A ‘local and national’ emphasis was made on the IYI Party and its Chairman, Meral Akşener. It is out of the question for the President to make such a statement without obtaining information from the intelligence units and necessary institutions. “

Here, after these words, Lawyer Uğur Poyraz, in his petition to the prosecutor’s office, said that Meral Akşener “Domestic and National” whether it is “Domestic and National” if “Domestic and National” why the law is not applied, “Domestic and National” In the law, he questions whether other information and documents were given to the President of the Republic and to the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor. Again, his request is:

“The statement of Mr. Meral Akşener should be taken immediately, carefully and seriously. The confidentiality order placed in the investigation file to arbitrarily create a mystery should be lifted. Then, it should be revealed what those who carried out the investigation have done or did not do for 4 years. “

This is what Meral Akşener and her lawyer were exposed to.


Blas Correas case: investigating the role of the Aconcagua Clinic – Summary 3

The prosecutor’s secretary José Mana, in charge of the investigation for the death of Valentino Blas Belts, Gabriel Prunotto, does not rule out that the Aconcagua Clinic for his responsibility in the death of the adolescent.

“It is another aspect of the investigation to see what responsibility falls to the clinic in the death of this boy,” said the judicial official to Chain 3.

The adolescent’s friends, upon realizing that he was injured, first went to that health center where an administrative employee told them that they should go to the Emergency Hospital or call 107 for a gunshot wound.

“Apparently an administrative employee was the one who informed this boy that they had to call 107 or go to the Emergency Hospital,” Prunotto said.

The employee appeared last Friday before the prosecution, along with his lawyer, and gave his version of events.

He confirmed that after midnight he attended the three young men at the door of the clinic and according to him he did not see blood stains and that is why he recommended that they reload him in the vehicle and take him to the Emergency Hospital.

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The director of the Aconcagua Clinic, Roberto Chacón, indicated to Chain 3 that the medical staff of the hospital did not find out that Blas Correas attended the clinic asking for help before he died.

“We have an active 24-hour guard, but no doctor found out about this episode because the administrative employee who received them did not notify the medical staff. He only gave them instructions on how to proceed in this matter,” he said.

Francisco Centeno Report.


Beirut: Aoun, check missile or bomb possibility – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIRUT, AUG 07 – Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that it cannot be excluded that the two explosions that devastated Beirut on Tuesday may have been the result of “an external attack, with the aid of a missile, of a bomb or other medium. ” This was reported by the website of the newspaper L’Orient le Jour, reporting the statements made by Aoun during a meeting with journalists. The investigation will have to ascertain whether it was precisely an “external aggression or the consequences of negligence”, added Aoun, underlining that to this end he asked French President Emmanuel Macron, who was visiting Beirut yesterday, to provide the images satellite of the moments of the explosions. (HANDLE).