Angie Lt. Col. Raise a storm of comments with a photographic session without absence … Photos

1/2 2/2 Rana Salah Eddin – Cairo – Hoyada Abusemak Egyptian artist Engi was presented for a new shoot session and published several photos through his personal account at the "Instagram" site. The images were taken by Muhannad Kojak and Angie appeared as a surprising champion, wearing a bright silver dress that brought her to […]

Salma Hayek Block serves to film his new movie … Watch

1/2 2/2 The star and Mexican actress and Lebanese origin Salma Hayek began rolling their role in the events of their new movie "Limited Partners" in Atlanta. It was filmed by Rose Berne and Tiffany Hadish. The 52-year-old international star appeared in a series of photographs during filming, wearing a floral design with a pink […]

Government Voting Identification Process planned for the upcoming Northwestern Leicestershire local elections – Leicestershire Live

The voters in part of Leicestershire will be informed that they can not vote if they do not have their voting table as part of a trial aimed at preventing electoral fraud. The provincial government has selected the North West Leicestershire Provincial Council (NWLDC) to insist on voter identification when the next election is held […]

Amr Diab retrieves Dina El Sherbini and gives her a new song

Cairo – Lifestyle Artist Amr Diab tried to reconsider the artist Al-Sherbini after spreading pioneers from social networking sites a video to prevent actress Dina Al-Sherbini from accompanying Amr Diab on the stage of "Wembley" in "London "By order of one of the members of the English security, Amr Diab accompanied Dina El Sherbini with […]

Lens: the body of a teenager discovered five months after his disappearance

The 14-year-old Theo's body that disappeared on the night of May 26-27 was found in abandoned facilities in the vicinity of his home in Lens (Pas de Calais), according to a source familiar with the matter. Friday ", a group of young urban explorers who visited the site of an old industrial bakery" in Lens, […]

Interim US election scandal U.: Turn off the light, break or lock

The Republicans predicted the majority in the Senate today at 9:30 pm, views: 700 During these hours, Americans are sent to polling stations to vote in the elections, which will be re-elected by the House of Representatives and a third of the senators. Provisional elections in the United States are the second most important event […]

China faces critics of Muslim arrests

BEIJING: China's government has filed a defiant defense of its mass arrests of Muslims in a United Nations human rights panel in Geneva on Tuesday that it has become a clash with the U.S. UU. And other critics of Chinese politics. With the demonstration of protesters against China, representatives of about a dozen countries, most […]

The hopes for the Brexit business grow with a “big step” in the border issue

Theresa May's hopes of securing a Brexit withdrawal agreement took a step further after the ministers were preparing proposals for a "review mechanism" for the Irish backstop. The officials of the general office of the lawyer and the Breitek department are developing plans for a system by which the United Kingdom could put an end […]

Stocks rise slightly as the mid-EE elections begin. UU

Joe Raedle | Getty Images Voters endeavor to issue their ballot paper shortly before polls opened in mid-term elections on November 6, 2018 in Miami. Democrats were leading an 7-point lead ahead of the vote, according to a NBC News / Wall Street Journal published Sunday. The data published on Monday showed that more than […]

In Chelyabinsk, women workers claim the lack of tuberculosis vaccines

In Chelyabinsk, officials commented on the shortage of vaccines against tuberculosis of newborns. This was OTP recently said resident of Chelyabinsk Victoria Suvorova who gave birth to a child. According to her, in the maternity hospital, where she was previously discharged, they did not provide a vaccine against tuberculosis, which should be given to the […]