dermatologists alert to skin signs

By Le Figaro with AFP Pseudo-frostbite, hives, persistent redness: dermatologists alert the population and the medical profession to what they consider to be “Skin manifestations” Covid-19 disease, we learned on Wednesday, April 8. In a press release, the National Union of Dermatologists-Venereologists (SNDV) explains that it organized a “WhatsApp group of more than 400 dermatologists […]

Trump fires the man in charge of supervising the coronavirus emergency funds

This is how the pandemic stimulus package will be distributed in the US 2:32 (CNN) – President Donald Trump removed Defense Department Acting Inspector General Glenn Fine from office, a decision that means Fine will no longer preside over the Pandemic Response Responsibility Committee in charge of supervising US $ 2 billion in funds coronavirus […]

An effective vaccine against viruses of the disease family has been created

Nthe vaccine uses a harmless virus to introduce cells into the coronavirus MERS that triggers a system response immune and may be effective in vaccines against other coronavirus. The vaccine is a harmless virus (PIV5) to which has been added the protein that MERS use to infect the cells. All vaccinated mice survived a lethal […]

Coalition gains favor with voters in corona crisis – AfD crashes

Union poll values ​​from the CDU and CSU continue to rise during the Corona crisis. This shows a new survey. The AfD, however, continues to fall. The Federal Government’s handling of the Corona crisis is causing the Union’s survey figures to increase further. In a survey by the polling company Insa for the “Bild” newspaper […]

Coronavirus News: RKI asks for “Corona Data Donation” Policy

The Robert Koch Institute explains the status of the pandemic spread in its press conference. The RKI stand at midnight had received 99,225 reported cases nationwide. There are now 1607 deaths, 173 more than the previous day. RKI President Lothar Wieler says that the number of recovered patients is encouraging: the current estimate is 33,300. […]

Deputy Director-General of Health died, victim of prolonged illness

THE deputy directorGeneral of Health, Catarina Seine, died this Monday, at the age of 47, victim of prolonged illness. The person responsible had held the position since February 2008, after four years as assistant to the then Minister of Health, António Correia de Campos. In a note shared on the institutional website of DirectionGeneral of […]

Trump asks US companies to help Boris Johnson

Donald Trump revealed that he asked two US companies to help Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom infected with Covid-19, who, this Monday, was placed in an intensive care unit due to health complications. The President of the United States, who spoke at the usual White House briefing, was “very saddened” by the […]

The monotributistas subsidy will have more payment options

Alejandro Vanoli, requested that citizens “try to use electronic means, to find out about the payment schedule” The head of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), Alejandro Vanoli, requested that citizens “Try to use the electronic means, everyone who can, to find out about the payment schedule.” The Emergency Family Income (IFE) “will have different […]

Coronavirus: Between Expertise and Speculation – Politics

There is a category of questions that Germany’s best-known virologist has always answered the same since the beginning of the crisis. As soon as it comes to evaluating political decisions, Christian Drosten says: A scientist is not a politician. He has no mandate to make political decisions. If he is serious, he does not speculate. […]

Kennedy curse: Maeve Kennedy McKean and son (8) died

Washington. Maeve Kennedy McKean (40), great niece of John F. and granddaughter of Robert Kennedy, and her son (8) died in canoeing. Wind speeds up to 60 km / h, waves one meter high – the warning from the National Weather Service for Chesapeake Bay off the coast of the US state of Maryland was […]