Tareck El Aissami begins physical rehabilitation after fighting COVID-19

The sector vice president for the Economy and Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, began his physical rehabilitation this Friday, after releasing the battle against COVID-19, announced that he did through his user on the social network Twitter @TareckPsuv.

The also Minister of People’s Power for Petroleum explained that after an intense rest together with rigorous treatment, he achieved absolute recovery from his battle against the virus: those who have not escaped unscathed so that they can soon return home and share with their family ”.

Through the video that accompanies the message, Tareck El Aissami added that “the accompaniment of the doctors and the people has strengthened my soul to return and continue to fight alongside the Venezuelan people.”



At the age of 38, a participant of the show “Extrasensual Struggles” died


UEFA adapts European Cup regulations next season

UEFA, the European football federation, has adapted its regulations because of the Covid-19 in view of the European competitions of the season which opens. Participating clubs will be required to notify the European body of travel restrictions and other restrictions imposed in their country due to the coronavirus. Otherwise, they will be imposed a defeat by forfeit (0-3).

Before each draw, UEFA will publish a list of its known travel restrictions between countries. At least 48 hours before the start of the draw, clubs must inform UEFA of other measures taken against Covid-19 in their country.

The clubs have also been told that they must offer an alternative location if a match cannot be played in their own stadium.

If the restrictions are imposed on the visiting club by the authorities, the club must choose a pitch which may be in another country where no restrictions will be imposed on both clubs. If the club cannot offer another stadium, it will lose the match by forfeit (0-3). If the restrictions imposed on the visiting club concern the movement of the visiting club and the home club cannot offer a stadium, UEFA will choose the venue. If one of the two clubs refuses to go to this new location, it will lose the match by forfeit (0-3).

Fixed dates

If the information received is inaccurate or insufficient, UEFA will choose the match site and again a team that refuses to attend would forfeit the match.

After the draw, the clubs can decide to change the meeting site by mutual agreement.

Regarding the Covid-19 tests, UEFA specifies that if a player or a club official are positive, the match will be maintained as long as 13 players (including a goalkeeper) at least from list A are not quarantined. If this is not the case, UEFA may reschedule the match or allow the presence of other club players. If the match cannot be played within the time limits imposed, the club which cannot play will lose by forfeit (0-3).

UEFA has set the following deadlines for the conclusion of the various preliminary stages of the competitions:

Champions League

Preliminary round: August 14, 2020; qualifying round 1: August 21, 2020; qualifying round 2: September 11, 2020; qualifying round 3: September 18, 2020; go-offs: September 25, 2020; return dams: October 1, 2020.

Europa League

Preliminary round: August 22, 2020; qualifying round 1: September 12, 2020; qualifying round 2: September 19, 2020; qualifying round 3: September 26, 2020; dam: October 2, 2020.

If matches cannot be concluded on these dates, the European body will decide which clubs will qualify for the group stage.


DPD will expand by creating more than 200 parcel cabinets throughout Latvia

“With the rapid development of e-commerce, the volume of shipments is increasing, and citizens are increasingly choosing a convenient and reliable delivery solution.

A survey conducted by the DPD Group last year shows that 53% of Latvians choose to receive orders for parcels throughout Latvia. Every year, both in the segment of business customers and individuals, there is an increase in the demand for the provision of shipments through automated parcel terminals.

Therefore, we purposefully plan to develop the network of receiving points throughout Latvia by the end of the year in order to ensure convenient and high-quality receipt of shipments for the population, ”points out Jānis Grants, Chairman of the Board of DPD Latvija.

In the first stage of the project, it is planned to install at least 120 new DPD parcel cabinets, increasing their total number to 200 throughout the territory of Latvia. By expanding the DPD network of automated Pickup parcel cabinets 2.5 times, Latvian residents will be provided with a convenient solution for receiving items.

In developing the DPD network, the priority will be to strengthen and expand market positions by placing new lockers in places that are easily accessible to the public, such as shopping malls and other public places. It is also planned to gradually acquire new regional centers, where DPD has not been represented so far and where consignment deliveries are currently provided mainly through DPD courier.

According to a study conducted by the DPD Group, Latvians appreciate the convenience of using automated parcel cabinets, indicating that it is a more convenient, cheaper and at the same time safe solution for the delivery of a shipment.

Ensuring the delivery of contactless parcels through parcel cabinets was especially relevant during the declared emergency situation, when the volume of parcels through the DPD point network increased by more than 150% compared to the same period last year.

“The rapid growth in demand confirmed that this is the right time for the already planned expansion of infrastructure throughout the Baltics. A positive signal is that after the end of the emergency, the demand for shipments through Pickup parcel cabinets has remained relatively high and exceeds last year’s volumes.

This shows that citizens are still actively taking advantage of e-commerce and buying goods online. Therefore, the quality of delivery is very important, because only a positive experience when buying and receiving a product will encourage the customer to make the next purchase. Therefore, in the long run, we need to invest in the development of infrastructure and improvement of services, so that together with cooperation partners we can provide the population with safe, highest quality services, ”explains Jānis Grants.

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Kate Middleton flower of skin: why she “burst into tears” after one of her official engagements

As Duchess of Cambridge, and a senior member of the Royal Family, Kate Middleton is brought to represent the Crown on occasion official commitments, alone or accompanied by Prince William. During these last, the mother of a family crosses the road of anonymous people with singular and sometimes overwhelming destinies. This was the case when she made a private visit to a baby bank (a charity that serves as a food bank for baby supplies) in West Norfolk, near Cambridge, at the start of 2020 and as the coronavirus gained little ground. “[J’ai] literally burst into tears“, said the Duchess according to a video revealed by the British tabloid The Daily Mail (and quoted by the American magazine People), this Tuesday, August 4.

It can be very emotional“, has followed Kate Middleton. Because as the mother of three children living comfortably under the protection of the Crown, the wife of prince william realizes that some do not have a chance and struggle to provide for their families. “I remember a few families I met at King’s, Lynn and I went home and literally had burst into tears, their stories were so moving“, develops the Duchess of Cambridge.”The struggles they went through, the courage they showed … Under extraordinary circumstances. These people have helped their families through extraordinary times.“This Tuesday August 4, Kate Middleton again came to the aid of these poor families, whose needs have increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic, by going to a baby bank Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

Sensitive to the distress of others

Duchess and future Queen of England, she who is married second in line in the order of succession to the throne, Kate Middleton remains human and can therefore be overwhelmed by emotion. Even in full official engagement and in front of many photographers. On Monday January 27, during the commemoration ceremony for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz camp, the Pippa Middleton’s older sister appeared on the verge of tears during a speech by Prince William.

The Duke of Cambridge was then reading a letter written by a friend of his great-grandmother and mother of Prince Philip, Princess Alice, who had hidden a family in his home in Athens after the Nazi invasion. A big heart that Kate Middleton also opens up during difficult conversations, as she had been able to do with Prince Harry.

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Children and Covid-19: what we know and what we don’t yet know

According to numerous studies, children are at low risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19, and are probably less likely to be infected. But no consensus exists on the issue. Point.

Comments by Donald Trump that children are “almost immune” to Covid-19 and their immune systems are “much stronger against it” led Facebook to censor the video for disinformation.

The term “nearly immune” is scientifically vague. What studies have confirmed since the start of the pandemic is that children are at low risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19, and are probably less likely to be infected.

But there is no consensus on the question – crucial when it is back to school time – of their contagiousness, once they have contracted the virus, even if they have no symptoms.

People under 18 represent around 2% of hospitalizations and much less than 0.1% of deaths linked to Covid-19 in the United States, according to the Centers for the fight against diseases (CDC), while they represent 22% Population.

45 child deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus since February in the United States, against 105 for the seasonal flu, and 13,000 deaths from all causes in this age group.

A study, carried out in China at the start of the pandemic on 2,143 cases, shows that 94% of children had no symptoms or mild or moderate symptoms (infection of the lungs, fever, cough but no shortness of breath).

Children who become seriously ill often seem to have a medical history. Thus Chicago, the ten children hospitalized in March and April all had existing pathologies or co-infection. All of this is not to say that they are immune, as the onset of severe, but very rare inflammatory disease has revealed.

A thousand cases of this new “multisystemic inflammatory syndrome” have been identified in children around the world, with 2% mortality. Six children have died in the United States, according to the CDC.

What is less certain: are children less infected

If there are fewer sick children, is it because their bodies fight infection better, or because they contract the coronavirus less We cannot trust the official number of cases to know the true number of infected children, because the tests prioritized patients with symptoms, where children are under-represented.

But several quality studies tip the scales in favor of the second hypothesis: the virus seems to infect children less, especially those under 10 years old.

Testing campaigns, in Iceland, Spain, Geneva or in the village of Vo in Italy, recruited representative samples of the population to see the rate of people infected or having developed antibodies to the coronavirus: children were proportionally less there. affected than adults.

But the scientific community has not yet reached a consensus. In the United States, a study was launched in May on 2,000 families to find out the real impact of Covid-19 on children. “We should have answers, with a good study, by the end of December 2020,” said Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases recently.

What we do not know: are children less contagious

This is the most pressing question as we head back to school. If children, even few or no symptoms, are as contagious as adults, then they can be formidable vectors and infect teachers, bus drivers, families ?? But assessing a person’s contagiousness is not easy.

A first method is to look at the viral load, or the concentration of virus. A study of 145 Chicago children found that children under five had 10,100 times more virus particles in their nose, compared to older children and adults. Potentially, that would mean they expel more virus with each breath and infect more people around them, but if that’s established for other viruses, it’s not clear for the new coronavirus.

The other method is epidemiological. On the one hand, spectacular clusters have erupted in a summer camp in Georgia in the United States, or in a school in Jerusalem and others in Israel, showing that the virus can actively circulate among young people. But conversely, a large study in South Korea, and others, has shown that children, especially younger ones, rarely infect their loved ones. One of the first outbreaks in France, which started from a chalet in Haute-Savoie, passed through a nine-year-old child who, despite 172 contacts, did not infect anyone. Many experts also call for distinguishing very young children from adolescents, the latter seeming to be more assimilated to adults.

Finally, a hypothesis is being studied by immunologists: and if the four common human coronaviruses that cause colds provided immunity against the new coronavirus Children being often colds, this would explain that they are relatively spared from the pandemic. But again, it remains to be proven.


Vaimalama Chaves in love: “It’s serious!”

Vaimalama Chaves has made some secrets about her love affair with a mysterious young man, revealing that she had passed an important milestone by introducing him to all her family.

Vaimalama Chaves has been a woman in love for some time. Discreet about her romance, only displayed on rare occasions on social networks and always taking care to preserve the identity of her darling, the one who had been elected Miss France 2019 was an exception by delivering some confidences “Télé-Loisirs”.

The 25-year-old thus confirmed that it was “serious” with her mysterious boyfriend. Proof of this is that she passed an important milestone by presenting him to all her family. She was also surprised that keen observers could discover the name of the one who shares her life. “Fans have managed to discover his identity through various surveys, it’s crazy because he is absolutely not known. He met my whole Tahiti family, so it’s official. I was waiting for this event to say more about him because it was important for me. What I can tell you for now is that it is indeed serious! ”She said.

At the end of July, the beautiful Tahitian had expressed herself on her Instagram page to send “Good Vaïbes” (the name of her cover album to be released in October), revealing herself sublime in an idyllic landscape for a partnership with a famous French house of cosmetics.

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Various subjects on the daily menu

The dailies received on Wednesday the Senegalese Press Agency (APS) address various subjects relating to mobile telephony, the Covid-19 pandemic, popular justice, among others.

Grand-Place speaks of a “war” in mobile telephony in Senegal and underlines that “since July 12, the ARTP has imposed a daily penalty of 2% on its turnover Saga Africa Holding, promoter of the Free ‘network ‘. “A decision fell following the refusal of the latter to execute the commercial agreement that binds Sirius Telecom, promoter of Promobile mobile telephony,” adds the publication.

In this “war” between mobile telephone operators, the daily Kritik believes that the ARTP “is losing the network”.

“Supposed to be the benchmark authority and key player in the development of the digital economy in our country, the ARTP helplessly witnesses a war between operators, most often at the expense of consumers,” laments the newspaper.

“Between the standoff between Free and Promobile, despite the recommendations of the regulatory agency and the unilateral price increase by Orange which is taking customers out of its reserve, the telecoms gendarme remains a spectator who seems to have lost the network ‘ ‘writes Kritik.

Regarding the increase in illimix tariffs, Walfadjri notes that the operator Orange “explains without convincing.” “Sonatel denies having increased its tariffs on the illimix offers. Its general manager says that contrary to what is said on social networks, the new formula constitutes a price reduction, ” reports Walf.

Source A plunges into the “forceps” renegotiation of the toll motorway contract and explains “what has lost” Eiffage, the concessionaire. While at the start “the forecasts, in terms of daily use of the Dakar-Diamniadio toll motorway, were of the order of 30,000 50,000 cars, at the finish line, these figures are largely exceeded. Because on average, 90 000 cars use this road daily, ” the newspaper said.

Investigation is concerned about the increase in death cases linked to Covid-19 and notes that Senegal is “at an impasse.” “Three patients died yesterday from Covid-19, thus increasing an already worrying toll. The increase in cases correlated with a deficient strategy is leading to more and more deaths, ” according to the newspaper.

At the same time, Le Quotidien reports that “overwhelmed by an influx of patients, Mauritania and The Gambia have officially asked for help from Senegal, which is also stuck in the same problems.”

“Unlike these two countries, it has qualified and experienced human resources and a credible screening system that Banjul and Nouakchott lack while the contamination continues,” the newspaper wrote.

Le Soleil is interested in civil protection and announces that the State has installed 350 lightning rods in 2020.

The Observer deplores “the upsurge in mob justice.” “The street vendors of Keur Massar who demand redress, the supposed talibés of Serigne Moustapha Sy who take revenge ?? When citizens take charge of the force of justice, the state loses its prerogatives, ” underlines L’Obs, which speaks of “justice by force”.

Sud Quotidien takes an interest in the next local elections and announces that “the battle of Dakar” will take place. “Win the battle of Dakar! It is this almost titanic challenge that the presidential movement must take up on the evening of the holding of local elections scheduled for March 21, 2021 at the latest, ” writes Sud.

According to the newspaper, “Obviously, the head of state Macky Sall can no longer endure the successive defeats of his camp in the Senegalese capital (??)”.



At the request of the LOK board, Amantova has resigned from her positions

The application for resignation from Amantova has been received, it has been approved by the Board of LOK and the person has stopped performing his / her duties immediately for the entire investigation period.

The LOK board has also requested an explanation from the gymnasium director about the situation, as well as an explanation from the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) on how the work at Murjāņi Sports Gymnasium will be organized in the future.

Amantova was reportedly detained by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) this week. The former sleigh rider is also a member of the Ropaži District Council.

KNAB confirmed that in the criminal proceedings started earlier on Tuesday, urgent procedural actions were taken and one official of Murjāņi Sports Gymnasium was detained.

Criminal proceedings were instituted on April 15 for greedy service and attempted fraud.

After the performance of procedural actions, the official has been granted the status of a suspect and non-custodial security measures, namely, a ban on holding a certain position and approaching certain persons.

In the interests of the investigation, KNAB does not currently provide more information on the specific criminal proceedings. KNAB points out that no person is considered guilty until proven guilty according to law.

Amantova admitted that she had indeed been detained, but she thinks it is a misunderstanding. Asked in connection with her detention, the high school principal said the details “do not want and cannot” be revealed at the moment.

The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) indicated that the MES learned this information from the media, and it is currently difficult for the ministry to comment further. “Official information is expected from KNAB and we will act in accordance with the received information and instructions,” the ministry said.

The Ministry of Education and Science also revealed that Amantova has been on leave from 18 April to 14 May 2020 and that the duties of the school principal are currently performed by the Deputy Director for Sports Sergejs Čevers.

Signe Grūbe, Executive Director of Ropaži municipality, confirmed that this week KNAB representatives had arrived in Ropaži municipality. Asked whether the KNAB’s interest in Amantova could be related to work in the City Council, Grūbe pointed out that the municipality could not provide any comments, as investigative activities were taking place.

Amantova’s official declaration for 2019 shows that she is also a member of the board of the sports club “Brīze”, a member of the board of the sports club “Ziemeļpols”, a member of the board of the Latvian Olympic Club, a member of the board of the Latvian Sports Coaches Association, “V.Zozulis Olympic Club” member, as well as she receives remuneration from Ropaži municipality, but as an assistant – in Riga city municipality.

Amantova’s total income last year was about 40,000 euros. Most of his income was earned for the position of gymnasium director – 23,914.94 euros, and for the position of a deputy in Ropaži municipality council – 11,888.91 euros.

She has also received 3480 euros from the Latvian Olympic Social Fund, 332 euros – from the Latvian Luge Sports Federation and 402.95 euros – from the Riga City Municipality.

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OCP Group celebrates 100 years of existence

The Office chérifien des phosphates (OCP) group celebrated its 100th anniversary on Friday, the opportunity to look back on the key moments in its history and to celebrate all those who marked it, announces the group in a press release. .
One hundred years ago, the OCP was born; the first ground breaking was given in March 1921 in the vicinity of the future city of Khouribga, explains the same source, adding that in the 1930s and during the Second World War, the group was a public enterprise, and constituted the first anchor worker of the country.
From the first superphosphate plant commissioned in the port of Casablanca, through the exploitation of the Gantour deposits, then in 1952, the exploitation of the first open-pit mine in the history of the group, the OCP takes root.
A few years later, a new page in history is written with the ambition for the group to enter the era of phosphate recovery and the diversification of its offer. The 1960s were thus marked by the creation in Safi of Maroc-Chimie, the first fertilizer manufacturing plant in Morocco. Less than ten years later, the Jorf Lasfar industrial transformation complex was inaugurated in 1986.
From the 1990s, OCP sealed new partnerships with leading foreign economic players and affirmed its international influence. A new historic turn took place in 2014 with the launch of the longest phosphate transport pipeline in the world connecting Khouribga to Jorf Lasfar, then in another register, with the opening, in 2017, of the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. It is thanks to this historical heritage that the group has continued to transform itself and continues to take up new challenges.
Today, it has established itself as the world leader in phosphate products and has been able to place Africa at the heart of its development strategy through its multiple establishments in the service of agriculture.
Over time, it is above all men and women who have built the DNA of the OCP group and have left an indelible imprint, proudly carried by the generations that have succeeded them.
At present, there are 21,000 employees, 21,000 faces who demonstrate unwavering mobilization to support the group in its expansion, resilience and global growth efforts. An indisputable commitment which allows the group today to celebrate its centenary. Many initiatives of general interest have emerged in different areas thanks to the patriotic involvement of the women and men of the group.
One hundred years of progress, innovation, commitment and human adventure marked the beginning of a story full of challenges and successes that OCP will share through a broad program during the coming months and that the great public can follow on the site: http://Centenaire.ocpgroup.ma.