Analysis: the conclusions of Colombian cyclists in the 2020 Tour de France – Cycling – Sports

The Tour de France The title was finished for the Slovenian, Tadej Pogacar, the second place for Primoz Roglic and the third for Richie Porte, while the Colombian cycling finished with a sixth place of Miguel Lopez and the eighth of Rigoberto Uran. The conclusions of the performance.

1. Two in the ‘top’ 10. Miguel Ángel López finished in the sixth box and Rigoberto Urán in the eighth, the best Colombians in this Tour de France.

López, even before the clock, was third and won a stage, in Col de la Loze, but he had his bad day, he did not live up to expectations and not only lost the podium option but fell much lower.

The Boyacense assumed the leadership of the foreign legion, after the retirement of Egan Bernal, the loss of time of Nairo Quintana and Urán, but The responsibility, the head and the legs weighed on him, because he did not have what to finish the race with. He had third place in his hands, but he let it go. It is his first Tour and that performance is valid, but it could have been better.

Rigoberto Urán, to keep his place in the group of the top ten on the Tour.

Urán demonstrated his professionalism. A year ago his family told him to retire, but he did not, he stopped from the strong blow in the Vuelta a España, came back, applied that good dose of veterancy, prepared himself in the best way and did a very good competition.

He lacked something in the auction, but he made it clear that his experience is worth a lot and we must recognize his capacity for suffering and his professionalism. The best Colombian in the Tour, even if López surpasses him in the general classification.

2. The two stages. López and Daniel Martínez were on the scoreboard. The boyacense cyclist won the Col de Loze, last Wednesday, and adjusted the victory 22 of the Tour for Colombian cycling.

Martínez, for his part, came to the race excited and with the wings that gave him the title at the Criterium Dauphiné, but a fall in the second stage ruined his aspirations to make a good general.

The Education First cyclist followed the race, little by little he recovered, he gave Urán a hand in the stages to keep him in the top 10 overall, he delivered and it was his own thing.

The stage victory in Puy Mary is a fair reward for him, for the fight that he had Dealing with retirement and for a team that with the title at Dauphiné, this stage victory for Martínez and the eighth place overall for Urán saved the year.

4. Egan and Nairo. They were the two figures from Colombia. With Bernal the title was defended and with Nairo there were aspirations of partial victories and a place within the five, but neither one nor the other.

Egan Bernal retired due to back pain, fatigue came at the unexpected moment and that won him the stage. His departure from the Tour through the back door left Colombian cycling with no chance of winning the event and fighting for the podium head-on.

Egan Bernal

Egan Bernal gave up more time in the general classification.

Today, Egan is the only Colombian cyclist capable of fighting the general of the big three.

Nairo, as has already been said, the blows led him to say goodbye to the first place, he finished behind in the classification and for the first time in history he was outside the top 12 of the general classification.

Yes, he is the best Colombian cyclist in history, that is what the results say, but his present is not the best. Since 2017, when he finished second in the Giro d’Italia behind Tom Dumoulin, the Boyacense has not fought for a podium in a major competition, and due to injuries, after falls, he could not this time either.

5. More was expected. Urán said it very clearly: “” obviously more was expected, but as a Colombian, not as a cyclist, I am happy with what we have done here. ”
I wish you could win the Tour de France every year, but it’s not like that. You have to have many conditions in your favor and in this 2020 nothing came out of the Colombians in terms of the fight for the podium. Egan’s retirement, by Sergio Higuita; Nairo’s blows and injuries and López’s failure to finish off the competition prevented the performance from being better.

It is clear that with Egan you could fight, but his retirement put an end to that and Colombia was left to fight for the podium. Urán paid the effort of the last days and López, when he was expected to defend third place, he sank, did not respond, had his bad day and being one of the best of the race in Paris was an illusion.

Lisandro Rengifo

Editor of EL TIEMPO


MAJ ANALYSIS on the Xbox All Access: a real revolutionary offer, or a simple marketing argument?

The past few days have been eventful for Microsoft ! The firm of Redmond at first formalized the existence of the Xbox Series S, his second console next-gen, but she also and above all confirmed the price and release date of the Xbox Series X. At the same time, the American company has confirmed that his offer Xbox All Access would finally be launched in France.

Microsoft’s good idea is therefore to make something existing into a marketing tool, both for its consoles, but also and above all for its services.

This news unleashes passions: some see it as a stroke of genius to Microsoft, others a simple communication stunt that claims to reinvent the wheel. We have decided to offer you a summary article which therefore goes back to what the Xbox All Access, what it offers, its real cost, etc.

What does the Xbox All Access ?

  • The Xbox All Access is an “all-in” offer that includes a console and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The gamer pays a monthly fee ($ 24.99 / month for Xbox Series S, $ 32.99 / month for Xbox Series X) for two years, and at the end of that period, the console is theirs.

Xbox All Access : subscription or credit?

  • The Xbox All Access includes a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In fact, many people consider this offer to be a subscription. However, it is indeed a credit. This implies that the interested player will have to apply for credit from one of the brands offering the offer (in France, Fnac and Micromania). His professional situation and his income will be taken into account, as well as his expenses and other credits in progress.

How much does it cost ?

  • Depending on the console next-gen chosen, the prices are as follows: € 24.99 / month for the Xbox Series S, € 32.99 / month for the Xbox Series X. Here is a table to compare the offer to separate purchases:
Console price 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Total separate purchases Prix total Xbox All Access
Xbox Series S 299,99 € 311,76 € 611,75 € 599,76 €
Xbox Series X 499,99 € 811,75 € 791,76 €
  • Pour la Xbox Series S, the offer Xbox All Access is needed and even saves ten euros compared to separate purchases. Regarding the Xbox Series X, the economy climbs to 20 euros.

Is the offer really revolutionary?

  • Yes and no. No, because the fact of offering a loan for the purchase of a good is far from being a new idea. Many brands also offer to pay for purchases in several monthly installments, with higher or lower interest rates.
  • The fact of including an additional service in the credit offer is not completely innovative either; this possibility already exists in other fields, in particular the automobile, where certain dealers propose to integrate the maintenance costs of a vehicle in the credit.
  • Finally, the slogan “dive into the new generation from € 24.99 per month” is reminiscent of the catchphrases for car manufacturer advertisements, which highlight the possibility of driving a new vehicle from a certain monthly amount.
  • What can be considered revolutionary in this offer of Microsoft, it is simply the fact of offering such a possibility in the world of video games and giving it visibility with a name and an advertising campaign. Of course, it is already possible to get a console and pay for it in several installments at different resellers. But each brand has its offer, interest rates, conditions, etc. Here, Microsoft highlights a unique offer that can be found at each participating store. The only difference could be made at the level of the organization granting the credits (Cofidis for Micromania, CA Consumer Finance for Fnac): one company could have stricter or more flexible requirements than another as to the conditions for granting the loan.

Who is this offer for?

  • The Xbox All Access is intended for players who want one of the consoles and have a real interest in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If this service of Microsoft does not interest them, if they do not play online or if they are not tempted by the xCloud, the program immediately becomes less interesting since it imposes the XGPU. For example, if a player is satisfied with the Xbox Game Pass classic, the offer Xbox All Access will cost him € 60 more than separate purchases for the Xbox Series S (€ 599.76 in All Access against € 539.75 in separate purchases). For the Series X, the difference is around 50 euros (€ 791.76 in All Access against 739.75 € in separate purchases).

Xbox Series X S family hardware comparaison (1)


As said above, Microsoft is not the first to offer the possibility of payment in monthly installments in the field of video games, several brands already have similar offers. But where the latter generally had little visibility, Microsoft decided to create an “all-in” offer, to give it a name and to promote it on a large scale. The good idea of Microsoft is therefore to turn something existing into a marketing tool, both for its consoles, but also and above all for its services.

As we calculated, the offer is interesting for both the Xbox Series S (10 euros savings) and the Series X (20 euros savings). The condition for the offer to be really interesting is of course to have an interest in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The player who is content with Xbox Game Pass classic, or Xbox Live Gold alone, will have less interest in turning to this service.

The program is sold as an “ all-in ”, so it makes sense that Microsoft put everything in it. Some will regret not having flexibility, being able to “customize” the offer with a different subscription. For these, as explained above, it is always possible to inquire with different resellers to see the possibilities of monthly payments, and to take the subscription that suits them on the side.

As a reminder, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will be available from November 10. You can already register sure Amazon to be notified of the opening of pre-orders on September 22.

Update : Microsoft formalized the price of € 32.99 for the Xbox All Access with the Xbox Series X, we’ve adjusted the article and our calculations accordingly.


Javier Ordóñez: details of the autopsy and medical explanation of his death – Health

Last Friday, data from the what would be the necropsy performed on Javier Ordóñez, the man who died on Wednesday, September 9 in Bogotá in a police abuse case under investigation. The EL TIEMPO Health Unit makes a clinical analysis of what can happen to a body with the type of injuries described.

(In context: Necropsy reveals the wounds suffered by Javier Ordóñez)

The outbreak of a solid viscus such as the kidney, with separation of the blood vessels (artery and vein) that supply it, it can be the result of very strong blows that displace the organ with such force that they tear the structures of the arteries and veins, causing hemorrhages that can hardly be contained.

It is a very serious situation because severely compromises the body’s hemodynamic balance due to blood loss, but if the complete rupture of the main artery and vein of the other kidney is added, the risk is multiplied throughout the body, unless the injuries are corrected immediately.

Two liters of blood are lost due to these damages, They accumulate in the form of a hematoma in the back of the abdomen (retroperitoneum), and the general functioning of the body begins to be compromised by a dangerous lack of fluids within the blood vessels and of red blood cells to oxygenate the tissues.

Read also: Judge decides whether to send police officers to prison for Javier Ordóñez case

So far the imminence of death is high. Now, if to these damages are added injuries in other viscera with tears in the membranes that fix them to the abdomen (mesentery), which produce bleeding of another 1,500 cubic centimeters, which are concentrated in the abdomen, the possibility of a shock hypovolemic (massive blood loss) is very high, given that by a single trauma, 3.5 liters of blood have already been lost out of the 5 that the body handles, that is, about 60 percent.

Here you have to know that Acute (sudden) blood losses greater than 20 percent are considered extremely serious, to the point that they fall into the range of so-called vital emergencies.

And if the situation is already extreme, we must add simultaneous injury to organs such as the liver and spleen, that due to their high irrigation also contribute their share of bleeding in this catastrophe.

In this context, the affected person’s blood pressure drops dramatically, the heart rate increases in an exaggerated way and the pulse is too weak, the person becomes extremely pale and as there is no blood to irrigate the neurons, consciousness is lost. which means that the body is not getting the blood it needs and literally the risk of dying is imminent.

Of interest: They take a patrol car involved in the death of Javier Ordóñez to the clinic

On the other hand, if the affected person presents other types of external injuries, electrical burns, trauma and gunshot wounds, A true polytrauma is consolidated that increases the stress of the organism with greater demands on blood supply to try to compensate for the damage. Given this, alarm systems are literally no longer able to compensate.

In this sense, all the functions of the body begin to fail until reaching a general collapse, starting with the death of cells that are very sensitive to oxygen deprivation, such as brain cells, heart cells and, progressively, those of vital structures.

In functional terms, without oxygen, the body enters a deadly triad: acidosis (excessive acid production due to the activation of compensatory anaerobic processes); hypothermia, due to the inability to produce heat, and serious failures in the coagulation mechanisms.

Without oxygen, the organs resist variable times, for example, brain, lung and heart do not tolerate this condition for more than 7 minutes, while the abdominal organs can be up to 45 minutes and the muscle and skin, up to 6 hours.

In this state, If the person has not received immediate attention, the situation is irreversible and the patient dies quickly.

The serious thing is that since in closed traumas there are no signs of bleeding, it may be thought that the affected person is not so bad.

This can be the outcome of closed traumas produced by strong blows with forceful elements on the back and abdomen.

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Striking Erdogan-Macron analysis from Bloomberg: Raise the bar or shut up!

Turkey where he lived in France and Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean crisis agenda does not fall from the world’s media. The article published in US-based Bloomberg with the signature of Bobby Gosh contained striking findings.

In the article in which French President Emmanuel Macron was criticized harshly, “Macron is attacking his Turkish counterpart with his words once again over the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean. However, these words will not be enough to break Erdogan’s power. His verbal attacks were repeated so many times that it lost its effect ”.


The highlights of the rest of the article are as follows:

– Just a few weeks ago, said it already Macron draw red lines, ‘Turkey is not deduce from the action than words,’ he argued. Its actions such as participating in military exercises or organizing summits so far have only led to it being underestimated by Ankara. Macron has two options. Raising the bar or keeping quiet.


– France can send more warships to the region. But against one ally it cannot expect the support of other NATO allies. Such a possible step would not result in Erdogan abandoning his goals and withdrawing drilling and warships. It seems unlikely that Trump will take tougher measures against Erdogan, either.


– German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkey and Greece are trying to find tension between negotiation results. Although the EU sanctions against Turkey also warned that although implementation, Merkel is not likely to put them into practice. As he strives for a peaceful solution, Macron’s swinging sword does not fit Merkel’s position.


– Macron has other crises to deal with. Corona virus cases are increasing alarmingly in the country, criticisms are made that they cannot effectively combat the pandemic. Under these circumstances, Macron must put an end to his verbal war on conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean and leave the speech to the German Prime Minister.

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Crusader Kings III is strategic perfection

Paradox sets the stage again dispatching with a third installment that has it all, improves many things by expanding the extension of the map such as the number of playable hours it can offer us.

Crusader Kings III – Release Trailer

Starting from the base, it is necessary to understand several concepts regarding Crusader Kings III. As a first measure, it is a game of dynasties and not of nations or kingdoms or simply territories. What am I going with this? Every decision you make will to affect to the entire dynasty and not to your playable character at that moment, therefore, you don’t have to think only about what is convenient for you at that moment. For example, if you need a powerful ally who can help you in a war that you are fighting, you can propose that he marry someone of your descendants, and in that way win not only that ally but also the military support you are looking for. but also this marital union infers on the prestige and renown that both gain. Another thing to keep in mind is our style of play, because it is not only a game of strategy, but it depends a lot on how we play the role we choose because you will not have the same abilities or virtues if you prefer the way of life martial (aimed more towards the military) than the way of life instruction (aimed more towards study and knowledge). Each lifestyle, which is 5 in total, will provide us with unique features to facilitate the various situations that arise in the course of life.

Being a game that is made up of many different systems, the tutorial is very important for those who have never played it, and Crusader Kings III, compared to its predecessor, is much more newbie friendly. Loaded with information, in more or less two hours of play, they explain all the systems it has and how they are used, as well as the keywords within the game. Everything that is relatively important is highlighted and an information window opens, where they explain what that word means and what the consequences are. Every action we do or decision we make will bring about a new situation in which to decide what direction to take in order to move forward. Placing ourselves in the year 1065, already several years ahead of the Viking invasions, we are going to take control of Grand Duke Murchard, from then on everything you do will run on your own and the aspirations you have for this character, and as a deadline we are going to reach the middle of 1450, more precisely to the fall of the Byzantine Empire which was in 1453.

The map, which with respect to the predecessor that was smaller, here ranges from Iceland to India and from the Arctic Circle to Central Africa, and this is the point where more than one player is off the hook because There is no fixed final goal, but they are only suggestions of what you should do, either claim a territory or create a title.. The divisions on the map are given according to the territories and their importance, that is, you will see the kingdoms all in one color, but as you zoom in, you begin to see the delimitations in duchies, baronies, etc. . These divisions are due to you have a limit of titles or lands to control and you must relegate control of the lands to your most trusted vassalsBut as you relegate titles, your vassals gain power and may demand court positions, arrange marriages, or even ask you to join the war they just declared. But one of the things that stands out the most Crusader Kings III It is in the graphical improvement of the map, as in general, where it allows us to clearly see the areas through which the units are going to transit or the different climates in each of the locations, in order to know what the advantage by terrain will be if we have to to struggle.


The court is made up of 6 positions that are the representative of your religion, a chancellor, an administrator, a marshal, a spy chief and the position of spouse. Each of these positions has their abilities and scope very marked, for example, with the spy chief we can discover if they are plotting an assassination against someone from our dynasty or we ourselves use that option to get rid of an enemy leader without anyone being find out. With the marshal we can train local troops to rank higher or maintain control of the county. Each of the members of the court will gain positive opinion, which assures us that they do not desert or that they want to complicate decision-making by proposing nonsensical things.

Among many other things such as dynasties, religions and conquests, It is also a resource management game, where we will have 4 available to use at all times. The main one is oro, which will allow us to hire soldiers, create titles, pay prisoner ransoms, build buildings and update them, among other things and can be achieved by paying tributes (taxes) from our vassals and, if we have a small amount , we can ask our religious leader to help us. But it will only help us if our piety It is high, because it is the resource that defines how close we are to religion, this will depend on the positive opinion that our leader has about us and with the different religious acts that we carry out throughout our lives and decisions that we are taking. With decisions, whether they are correct or expected by those who ask us for help or advice, our prestige which will allow us to have more facilities when it comes to establishing diplomatic relations or to dispute titles. And with the gain in titles, our renown so more and more powerful enemies will want to challenge us or they will want to ally with us.


The number of options and situations that Crusader Kings III proposes is the main reason for not being able to release it, because the conditions to start, as well as the traits and our title of nobility, we can choose before embarking on the campaign that covers almost 400 years of history, that is if we start from 1065, because it also has the option of starting 200 years before , a period prior to the Viking invasions where conditions are much more complicated. The possibilities are very wide, from characters that can be bisexual The asexual until in an extreme situation due to a relationship between cousins ​​and it is the head of the dynasty who became pregnant, it has given me the possibility of abort (with a slight possibility of death) so that my spouse does not find out what happened. When I decided to start with another character, I was more on the tyrant and sadistic side, which gave me the option of being able to torture my prisoners and once the torture was completed my stress was reduced. The gambling possibilities are so many that it can even seem overwhelming, but is the only game where I really felt that each and every one of my decisions had significant weight Either gaining prestige or confronting my religious leader, defining marital unions according to the convenience of power or the possibilities of having a descendant and obtaining certain characteristics of the union that I propose, is what led me to that “little while” more of the game ends up becoming a marathon of hours glued to the screen without being able to move or that I am interested in playing something else. In all respects, this is the best version of a Grand Strategy style game, far exceeding the second installment and, allowing me to be a bit controversial, becoming the best candidate for GOTY this year as far as strategy is concerned.

With a lot of mods to discover, that to date there are more than 100, and that no matter how much you choose the same starting options, the games will never be the same, plus a community that is constantly active, is the game that I would recommend to any fan of strategy games and RPGs.



01/09/2020 (PC)


I still have a lot to discover about Crusader Kings III, but so far everything I saw and the game wanted to show me keeps me wanting to marathon it every day. My PC (Ryzen 5 3600, 16Gb RAM, GTX 970) had no problem running it in ultra and it is a game that can run on any machine without any problem.


Asian Currency Loss, Rupiah Becomes the Worst

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The rupiah exchange rate against the United States (US) dollar finally weakened on Tuesday’s trade (8/9/2020), even though at the opening of trade the rupiah went straight into the green zone. Not only the rupiah, the majority of major Asian currencies fell against the US dollar.

Launching Refinitiv data, once trading was opened the rupiah strengthened 0.2% to Rp 14,700 / US $. Unfortunately, only a few minutes later, Garuda Currency immediately entered the red zone. Depreciation continued until it touched the level of Rp. 14,795 / US $, weakening 0.44%.

The position of the rupiah improved, at the close of trading at the level of Rp. 14,760 / US $, weakening 0.2% in the market spot.

However, even though its undercutting was trimmed, the rupiah remained the worst in Asia. As of 15:11 WIB, only the Taiwan dollar and the Philippine peso had strengthened against the US dollar, the rest had fallen.

Following is the movement of the US dollar against major Asian currencies.

The rupiah is actually getting fresh air from within the country, which causes it to immediately strengthen at the opening of trade. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, who calmed the market regarding the plan to revise the Bank Indonesia (BI) law and the “burden sharing” policy, made the rupiah energized again.

In addition, Indonesia’s foreign exchange reserves again scored a record high of US $ 137 billion.

Another good news comes from the results of a biweekly Reuters survey which showed investors are returning to favor the rupiah by taking long positions after taking short positions in 4 consecutive surveys or in the last 2 months.


Biden puts two feet in the ring as Trump staggers (Analysis) – CNN

(CNN) — The non-aggression campaign of Joe Biden takes a sharper lead as his run with the president Donald Trump enters the final stretch and the headline, a week after the sweetened Republican convention, lashes out again in response to a new series of controversies made by himself.

On the eve of Labor Day weekend, Biden, at his second press conference of the week, reacted furiously to a report that TrumpIn private conversations, he described US soldiers killed in action as “fools.” Biden called the statements “absolutely damning” and asked the president, if the details of the story are true, to apologize to the families of US military veterans and those killed in war.

The alleged comments, as first reported in The Atlantic on Thursday, they encountered a frenzied rush of denials of the White House and Trump personally, who has described the report as a “hoax”. But his rush to undermine history, which has not been independently verified by CNN, underscores the danger political that Trump sees in the future and, at least, its potential to detract from his efforts to turn this election into a partisan election and not simply a referendum in its first four years.

Biden made the issue, which could curb support for Trump with military families and veterans, personal during an exchange with reporters in Wilmington, Delaware, on Friday, recalling the background of his late son, Beau.

«My son was an assistant to the Secretary of Justice of U.S and he volunteered to go to Kosovo, when the war was on, as a civilian, he was not a ‘fool’, ”said Biden, his face stern as he hammered the offensive term. “When my son volunteered and joined the United States Army as Attorney General (for Delaware), he went to Iraq for a year, won the Bronze Star and other accolades, he was not a ‘fool.’

In the months since he won the Democratic nomination, Biden has tried to steer clear of the wildfires lit by Trump, to focus his criticism of the president on mismanagement by the administration of the coronavirus pandemic. The death toll in the country is close to 200,000 and, according to a model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington, could more than double that number in January if the United States continues on its current path.

“(Trump) doesn’t feel it, he doesn’t understand, he just doesn’t care. He thinks that if the stock market goes up, then everything is fine, “said Biden, who struck a chord with the populist in this latest complaint. “If your rich donors and friends are fine, so everything is fine. If corporations see their valuations rise, then they must be hiring. “

At his own press conference later in the day, Trump came out and offered a memorial comment on what he touted as news positive economics in an employment report released Friday, before reverting to misleading messages about the pandemic and an all-out frontal assault on The Atlantic story.

But if Trump’s goal was to question the magazine’s details, to suggest that he could not have denigrated the war dead because of his alleged reverence for the military, he chose an odd way of communicating it.

Recalling his disparaging comments about the late Senator John McCain, the president said he “respected” the man who served nearly six years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, before repeatedly criticizing the veterans legislation that McCain, along with Senator Bernie Sanders, created and passed during the Obama administration.

Trump also suggested that his former chief of staff, John Kelly, could have been a source for The Atlantic article, before try to convince to Americans that the former U.S. Marine Corps general had collapsed in the crucible of Trump’s luxurious West Wing office space.

“He was with me, he didn’t do a good job, he had no temperament, and ultimately he was exhausted,” Trump said of Kelly, whose son died in action nearly a decade ago in Afghanistan. They ate him alive. He couldn’t handle the pressure of this job.

Contrasting styles

Friday’s press conferences offered Americans another jarring contrast between Trump and Biden, culminating a week of the same. Both men visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, which has been hit by protests and riots in response to the shooting of a police officer seven times in the back of Jacob Blake, a black man, on August 23.

Pero Trump used your visit, almost exclusively, to highlight the scenes of looting and burning buildings. Biden, when he landed later in the week, condemned the violence and spoke about systemic racism and racial justice issues during remarks at Grace Lutheran Church. She also had a private conversation with members of Blake’s family and spoke to the 29-year-old by phone.

Back in his home state on Friday, Biden framed the election race – as he has for months – as less a choice between himself and Trump than a question of whether the country wants to go further down Trump’s rabbit hole. But, perhaps more than ever, he seemed determined to make a more passionate case against her.

He lashed out and lamented Trump’s suggestion, on consecutive nights, to supporters in North Carolina and Pennsylvania to try to vote twice, once by mail and then in person, to test election security measures. It is illegal to vote twice, as a variety of legal experts, election officials, and state attorneys general reminded americans in response.

The former vice president reiterated that point, but also inquired into the psychology of the matter, calling the comments another attempt by Trump to “create so much chaos that no matter what the outcome of the election is, it is thrown into the air.” When asked at the time if he was concerned about Trump’s blatant effort to clear up questions about voting by mail, Biden replied simply, “Yes, I am.”

“The more chaos is sown here, people will not be inclined to show up,” he said, channeling the wisdom of voting rights experts, who say the vague and constant talk about voter suppression, even in attempts to combat it , it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. “In a sense, every time I talk about it, I feel like I’m playing their game.”

Friday night, Trump tripled and told the supporters in North Carolina during a “telerally” they would post their ballots by mail and attempt to vote in person.

Entering the ring

Engaging with Trump on Trump’s terms has proven over the years to be a wasted effort, for both Republicans and Democrats. Biden and his campaign have sought to keep at least one foot out of the president’s mud pit. That decision was made to appear wiser this week, as a variety of polls showed that Biden was outperforming Trump, as he does in all big-name national polls, and ahead of Trump or running side by side with him in key states.

Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, told reporters in a call on Friday that she believed the race is “pretty stable under the hood” as it ticked off a number of demographics, including suburban and low-income demographics. independent, with which polls showed that Biden performed better than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Mike Donilon, Biden’s chief strategist, commented on the same call that he coronavirus it would remain the main focus of the campaign, for the simple reason that, whether viewed as a health or economic problem, or both, it remains a concern for millions of Americans.

Trump’s efforts to evade the pandemic, he said, will not be successful, because “that’s where the voters are,” adding that the president’s attempts to change the conversation with outlandish, headline-grabbing comments would be counterproductive.

“When there’s an intense focus on President Trump and what he’s saying and what he’s doing,” Donilon said, “I think there’s a lot of evidence over the course of this race that his numbers tend to drop.”

Yet for parts of the week and a few captivating hours at the end, Biden vowed to make his own mark. Now when the first rounds of ballots begin to reach voters Less than 60 days before the election, Biden and his team appear determined to help Trump on a path they believe ends with the president’s political demise.


Tour de France: Rigo Urán, Daniel Martínez, Sergio Higuita, the alternatives of Colombia – Cycling – Sports

Rigoberto Uran, Daniel Martinezy Sergio Higuita are three Colombian cyclists, who are the backbone of the Education First team, a squad that few see, but that has everything to make its rivals suffer and, why not, fight for the title of the Tour of Francia.

The Colombian trident brings together the experience and wisdom of Urán; the power and strength to Martinez’s watch, although he lost time on Sunday, and the youth and explosiveness of Higuita, fourth overall, which forces the cycling world to turn its eyes towards them.

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Urán is the captain of the squad. The road technician.
At 33, it will be his seventh participation in the most important event in the world. In 2009 he was 50, in 2011 he finished 23, in 2015 he was 42, second in 2017 and he won a stage. He retired in 2018, and last year he ranked seventh.

He is a mature cyclist, who defends himself well on all terrains, he is not an attacker in the mountains, but he climbs well and regained his power in the stages to the clock.

He comes from a strong fall in the 2019 Vuelta a España. This year he has only raced in the Tour Colombia and in the Dauphiné, but without a doubt that with the wisdom and the way to hold the pace of the strongest, Urán can, at some point, reach his rivals and make a good general.

“Here no one is a leader, we are going to go every day to see what happens. We have a team to fight”,
Urán said before the start of the Tour and that gives a lot of tranquility, it shows that there is no pressure.

Education First comes to this edition of the Tour with the title of Criterium Dauphiné as its cover letter,
competition in which Martínez showed his best conditions, took advantage of his excellent moment and in an intelligent way of running he won the victory at the end, a triumph that some have downplayed because it was achieved without big stars like Egan Bernal and Primoz Roglic, who retired.

No matter what happened, Martínez comes to this Tour with wings on his shirt. He is a 24-year-old cyclist, who despite his young age already has four major events behind him: Giro d’Italia of 2016 and 2017, the 2018 Tour, when it occupied position 38, and the Vuelta a España last year.

He measures 1.72 meters, weighs 63 kilos and this 2020 has been round for him. He won the time trial of the Road Nationals,
He was third in the long-distance competition and took second place in the Tour Colombia, behind Higuita, and with a partial victory included, but yesterday a fall took its toll and he lost more than three minutes.

Martínez did not have them all with him this Sunday, he fell and although he connected, when the group tightened the pace he lost the wheel and he is already more than three minutes away in the general, so his plans change, and he can gamble in search of a partial victory and help Higuita and Urán.

Daniel Martínez, Dauphiné champion.

Higuita, meanwhile, makes his debut on the Tour. It was already 14 in the Tour of Spain last year, a competition in which she won a stage victory. The 23-year-old cyclist has earned a place in the giants lot. This year has been special. He was crowned national champion of the route, won the Tour Colombia and was third in Paris-Nice behind the German Maximilian Schachmaan and Tiesj Benoot, first and second, respectively.

It measures 1.66 meters, weighs 57 kilos, but regardless of this, in Paris-Nice He showed that he has the strength in his legs to fight for a spot in the lot, when the crosswinds appear and the fans rage.

He came to Dauphiné as one of the team’s featured cards, but suffered a fall That diminished him and kept him from fighting for the top positions. He dedicated himself to rolling, to doing kilometers and hopes in this Tour to consecrate himself. The rider got into the packaging on Sunday, was fifth and is fourth in the general classification.

Both Martínez and Higuita, according to the circumstances of the competition, they can get to fight the best young man on the Tour, a title that they would not dislike.

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Urán, Martínez and Higuita will be under the direction of Spanish coach Juan Manuel Gárate, who knows them by heart, trusts them and knows that with the Colombian trident they can aspire to win a Tour de France, which looks more open than ever.

Lisandro Rengifo
Editor of EL TIEMPO


Huawei-Voicewise experience Covid-19 diagnosis via voice – Software and App

Huawei and Voicewise, a spin-off of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, have started the research pilot project of voice biomarkers for Covid-19 infection through artificial intelligence.

The clinical study – reads a note – was born with the aim of verifying the possibility of identifying the Covid-19 infection through the analysis of voice samples, using artificial intelligence algorithms developed by Voicewise. This analysis is also aimed at “measuring” the level of severity of the infection as well as monitoring its course, even in the healing phase following discharge from the hospital or in patients in home isolation.

The clinical trial to diagnose and monitor the infection was activated at the Castelli Hospital in Rome, at the Technoscience Technological Park in Latina and at the San Matteo Foundation Polyclinic in Pavia.

In support of the project, Huawei Italia provided the mobile devices necessary for the experimentation. Huawei smartphones and tablets are in fact the tools to allow, through the use of the web app developed by Voicewise, to record and acquire the voices of patients in Covid wards in an agile and remote way, eliminating any risk of contact with the patient.