Israel declared it willing to attack the S-300 in Syria in case of conflict

Israel is ready to attack the S-300 Syrian complexes if they reach Israeli targets. This was announced at a meeting with journalists from the Minister of Justice Affairs, Israel's Environmental Protection and Cultural Heritage, Co-Chair of the Israeli-Russian inter-government commission Zeev Elkin. "Air transport in this region may be in danger," RIA Novosti quotes. The […]

Controverted film wins the grand prize

At the DOK Leipzig film festival, the controversial Lord of the Toys film won the main prize in the German competition. The film by director Pablo Ben Yakov on a group of Dresdner Youtubers who repeatedly expressed himself in his anti-Semitic, racist and sexist channel, was honored on Saturday night by the jury one of […]

Israel fights the outbreak of measles when the baby dies of illness

JERUSALEM – Israel is dealing with one of its worst measles outbreaks in the decades, with more than 1,200 cases reported since the beginning of 2018. Israeli media reported Thursday that an 18-month-old baby died from complications of the disease in a hospital in Jerusalem. the first death of the country since measles since 2003. […]

Visiting the Pittsburgh Synagogue, Trump conspired by protesters

On Tuesday he arrived at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, where an anti-Semitic shooter knocked down 11 worshipers and was received by protesters who opposed his visit accusing him of revolting hatred. Trump Lies Kill: More than 1,500 people of all ages and denominations have asked the President of the USA. UU that resigns its incendiary […]

Erste Beerdigungen nach Attentat in US-Synagoge

Stand: 22:44 Uhr | Lesedauer: 3 Minutes Donald Trump zusammen mit seiner Frau Melania vor einer Gedenkstätte für die Opfer des Attentats in the Tree of Life Synagoge. Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP Quelle: dpa-infocom GmbH Die USA will bring the Opfer des Angriffs to Synagoge in Pittsburgh. Am Tag der ersten Beerdigungen besucht Präsident […]

The start-up develops a folding electric car

car According to the manufacturer, the final prototype of cars will be launched in the next 10 months. (Photo: image alliance / dpa) Sunday, October 28, 2018 Searching for a parking lot makes many drivers desperate. However, a car that doubles at the touch of a button could make your life easier in the future. […]

Israeli Prime Minister “afflicted” by the synagogue attack in Pittsburgh

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday he was "afflicted and terrified" by a shooting attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed at least eight people. "The whole town of Israel is sad with the families of the dead. We are together with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh, we are together […]

Palestinian militants agree to truce after the fire exchange with Israel

GAZA / JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Palestinian militants said Saturday they would stop the attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip after firing the heaviest rocket survivors since August. The Iron Dome's anti-missile system triggers intercept missiles when rockets are launched from Gaza to Israel as seen in Ashkelon, Israel on October 27, 2018. Photo taken […]

Palestinian militiamen fire rockets, Israel hits Gaza

GAZA / JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel hit dozens of targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, Israeli military and Palestinian militants fired their heaviest troops across the border since August. An explosion is seen during Israeli airstrikes in Gaza on October 27, 2018. REUTERS / Ahmed Zakot There were no casualties in Israel or in […]

Israel bombs eighty targets in Gaza

Palestinian militants fired 30 rockets to Israel on Friday after Israeli soldiers killed four Palestinians in violent protests at the border. Israel blames rocket attacks against the Hamas Islamist movement, which in fact controls Gaza, although it has not claimed responsibility for releases. "In response to his serious actions, dozens of combat aircraft, helicopters and […]