I encircle ultra-orthodox Jews to curb the coronavirus in Israel

Mikel AyestaranFOLLOW Jerusalem correspondent Updated:04/05/2020 02: 27h save Related news More than a thousand Israeli Police officers they block and monitor the entrances and exits of Bnei Brak and the Army has deployed the 98th Parachute Division in this town south of Tel Aviv to assist its 200,000 inhabitants. Bnei Brak, known as “The city […]

in Israel, the haredim defy health measures

Jews in Israel haredim (literally “God-fearing”) are over-represented among the patients of Covid-19. The country has officially recorded 36 deaths from the new coronavirus and more than 7,000 cases. According to local media, half of them are ultra-Orthodox Jews, while they represent only about 10% of the country’s population. → LIVE. Coronavirus: the latest news […]

When heads of state and crowned heads experience containment

BIG STORY – From Prince Charles to “BoJo”, from Merkel to Putin or Netanyahu, they had to submit to the dictates of the virus. In containment, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, communicates by videoconference (here, March 28, 2020). ANDREW PARSONS / 10 DOWNING ST / via REUTERS Viruses sometimes lack regard for the powerful. […]

In Gaza, “in such a populated territory, the wave can come very quickly”

Even under normal circumstances – if such a thing exists in the Gaza Strip – a choir of cassanders constantly predicts the worst for its inhabitants, and the future is usually responsible for proving them right. However, this is an unprecedented scenario that terrifies humanitarian workers and experts today. That of an epidemic that put […]

The new Huawei nova 7i is the perfect home companion

Tell me – Huawei announced the latest addition to its series of smartphones Huawei nova, the new Huawei nova 7i phone in Jordan, to be the perfect companion for all those who spend this period in their homes! Learn professional photography while you are at home The phone comes with a quad camera supported by […]

Benjamin Netanyahu at the head of a union government

Faced with the coronavirus crisis, the outgoing Prime Minister made his opponent fold, Benny Gantz, who joined his team. By Marc Henry Elected president of the Knesset on Thursday, thanks to Likud’s unexpected support, Benny Gantz (left on the electoral poster) agreed to join the “national emergency government” led by his political rival Benjamin Netanyahu […]

In Israel, a government of national unity in sight

Political twists are linked in Israel. While at the start of the week, tensions were highest between the outgoing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his rival, the leader of the Bleu-Blanc party Benny Gantz, it is ultimately the hypothesis of a government of national union holding the rope. While he was appointed on March 16 […]

Netanyahu and his rival will form a unity government

Israelis will not have to vote for the fourth consecutive time. Acting Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and its main electoral rival, Benny Gantz, they finalize a pact that already seems well closed to form a unity government in which Netanyahu will continue to occupy his post until September 2021 and Gantz will be foreign […]