Why is there a vending machine on the battlefield? – Games

The American beverage manufacturer Mountain Dew is expanding its sponsorship in esports, and in a very special way.

Even before “Fortnite” or “Apex Legends” had usurped the Battle Royal genre, two games fought for the players’ favor: “H1Z1” and “PUBG”. The second of the two, “PUBG-Mobile”, has been enabling battle royale action on the smartphone for some time now and benefits immensely from the fact that “Fortnite” is currently not available in the stores of mobile devices.

Limo in der Mobil-Version

The beverage manufacturer Mountain Dew, which belongs to the Pepsi Group, has also noticed that e-sports are getting bigger and bigger on the smartphone. You don’t need an expensive PC to play “PUBG-Mobile”, anyone can download the game, and this fact seems to be crucial for the beverage manufacturer.

So there are now drinks machines in the mobile version on the battlefield, which are of course full of cans. These can be exchanged for a Mountain Dew parachute or a virtual Mountain Dew T-shirt. The beverage manufacturer supports the shooter’s e-sports leagues and thus also places its advertising in the game. In-game advertising is nothing new. Even in shooters like “Counter-Strike 1.6” or “Quake-Live” there was such advertising in the form of posters on walls.

Realism … almost

The green drinks machines are definitely out of the ordinary. Because “PUBG” takes place on a battlefield where all players fight for survival, and suddenly there is a green machine. As a reminder: “PUBG-Mobile” takes place in a realistic setting. There are no unicorns or colored hammers like in “Fortnite”.

The developers of the PUBG Corporation certainly earn a lot from the cooperation and thus ensure the continued existence of their own game. It will also pay off for Mountain Dew: The advertising effect for the American beverage manufacturer is there because the community is talking about the machines that don’t really fit into the game, and as long as they are only available in the mobile version of “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”, the Shitstorm will also keep within limits. PC gamers are less receptive to such obvious advertisements.

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President Abinader participates in the inauguration ceremony of the Bávaro City Center square

The President of the Republic Luis Abinader headed this Sunday the inauguration of the Bávaro City Center shopping plaza in the aforementioned town of La Altagracia province.

Words of appreciation were given by the president of BCW Dominicana, Fred Oscar Imbert, who said that it was an honor for the company and its partners to develop this work in the country in favor of the sustainability of the community.

He also indicated that this new center will generate new jobs and opportunities in the area.

Meanwhile, businessman Frank Elías Rainieri said that he maintains his confidence in the country and assured that the commitment to invest in productive means that contribute to creating jobs and new opportunities has not diminished.

“I believe in my country and I am convinced that if we all work hard and do the homework, Punta Cana will continue to be a beacon of light for our economy and thus be able to relaunch our nation’s tourism and help the economy recover hand in hand of our president Luis Abinader, “Rainieri said.

Also present were the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza; the Administrative Vice Minister, Igor Rodríguez; Samuel Pereyra, general administrator of the Reserve Bank; the CEO of the Punta Cana Group, Frank Rainieri; the governor and senator of the province, Martina Pepen and Virgilio Cedano.

Similarly, the president of the Senate, Eduardo Estrella and the deputy minister of Public Works, Luis Bastardo.

At the end of the event, the president took a tour of the Banco Popular facilities in the same shopping center.

Rest of the presidential agenda

After the inauguration of the Bávaro City Center, the president has scheduled a brief meeting at the offices of the local Banco Popular, to later meet with the provincial political leadership of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), in the conference room of the Westin hotel.

At 2:10 PM the Head of State is scheduled to attend a lunch at Rainieri’s residence.

Finally, at 4:30 in the afternoon, Abinader will be in charge of making the ceremonial delivery of the award to the winner of the third edition of the Corales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship, of the tour of the Association of Professional Golfers of America (PGA, for its acronym in English).


M Pokora and Christina Milian: Their incredible declaration of love for their anniversary

A beautiful coincidence that united them and strengthened their love. M Pokora and Christina Milian were both born on September 26, only a few years separate them. To celebrate their respective birthdays, the two lovers shared tender declarations of love on their Instagram account!


Hackers use Uniswap to launder $ 150 million withdrawn from KuCoin

Hackers who hacked the KuCoin exchange use the Uniswap decentralized exchange to convert altcoins to Ethereum.

Tracking the movement of funds, user @UnderTheBreach noticed that due to the actions of a hacker, the price of the Ethereum asset Ocean Token dropped by 4% in just an hour.

The Block researcher Larry Cermak emphasized that Uniswap is being used for the first time by hackers to convert stolen funds.

According to Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Bitfinex, money laundering through the DEX could have “interesting consequences” that cast a shadow on liquidity providers.

Next-generation non-custodial exchanges will support confidential transactions, Ardoino suggested.

On Saturday, September 26, KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange reported about unauthorized withdrawals from hot wallets. According to preliminary estimates, the damage could reach $ 150 million.

Shortly after the hack, Bitfinex froze 13 million USDT on the EOS blockchain, and Tether blocked 20 million USDT on one of the Ethereum addresses “as a precaution.”

Similar measures were taken by other participants in the cryptocurrency market, information about which is posted on the KuCoin website… From the latest updates:

  • marked as suspicious bitcoin addresses 12FACbewf5Fy9nmeaLQtm6Ugo5WS8g2Hay and 1TYyommJW3uhjhcnHhUSuTQFqSBAxBDPV;
  • Orion Protocol reported ORN token re-issue;
  • Covesting project froze COV tokens sent to a suspicious address. Similar measures will undertake VIDT_Datalink;
  • Silent Notary Developers re-release SNTR instead of tokens that hackers got hold of.

The head of KuCoin, Johnny Liu, wrote that the exchange is preparing to resume deposit and withdrawal of funds.

“According to current estimates, we will gradually make available deposit and withdrawal options over the course of the week.”

UPDATE: The hacker started converting the SNX token from the Synthetix DeFi project to Uniswap.

Previously hackers hacked the Slovak bitcoin exchange Eterbase. The attackers managed to withdraw bitcoins, Ethereum, Tron, XRP, Tezos and Algorand from the trading platform for a total amount of over $ 5.3 million (at the exchange rate at that time).

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21 people arrested for trying to get to Puerto Rico illegally

A group of 21 people, 19 men and two women, of undefined immigration status, was arrested on Saturday night five nautical miles off the coast of Añasco, in western Puerto Rico, when trying to reach the island illegally, local police reported this Sunday.

The intervention was carried out at 23:30 (03:30 GMT) on Saturday near the Añasco spa, the Police detailed in a report.

They were personnel from the Añasco Maritime Division of the Puerto Rico Police Rapid Action United Forces Bureau, aboard their Cobra-67 boat and under the supervision of Sergeant Dennis Gómez, who carried out the group’s intervention.

The detainees they were traveling in a 21 foot ship (7 meters) in length.

These were taken into custody by the US Coast Guard from San Juan.

This immigration intervention It is the most recent that the authorities in Puerto Rico carry out since last September 21, when the Coast Guard repatriated 36 Dominicans of a group of 38 intercepted in a boat that was sailing through the Mona Passage towards the west coast of the island.

This group was repatriated to a ship of the Dominican Republic Navy, after being located in the Mona Channel, which separates the Island of Hispaniola from Puerto Rico.

Two women in the group required medical attention, for which they were evacuated and transferred to a hospital in Puerto Rico.

During the interdiction, Coast Guard agents also seized seven kilograms of cocaine estimated to be worth $ 154,000 on the black market.

This intervention was due to the ongoing efforts of multiple agencies in support of Operation Caribbean Guard.

The interdiction occurred during a routine patrol when the crew of a US Customs and Border Protection aircraft detected the immigrants’ boat, approximately 20 nautical miles south of Mona Island, Puerto Rico territory. .

The group of immigrants traveled aboard an informal 30-foot boat (9 meters) in length that was carrying 35 men and three women, who said they had Dominican nationality.


Doctors from Reunion Island opposed to wearing compulsory masks

It is by means of a press release that the Covid Médecins 974 Collective, composed of 13 doctors, threw a paving stone in the pond. Based on the data provided by Public Health France, they believe that the measures to combat the spread of the virus should be relaxed.

These doctors support their point by taking week 38, from September 14 to 20, into account. They announce that the island currently has 14 outbreaks of contamination, 71 hospitalizations and 18 patients admitted to intensive care, a drop in numbers. Added to this a death rate of less than 1 / 100,000 inhabitants, a positivity rate lower than the metropolis and a contagiousness rate lower than 1, that is to say that a carrier of the virus transmits it less than 1 person, the Collective therefore considers that the situation is far from alarmist on the island.

For this reason, the Covid Médecins 974 Collective is proposing new measures to the health authorities:
– Only test symptomatic patients, so as not to panic in the face of alarmist statistics.
– Only advise the wearing of masks to vulnerable people in our population
– Give free rein to the population to wear a mask outdoors
– Maintain the other barrier measures: physical distancing, hand hygiene, all necessary and sufficient measures.
– Do not isolate our elders and thus deprive them of the support and affection of their families: the risk of dying from the isolation induced by liberticidal measures is, for our elders, much more important than dying of a viral infection.


“Toxic management style” by Michel Ancel and the development hell at Beyond Good & Evil 2

Michel Ancel (Rayman creator and game director of Beyond Good & Evil 2) announced his departure from Ubisoft a few days ago in order to become more involved in nature and animal protection (we reported). A report in the French newspaper Release via Kotaku however, it can be seen that his behavior as a manager at Ubisoft was probably “toxic” and an investigation was therefore initiated.

In the interview with the newspaper, Ancel is said to have confirmed that an investigation was about to take place into his “toxic management style” in the ongoing development of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Ubisoft confirmed the matter in a statement Kotaku. The company’s internal investigation would still be ongoing, which is why no results can be disclosed.

The Liberation report revolves around the “Development Hell” that Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been in for seven years. Several Ubisoft employees accuse Ancel of being so difficult to work with that other managers were brought in to limit the number of people who had to interact with him. According to the report, the general management of the project and (allegedly) constant changes to the scope as well as necessary revisions caused an unusually high level of exhaustion, depression and burnout among employees. A Ubisoft employee said he was praised and labeled a genius by Ancel before being badly abused and labeled incompetent in a meeting a short time later.

At Liberation, Ancel said he was unaware that staff would feel this way and he just seemed to acknowledge that the general difficulties associated with playing an ambitious, big budget game had also taken their toll on Ubisoft Montpellier. Ancel said that “the suffering would come from both sides”.

The former game director of BG&E 2 went on to say that he was informed directly by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot about the investigation into his behavior in the company in early August – about a month after Ubisoft responded to widespread reports of sexual harassment, misconduct and abusive behavior Behavior of certain employees of the company had reacted and outside companies were hired to investigate the allegations.

In his interview, Ancel tried to make it clear that he would have said goodbye to Ubisoft of his own free will and would only regret that he could not complete Beyond Good & Evil 2 earlier.

Michel Ancel has now responded to the Liberation report and spoke up Instagram from “Fake News”.


anosmia, a symptom that can last

DECRYPTION – A phenomenon difficult to quantify and poorly understood, the loss of smell can persist for more than two months. With a heavy impact on the quality of life.

A real olfactory rehabilitation can be prescribed in cases of lasting loss of smell.
A real olfactory rehabilitation can be prescribed in cases of lasting loss of smell. NEIGHBOR / PHANIE / phanie

At the start of the Covid epidemic, the loss of smell, or anosmia, was eclipsed by respiratory symptoms. But today, there is no longer any doubt: partially or totally losing your sense of smell is a specific clinical sign of Covid-19 infection. Anosmia which, in some patients, still has not disappeared weeks after their infection. “In April, I was infected with the coronavirus. I did a mild form: fever, body aches, headache and more smell without having a stuffy nose. But since then, I feel absolutely nothing ”, says François.

How many have lost their sense of smell? Difficult to answer. Indeed, as explained by Dr Camille Hervé, ENT at the Rothschild Foundation in Paris, “Since we do not know the prevalence of Covid-19 (the number of cases in the population, Editor’s note), it is impossible to know the anosmia rate ”. An analysis of the scientific literature reveals very variable data from one region of the world

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They report a protest for gasoline on the Pan-American highway :: La Prensa de Lara


Investing more successfully in a stock market crash: Do like Warren Buffett and just say “No”

Following Warren Buffett’s advice and quotes could still be a good move. Especially when it comes to investing more successfully or even getting rich. After all, the oracle of Omaha managed to become one of the most successful investors and at the same time one of the richest people in the world.

In particular, an impending stock market crash is likely to worry many investors. But here, too, there are some quotes from Warren Buffett that can help you in this situation.

In any case, today we want to take a look at a slightly different quote from Buffett. Namely one about how to become more successful in the long term with the word “no”. Surely this can even help you in the coming stock market crash.

Warren Buffett on saying no

As I said, there is a lot of wisdom from Warren Buffett on how to invest successfully. But today’s quote is about what separates successful investors from truly successful investors. Small spoiler: the word no is important:

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

Warren Buffett says at this point that we as investors always have a large selection and decision-making options. Many investors tend to notice them. Obviously a mistake for Warren Buffett. Because whoever says yes instead of no, makes many average decisions. That, in turn, can be important. Especially during a stock market crash.

Saying no to the best investment decisions

If the stock market corrects or crashes, many stocks come out cheap again. And therefore attractive. This quote from Warren Buffett can help you make the really best, cheapest, long-term investment decisions. Namely, by saying no to everyone else with an inner no.

You can make a lot of solid decisions, especially in a stock market crash. However, you should still try to get the last bit out of here and maximize long-term returns. Investing successfully in a stock market crash is easy if you are brave. Leaving the broad market far behind in this phase, however, still requires a somewhat more detailed selection.

Say no to investing too quickly

A second aspect to which you should say no more often during a stock market crash is your own capital allocation. Many an investor tends to invest directly with high stakes during an initial, volatile phase. In order to make the best possible use of a supposedly cheaper rating.

However, sometimes corrections or stock market crashes are of a protracted nature. And tend to go deeper, up to a certain pain threshold. Saying no when the exchanges become visually more attractive (at least to a certain extent) can help you catch the bottom of the market crash. This, too, can significantly increase your return in the long term.

Do Like Warren Buffett: Say No!

So if there is another stock market crash, do like Warren Buffett and become a more successful investor: Say no to the opportunities available to you and be more selective about your stocks. This can potentially improve your returns a lot. Instead of making a lot of average investment decisions.

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