Corona app: recognize Covid-19 by breathing noises and coughing

Researchers at Cambridge University are developing a smartphone app that can be used to determine whether a user has Covid-19 based on the sound of their voice, breathing, and coughing. In the first step, the scientists want to collect and evaluate speech, breath and cough samples using the mobile phone’s microphone. In the end, machine-oriented […]

Why it’s so difficult to predict pandemics

Dusseldorf, San Francisco Could you have known what was going to happen in the past? When people in large parts of the world cheerfully toasted the new year, a start-up from Canada warned of the corona virus. On December 31, 2019, Bluedot reported to numerous authorities and hospitals in North America that there were signs […]

Missing Link: When science fiction and reality cross paths

Madness, it’s like in the cinema! The similarity of current events with the scenarios familiar from science fiction stories should have been noticed – and approached – by many. At the latest when the restrictions in connection with the worldwide spread of the corona virus became noticeable in Germany and when the first police bans […]

University Hospital Director Jochen Werner in the podcast Handelsblatt Disrupt

Dusseldorf In many clinics, too many of the most important processes are “still controlled with the fax machine”, complains Jochen Werner, medical director and chairman of the board of the Essen University Hospital, that this is particularly negative in the current corona crisis. In the Handelsblatt Disrupt podcast, Werner explains how his clinic responds to […]

When the Vatican mixes with artificial intelligence

At first glance, the initiative is surprising to say the least. It took place on February 28 at the Nervi Palace, in the heart of the Vatican. The building houses the synodal aula, a sort of amphitheater where bishops from all over the world gather during a synod convened by the pope. But it was […]

Medical algorithms: calculated dying | heise online

The classic method for calculating the survival probability of patients in intensive care units is the so-called Apache Index (Acute Physiology And Chronic Health Evaluation). It was first published in 1981 and calculates a kind of health index. The higher the value, the worse the state of health, and therefore the chance of survival. However, […]

Start-ups fight the virus with data

Dusseldorf In the fight against Corona, data play a crucial role. They help monitor the course of the disease and are the basis for research into new therapies. Start-ups are also increasingly active in the field. The Munich-based company Climedo, for example, uses digital diaries to record the course of diseases in patients in whom […]

Scientists have created a portable device for the diagnosis of cough virus

2020-03-20T12: 43 + 0300 2020-03-20T12: 43 + 0300 Scientists have created a portable device for the diagnosis of cough virus RIA News RIA News MOSCOW, Mar 20 – RIA News. A portable device with elements of artificial intelligence, created by American scientists, allows you to diagnose the number of patients with […]

Mitt Romney and Andrew Yang say they give people money

Instead of talking about automation, I should have been talking about a pandemic. Read: How Andrew Yang’s ideas could survive the 2020 campaign. Adam Harris: These coronavirus closures will put many Americans in financially precarious situations. Does a one-time injection of money help? Or is it something that needs to be continuous? Andrew Yang: It […]