“50 to 60%” of tobacconists have closed in the face of the coronavirus

Usually animated by the ritual of lovers of scratching games, La Cigale tobacco bar is now empty. Boulevard Marguerite de Rochechouart, few Parisians are walking this Friday, confinement requires. The establishment remains open, despite the small number of customers during the day, who came to take away coffee or buy cigarettes: “We do a service […]

German and American companies suffer so badly

A flash survey of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham) among 2,300 member companies now provides information for the first time on how much companies have suffered from the crisis in recent weeks. The data are available to the Handelsblatt. Accordingly, only five percent of the companies surveyed felt no effects. Every third […]

Faced with the coronavirus crisis, the challenge of a local supermarket

The shelves of Super Temps d’Olemps, in Aveyron, gradually regained calm, after several days of a frenzy of consumption. ” Since confinement, the number of customers has decreased but the amount of the average basket has increased “Said Gregory Vouters, boss of the Olemps Super U near Rodez. Respect for sanitary distances Pasta, flour, sugar […]

Supermarkets are now closing their doors at 7 p.m. – News

On Thursday evening, the Chamber of Commerce and the ÖGB announced a breakthrough in corona measures for retail. The opening times change. For days now, retailers have been demanding better protection and relief in times of the corona crisis. Late Thursday evening, Harald Mahrer, President of the Chamber of Commerce, and Wolfgang Katzian, President of […]

Tokyo exchanges clearly in the red

Coronavirus – Exchanges The Tokyo stock exchange clearly reflects investors’ fear of the corona virus. (Photo: AP) Dusseldorf The fear of the corona virus in the US has also affected Asian stock prices this Friday. From Tokyo to Singapore, the stock exchanges closed at a loss. The Shanghai Composite Index lost one percent, and Hong […]

Lower Austria farmers’ union in Austria-wide protest with 800 farmers in front of the Spar headquarters in St. Pölten

Strasser and Nemecek: Our hard work has its price St.Pölten (OTS) – The Austrian Farmers ‘Association has organized protests together with the country’s farmers’ organizations. Today around 3300 farmers in several federal states blocked the central warehouse of SPAR Austria because the price negotiations failed to accommodate them and the retail giant behaved “like a […]