″ It’s the virus that rules, it’s not us ″. Alarm signals multiply across Europe

On the day that Portugal reaches a record number of hospitalized patients and returns to April numbers with regard to deaths and new cases, signs of concern multiply in Europe about the spread of covid-19.

The European Union’s disease control agency said that all EU countries, except Cyprus, Estonia, Finland and Greece, now fall into a category of “serious concern”, such as the United Kingdom.

“The continued increase in covid-19 infections poses a major threat to public health, with most countries having a highly worrying epidemiological situation”, said Andrea Ammon, director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

While more restrictive measures are in place across the continent and the British Isles, clinical officials are pessimistic. “It’s a trench war”, with the difference that “it’s not bombs, it’s a virus”. “It is the virus that commands, it is not us, neither politicians nor scientists”, said Benoît Misset, head of the intensive care unit at the University Hospital in Liège said.

“We are losing. We are crushed. We are bitter,” he said. Misset told AFP that several of the colleagues have to work despite being infected with the virus, although asymptomatic.

Brussels and Wallonia, the French-speaking region of which Liège is a part, are now the epicenters of the crisis in Belgium, where former Prime Minister and current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sophie Wilmès, is in intensive care.


Which countries in Europe are in serious concern about the pandemic – Europe – International

The evolution of the covid-19 pandemic is currently raising a “serious concern” in 23 European Union (EU) countries, as well as the United Kingdom, according to the latest risk assessment from the European health agency published on Friday.

All EU countries except Finland, Cyprus, Estonia and Greece, now fall into this category, up from seven a month ago, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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The current advance of the pandemic in European countries “poses an important public health problem, with most countries in a very worrying epidemiological situation“said the director of the Stockholm-based center, Andrea Ammon, in a statement from ECDC.

“The impact in terms of pressure on health services and mortality are increasingly evident.

With high levels of transmission, the protection of vulnerable individuals becomes more difficult and it is inevitable that a greater number of them will contract serious forms “of the disease, continues the European official.

Since August, positive test rates have grown steadily across the European Union, a sign that infections are on the rise and cannot be explained by the greater number of tests that are carried out, says the European agency, which covers the countries of the EU and the European Economic Area.

Strong public health action is needed to invest the imminent risk of seeing health systems overwhelmed and unable to deliver quality care, “warns Ammon.

(In context: Spain, the first country in the EU to exceed one million infections)

Hit squarely by a second wave of new coronavirus, Europe is the new epicenter of the pandemic, which has forced the imposition of new confinements and measures such as curfews in several countries.

At the end of September, the ECDC assessment placed seven countries in the bloc in a situation of “major concern”But most of the other EU countries were already about to enter this category.

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Vivo begins to penetrate the European market, these are the mainstay cellphones

KOMPAS.com – Chinese mobile manufacturer, Vivo announce expansion market to Europe. Expansion Vivo market will focus on six countries in Europe, namely France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK.

Vivo also announced a line of cellphones and devices wearable which will be present for the first time to consumers on the Blue Continent.

The top series that Vivo will market in Europe is smartphone Vivo X51 (5G) which carries gimbal camera technology, which was previously in the Vivo X50 line.

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To target European young people, Vivo is preparing a series of middle-class devices from the Y series, which include the Y70, Y20s and Y11s. All three phones have advantages in terms of battery, design and camera features.

Not to forget, Vivo will also introduce two devices earphone wireless made, namely Vivo Wireless Sport and Vivo True Wireless Earphones (TWS).

Vivo Wireless Sport is intended for users who like to exercise. While Vivo TWS will be a complement for Vivo X51 (5G) users.

Research results

This initiative was realized after Vivo conducted a series of research interviews with 9,000 people across Europe. The aim is none other than to know and understand the specific needs of consumers in Europe.

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Vivo Brand Vice President & President of European Business, Denny Deng said that market expansion is Vivo’s strategy to reach other consumers in the European region.

“We are very pleased to enter the European market this year. This is our strategic opportunity
use it to introduce our first product range for European consumers, “said Denny in the official statement received KompasTekno, Friday (23/10/2020).

Denny added that Vivo market expansion to Europe had actually been planned since 2012.

“With more than 370 million users globally today, we hope to gain the trust of a wider range of consumers in the European market,” said Denny.

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Vivo itself is known to have established a branch office in Europe since last November 2019. Vivo Europe Headquarters is located in Dusseldorf, Germany with 120 employees from 16 countries.

All Vivo Europe employees have various industrial backgrounds, such as fast moving consumer good (FMCG), automotive, hospitality, consumer electronics (CE), and home care.


Piquet sparked a new scandal at Barcelona. How can this end?

Passions at Barcelona do not subside. The Catalan club once again offered their players to go for a pay cut, which led to a split in the team. Gerard Piqué recently added some severity to this situation, having not kept his promise to his colleagues …

What happened?

Administration “Barcelona“Again suggested that their players agree to a salary cut. The last time the Catalan bosses were forced to take such measures was in the spring, when the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic hit Spain. Due to the powerful outbreak, the quarantine was greatly delayed, and the club began to suffer colossal financial losses. In order to preserve the income of all its employees during the lockdown, Barça decided to redirect part of the players’ salaries to other employees. As a result of long and difficult negotiations, the players agreed to such a redistribution of the budget, refusing 70 percent of their payments. Even then, the team split into two camps: many players did not see a reason for such charity, but Messi managed to convince stingy colleagues.


Quarantine in Spain has long come to an end, but Barcelona is still experiencing financial problems, as many of the coronavirus restrictions in the country are still in place. The club recently offered new contracts to the players, which would cut their salaries by 25 percent. And, of course, not many fell for such a tempting offer. Three players went to a deal with the bosses, whom the club included in the list of “untouchables” in August: Clement Langley, Mark-Andre Ter Stegen and Frankie de Jong… In the summer, Barça decided that these players should not be under any cuts and will remain in the team under any circumstances. Now the players have responded to this trust.


Most of the Barcelona players with whom the club has lately, according to apt expression Ivan Rakitic, treated “like with sacks of potatoes”, gave the bosses a turn from the gate. The players drew up and sent a letter to the management, in which they stated a complete refusal of any negotiations on the reduction of wages. At the same time, one of the leaders of the Catalan opposition became, as usual, Gerard Pique – a veteran of the club, along with Messi plays a big role in making decisions within the team. In August, a new coach Kuman tried to smash the influential cell of the old-timers, take over the management of the team and put in place the “Barcelona mafia”: one, how Busquets, threatened with the bench, and others like Suarez, and did indicate the exit. The peak of repression was spared, and he retained his authority.


Recently, however, the respected Spaniard disappointed his protesters. Everything happened according to a scheme well-known to the Russians: the opposition hero secretly agreed with the authorities, changing his shoes in the air. Piquet became the fourth Barça player to sign a new contract, violating the agreement with his teammates, enshrined in the letter of refusal. The situation in the Catalan dressing room has heated up, many players, according to Spanish sources, Piquet’s decision infuriated.

Why is this so important?

The Piquet decision has a very important political implication. The players’ protest against the proposal to cut wages arose not because or not only because they simply did not want to part with their hard-earned euros. Football players are deliberately boycotting the current Catalan government, namely President Bartomeu. Even the apolitical is tired of his tyranny Lionel Messi, for the first time in his entire appearance at Barça, openly taking the side of the opposition.


Mr Bartomeu is now living his last days as head of the club. After a humiliating 2-8 from Bayern, he was urged to step down immediately, and rumors circulated in the press that Barça’s board of directors might call an early presidential election. Bartomeu, however, did not even move, deciding to sit in his place until the end of the prescribed term: power, as you know, is still a drug. One of the most difficult consequences of his incompetent management for the club was the exorbitant growth of the players’ salaries, and now the cunning boss frantically tries to solve this problem in the shortest possible time, but so far he has failed. The summer transfer campaign, by the way, only aggravated the situation: Barca lost much more than they gained.


After the failure in the Champions League, Piquet was the first to declare his willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of the club, if he needs change. The Spaniard, on the one hand, acted nobly by giving up 25 percent of his income to keep Barça financially stable. But, on the other hand, he made a deal with the “devil” and upset the plans of his colleagues, who decided to naturally squeeze Bartomeu out of the club. Now, the president has formally acquired the support of one of the team’s leaders and has shifted public attention from his own person to a new conflict in the locker room.

What will happen next?

The tension within the team, of course, is immediately reflected in its football results. Last season, Barcelona, ​​mired in intrigue, swayed from side to side for a long time: the team lost to outsiders in the Example and ultimately lost the title, flew out of the King’s Cup at the quarter-final stage, and in the Champions League it was completely publicly disgraced. All dogs, as expected, were lowered onto the unfortunate “shepherd” Kike Setienbut the Spanish grandfather was only partly to blame for the failure of the blue garnet.


So far, Barça’s new coach Ronald Koeman is doing his job no better than his predecessor. The Dutchman broke up half of the squad and almost lost Messi, miraculously escaping a lifelong curse from the Catalan fans, in order to collect from the remaining players another Frankenstein, unable to cope with the conditional “Getafe“(0: 1). Barcelona got off to a good start in the Champions League, but the victory over the modest “Ferencvaros“(5: 1) says little: the real test awaits the Catalans in the confrontation with”Juve“. Fatigue from each other and an unhealthy atmosphere in the team will make themselves felt precisely in major matches, when the players simply cannot give a collective rebuff to a powerful opponent.


The salary conflict is unlikely to sow discord in the team for a long time, but the sediment, as they say, will certainly remain. And the point here is not in a specific conflict, but in their endless succession. Problems accumulate, and sooner or later the cup of patience will run out … Ahead is Barcelona’s clasico, and before this game against Real Madrid on October 24 football players need to try to leave disagreements aside – from the point of view of psychology, the upcoming match is of extreme importance.

Championship of Spain. Barcelona – Real


Neymar’s hat-trick leads Brazil to another victory … and Argentina unravels the “La Paz knot”

The two ancient teams led the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup

Neymar da Silva led Brazil to confirm his strong start and achieve the second successive victory by scoring a hat-trick against Peru (4-2), while Argentina broke a 15-year-old knot in La Paz by defeating its host Bolivia 2-1 in the second round of the South American qualifiers. Qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Brazil and Argentina took advantage of the stumbling of their former partners in the lead, Colombia and Uruguay, the first by drawing 2-2 with Chile at the top of the round, and the other by losing to Ecuador 2-4, to move two points away from Colombia and three points from Uruguay.

In the first match, the French striker of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar, imposed himself a star by scoring a hat-trick in which he became the second-best scorer in the history of the Brazil national team with 64 goals after the phenomenon surpassed Ronaldo, who stopped his score at 62 goals in 98 games, including the double winning the fifth and final World Cup Which was crowned by Brazil in 2002 at the expense of Germany (2 – zero).

Neymar commented on his achievement in a tweet in which he praised Ronaldo, saying, “All my respect to you – Fenomeno – (the phenomenon)”.

“King” Pele tops the list of historic scorers for the Brazilian national team, with 77 goals in 92 international matches. Neymar scored the first tie for Brazil in the 28th minute, with a penalty kick that he got himself after the visitors led the goal of Saudi Al Hilal striker Andre Carrillo in the sixth minute with a shot from inside the area.

The Paris Saint-Germain star gave his country the lead for the first time in the match when he scored his second and third personal goal for Brazil in the 83rd minute from a penalty kick that he also got himself, before securing his victory with Hatrick, he scored the fourth goal in the last minute of his 103 international match when he used a rebound From the post after a powerful shot by the substitute Everton Ribeiro.

Peru advanced for the second time in the match with the goal of Celta Vigo midfielder Renato Tapia in the 59th minute with a powerful shot that hit Brodrigo Caio and hugged the net, and Everton striker Richarlison equalized when he followed the header of Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino after a corner kick that Neymar set off.

Brazil received a painful blow early, hitting its defender and Paris Saint-Germain Marquinhos in the thigh, so he was forced to leave his place. On the other hand, Peru spoke to nine players in the last minutes after Carlos Cassida was sent off in the 86th minute and Carlos Samprano in the 89th, noting that she played the match in the absence of her players, Raul Ruydiaz and Alex Valera, due to infection with the new Corona virus.

Brazil repeated its victory over Peru in its last visit to Lima in the qualifiers for the World Cup 2018, when it came out with two clean goals in the twelfth round, and also avenged its defeat by Peru 0-1 in a friendly in Los Angeles in September of last year, which saw them confront them three times. Among them, twice in the Copa America finals in Brazil, and the landlords won twice: 5-0 in the first round, and 3-1 in the final match, before Peru achieved a moral 1-0 victory in an international friendly match in Los Angeles, USA.

It is the second consecutive victory for Brazil in the current qualifiers after the first crushing victory over Bolivia 5 – zero in the first round, so it was the only one to lead with six points on goal difference in front of Argentina, who won over Bolivia 2-1.

Argentina defied difficult conditions by playing at an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level and loosened a 15-year-old knot in La Paz.

Lautaro Martinez scored in the 45th minute and Joaquin Correa (79) scored the two goals of Argentina, and Marcelo Moreno (24) scored the goal of Bolivia.

It is the first victory for Argentina to host Bolivia in their own home since 2005, specifically on March 26 in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers, when they beat them 2-1. It is only the fourth victory for Argentina in La Paz in the history of confrontations between the two teams.

Argentina lost twice in the last three trips to La Paz without tasting the taste of victory, including a historic loss 1-6 in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers led by coach Diego Armando Maradona on April 1, noting that it lost the last match between them in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers when it fell. A clean double in La Paz in the 14th round resulted in the sacking of coach Edgardo Bauca and the appointment of Jorge Sampaoli in his place.

Argentina put an end to its suffering when it came to Bolivia at the Olympic Stadium, “Hernando Siles”, at an altitude of 3600 meters, and scored a precious second successive victory in the qualifiers after the unconvincing first over its guest Ecuador 1-0 in the first round. Brazil came to the top of the standings with six points. .

On the other hand, Bolivia suffered its second consecutive loss after the first humiliating defeat to its host Brazil, 0-5.

The summit of Chile and Colombia ended in a 2-2 draw. Colombia was the first to score by English midfielder Jefferson Lerma in the 7th minute, and Chile turned the table with two goals for Inter Milan stars Arturo Vidal (38) from a penalty kick and Alexis Sanchez (42), but the captain Veteran Colombia and Galatasaray goalscorer Radmil Falcao equalized for Colombia in the last minute.

It is Chile’s first point in the qualifiers after losing to Uruguay 1 – 2, while Colombia raised its tally to four points after defeating Venezuela 3 – zero.

Ecuador hit hard with its big victory over Uruguay 4-2, and the landlords advanced with a clean quarter, which took place in the 15th minute Moses Caicedo, Michael Estrada (45 and 53) and Gonzalo Plata (75), before Uruguay responded with two goals from Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez in the two minutes. (The 83rd and 90th penalty kicks) without avoiding the first loss. Ecuador compensated for its loss against Argentina in the first round 0-1. Paraguay achieved its first victory after it drew with Peru 2-2 in the first round, by defeating its host Venezuela, with the goal of Gaston Jimenez, which followed the second loss to the owners of the land.


Luis Suarez set an anti-Champions League record

On the eve of the Munich Bayern Munich defeated in her field Atletico in the match of the 1st round of the group round of the Champions League. The German club won the meeting with a score of 4: 0.

As part of Madrid, took part in the match Luis Suarez… For the Uruguayan, this game was the 22nd in a row in the Champions League, when he cannot distinguish himself in an away match in the tournament. According to this indicator, he came out on the clear first place among the central forwards in the history of the Champions League.

Thus, the forward cannot hit the goal in the Champions League away match within 1966 minutes. Note that when calculating these statistics, matches on a neutral field were not taken into account.

In the second round, on October 27, Madrid will host Salzburg.


Coronavirus | Ireland, the first country in Europe to return to total reconfinement due to second wave of COVID-19

In Ireland, citizens must stay home from Wednesday night, in the first total reconfinement of a European country Due to the second wave of the pandemic, which strongly punishes the continent and forces to multiply restrictions.

From Thursday, the five million Irish will have to stay in their homes and will only be able to travel within a radius of 5 km from their homes to work or exercise.

Non-essential businesses will have to close for six weeks and bars and restaurants may only serve takeout food.

The schools and nurseries will remain open, however, the main difference with the long confinement of last spring (boreal).

If we battle together in the next six weeks, we will have a chance to celebrate Christmas correctly“, assured the prime minister, Micheal Martin.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused at least 1,865 deaths in Ireland, according to official figures.

In the United KingdomWales, home to three million people, will enter a two-week lockdown on Friday, the toughest measure in the country to fight the pandemic.

Restrictions are increasing in virtually all countries in Europe. On Wednesday, the Czech Republic also announced a partial confinement of the population and in France, where a curfew is already in force in Paris and other regions especially affected by a high number of infections, Prime Minister Jean Castex will announce additional measures on Thursday.

According to a bill presented in the Council of Ministers, the French government wants to apply restrictions on the movements, meetings and operation of establishments until April 2021.



– ‘Espacio Vital’: Is it possible to be reinfected with the new coronavirus? Dr. Elmer Huerta responds:


“We played against a very good goalkeeper. Safonov was the best player for Krasnodar

Head coach “Renna» Julien Stefan after the match with “Krasnodar“(1: 1) in the Champions League celebrated the game of the goalkeeper of the Russian team Matvey Safonova.

– The footballers gave all their strength. We could have won, but we lacked efficiency. We also played against a very good goalkeeper who was undoubtedly the best player of the match for the opposition. We have repeatedly managed to create difficulties for Krasnodar, especially at the end of the game, when we changed the game scheme. More attacking players appeared on the field. Unfortunately, this was not enough to win, – the official website of “Rennes” quotes Stefan as saying.

UEFA also named Safonov the best player meeting in Rennes.

Recall that for both teams this match was the debut in the group stage of the Champions League.

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Ryanair, discounted flights starting from 4.99 euros

Less than 5 euros (each way) to treat yourself to a holiday. The important thing is not to miss Ryanair’s offer which expires at midnight to fly to many destinations in Italy and Europe by the end of the year.

If you still don’t trust to buy tickets for abroad, fortunately, at least for the moment, in Italy you can still travel freely.

There are flights from 4.99 euros for Calabria, Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia and Tuscany departing from the main Italian airports. And then there are flights to Rome and Milan, which are always the best options for a weekend away, as well as to Bologna and Cuneo.

It goes without saying that the regions of Southern Italy are those where the climate tends to be mild even in autumn and winter, with some exceptions, and where you are pretty sure you can spend a weekend outdoors, perhaps even with the sun.

The Puglia out of season, for example, she is beautiful. When the wet crowd leaves and the beaches are semi-deserted, these areas become a paradise. Maldivian beaches, panoramas and colors, but also beautiful are the villages and white towns, silent and very characteristic, such as Vieste and Peschici overlooking the sea or among trulli and olive groves where there are suggestive places such as Ceglie Messapica, Locorotondo The Carovigno.

As fascinating as the Calabria, one of the most emerging destinations for those who love outdoor and a little adrenaline holidays. Without having to fly to distant destinations (also because now you can’t), here you will find everything you need to feel emotions and test yourself. In the heart of the Pollino, for example, there are streams for rafting and canyoning as the Raganello. On its way, this stream meets imposing rocky walls between which the water has carved out a tortuous itinerary, giving life to the suggestive Raganello Gorges. For those who love to do trekking e nordic walking the mountain massif ofAspromonte it is one of the best places in Italy where you can come across the wildest nature and where you can see incredible views up to the coast.

The Raganello Gorges in Calabria @iStock